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Jul 19, 2016
Nelson, New Zealand
Here's a 30 minute video by Saratoga Ocean. She shares information on the timeline split where there's a higher vibrational timeline and a lower vibrational one.

The most interesting thing here is how she says Metaverse directly relates to the lower vibrational timeline, and more specifically AI. She goes into great detail on the infrastructure and planning behind Metaverse, and explains exactly how its going to work and take over the internet within 10 years.

In a recent QHHT session I did, the topic of AI came up and how harmful it is in our world. What Saratoga says fits in with parts of that session.

This information that Saratoga shares feels accurate to me. I highly recommend watching this one.

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Jul 20, 2016
I've had two significant experiences with the spider bots and know they exist. From those experiences my distrust of tech stuff grew. We don't have things that link to other stuff. Many neighbors installed Ring cameras on their front doors, which are helpful; however, the data is in the cloud and accessible. Others have Alexas and love them. Some have just about every app on their phones. I'm sure seem like a luddite, but I just cannot participate because I've seen the other side of the curtain.
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