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  1. David Topi

    Article David Topi Answers Your Questions — Answers #24

    146. If our genetic base is that of the trodoon, how is it that there is almost no difference at the DNA level with the bonobo or chimpanzee that have practically the same genetics as human beings? Indeed, and as we have commented in several articles, the trodoon is the genetic base and the...
  2. David Topi

    Article Small update and new acceleration of the construction of the physical plane 15.6Hz

    All this past week the forces of those groups that attend and work to execute the requests that we are publishing, and that are under the coordination and “mandate” of our planetary logos, have been really busy trying to dismantle a large part of the energy networks that allowed not only the...
  3. David Topi

    Article Eliminating the interconnection energy points for Asimoss and company

    Now that with the last articles we have spent a few days to give more time to the sealing of the operational bases of Asimoss, Amoss and the rest of the races, and that they are increasingly limited to move, although they are not 100%, and that there are fewer and fewer sources of energy to...
  4. Henda

    Article The New Humans and The New Earth: A Vision from an Out of Body Experience

    "What is considered to be the past; and past lives?I sense that the past, present and future are all occurring at once. We don’t have past lives, we are having life experiences. In quantum physics there are limits with energy and there is no such thing as time. It has been presented in such a...
  5. David Topi

    Article David Topi Answers Your Questions — Answers #23

    142. In your articles you say that KUMAR is the logos of the Earth. I would like to know if there is a logo called KAIMAT. Thank you. It is very possible that this name is a distortion of some of the names that the different “planetary logos” use in the coding of the “Irdim” language, which we...
  6. David Topi

    Article Checklist Actualization #3 | David Topi

    After a few weeks without updating our checklist where we are registering the different requests and processes that we have in progress, I bring you an update today so that we can recover the global vision of how the planetary situation is in the different "fronts" that we have open. If you...
  7. David Topi

    Article Destroying the Technological and Energy Capabilities of the Control System

    The request from the last article has been a success. We had to wait almost a week to see if the combined energy and consciousness of all those who have joined was enough to be able to start it, and once set in motion, with the power it was done and if that power was enough to limit the movement...
  8. David Topi

    Article Blocking the Displacement and Movement of Amoss and Asimoss

    The details for the "new attack plan" are now ready and the idea is to proceed in parallel with what we have in place as we have explained in several articles. While we wait for those who assist Kumar to finish the "sealing" work that is going at a good pace, we will try to continue eliminating...
  9. David Topi

    Article Systems of defense of Asimoss and Amoss

    Another aspect of the situation that we are living and that we have explained in the last two articles about the attempts to seal the bases Amoss and Asimoss is related to the difficulty of this task and process. It is something really complicated to explain because of the amount of information...
  10. David Topi

    Article Update of the Sealing status of Asimoss centers

    While the work of "sealing" the operating centers of Amoss and Asimoss continues, which we had explained in the previous article, and since it is a long process, we must wait patiently for the different forces and hierarchies of beings that assist the planet to complete the work and, for now...
  11. David Topi

    Article New Offensive Against the Amoss and Asimoss Control Centers

    The result of the petition that we put in the previous article has been more or less satisfactory, in the sense that, although there has not been as much participation at the time of executing the petitions as it would have been necessary to be able to start it up full power, if it had been...
  12. David Topi

    Article Canceling all the permits and energy capacities of the races in control

    We already have a first proposal and measure taken and decided by the group of our Higher Selves and the different "forces" and groups that work assisting the planetary logos, Kumar, in the process of cleaning and expulsion of all those who do not possess the permits and authorizations to...
  13. Henda

    June 15-sept 20 Energy Update and Guidance Through The current Waves of Light !

    I came to understand how we can be affected by the different waves of energy that have been crossing Gaia since 2012 and even before on 2006 when big changes began to take us as if we were navigating tempests, floods, huge waters of light and healing from all our past and present traumas. The...
  14. David Topi

    Article A Message of Encouragement

    As we mentioned in the previous article, the members of the Asimos, Amoss and other races are recovering ground, and the number of their members is rapidly increasing. From the point of view of my personality, as David, it is very frustrating and exasperating to see that we cannot make progress...
  15. Laron

    Mystery illness killing members of Malaysia's last indigenous nomadic tribe

    I cam't across this story today over on the Guardian: "It was in May that the mysterious illness first took hold. In their isolated rainforest home in the Malaysian state of Kelantan, members of the Batek tribe, the country’s last indigenous nomadic community, began experiencing a fever and...
  16. David Topi

    Article Mechanics of the move to the new reality — continuation of the explanation

    The "battle" to cleanse the planet and expel all the members of the races that have previously been in control of the management system of humanity at its two upper levels is still underway. Some of these races have increased the number of their members, due to their reproductive capacities, and...
  17. David Topi

    Article Why nothing is flat, straight or linear?

    Now that we have seen that the vision the world has of some cultural or social movements is determined by the activation of the ancestral paradigms present in the human psyche by the control system through collective unconscious 33, if someone ever asks you, why is the Earth round? What is the...
  18. David Topi

    Article Erasing Paradigms and Obsolete Belief Systems of the Mind

    The constitution of the energetic structure of the human being and his psyche were built "in phases," so, little by little, each new genetic experiment was done with the manu and then with the lhulu, and finally with the cross manu-lhulu to give rise to the lhumanu, as the Sumerians called the...
  19. David Topi

    Updated Checklist and New De-Programming of Frequency Caps

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  20. David Topi

    A Checklist by David Topi

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