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Janne Article Sedna direct, Mars in Gemini and Mercury meets with Jupiter 0 44 Read more
David Topi Article The Densification of "Holographic" Projections & the Materialization of Reality 1 65 Read more
Maryann Article Inertia Produces Life-Changing Brilliance: Nine's Word 1 43 Read more
Laron Article COVID & Vaccines, Lives in Lemuria & a Native American Tribe | QHHT Session by Laron 1 135 Read more
Janne Article Virgo Full Moon with extras 1 85 Read more
Maryann Article When the Time Comes to Let Go: Nine's Word 0 96 Read more
David Topi Article Coupling & Superimposition of the Macro Realities on Personal “Holographic Bubbles” 0 107 Read more
Janne Article Sun into Pisces today, with a twist. 7 146 Read more
Linda Event Remote Group Healing: Weekend of February 13, 2021 15 310 Read more
Janne Article The Sun conjuncts Rx Mercury and other aspects, before the Aquarius New Moon 0 89 Read more
Laron How life, and Earth, came to be in our Universe | A QHHT Session Summary 6 482 Read more
Janne Article Venus conjuncts Saturn and squares the radical Uranus on approach to Aquarian New Moon 4 156 Read more
Janne Article Perigee Moon today. Venus and Chariklo inspire us. 2 81 Read more
Lila Remote Group Healing: weekend of February 6, 2021 10 174 Read more
David Topi Article Simultaneous Incarnations & Different "Humanities" of Earth 1 136 Read more
Janne Article Mercury Rx in Aquarius 1 99 Read more
Janne Article Sun squares Uranus tomorrow as the Full Moon approaches 14 335 Read more
Maryann Article Quit Reaching, Move Beyond: Pleiadian Tarot 2 101 Read more
David Topi Article The Economic system , Cryptocurrencies & Construction of the Energetic Insulators 1 115 Read more
Janne Article More radical aspects as the Full Moon approaches 2 103 Read more
Laron Trump, Biden, National Guard & Jan 28/29 Event | Clif High Interview on In the Dark 21 1,460 Read more
Laron January 20/21st, Mars in Taurus Conjunction to Uranus in Taurus (rare) 2 121 Read more
Janne Article Sun into Aquarius, then let the games begin, as Mars conjuncts Uranus tomorrow. 0 86 Read more
Laron Article Loss of a Child, Spirit Guides, Eczema & Healing | QHHT Session Summary 0 128 Read more
David Topi Article Desynchronization of the Evolutionary Timeline Biorhythms & Increasing the Separation of Realities 1 121 Read more
Janne Article Very important New Moon that heralds a highly transitional period to come. 6 230 Read more
Laron Higher Self Message For Light Workers from QHHT Yesterday 0 202 Read more
Janne Article Mercury into Aquarius & Venus into Capricorn 0 110 Read more
David Topi Article Chinese Calendar: The Evolutionary Biorhythm & "Sacred Plot" of Humanity 1 138 Read more
Janne Article Mars into Taurus as Mercury returns from OOB 1 103 Read more