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I want this to be an on-going pinned thread that is updated over time, one that clearly points out the reasons behind consciously learning to astral project and have experiences out of body. If you have personally had the opportunity to have an out of body experience and/or have read reliable material, such as published work by those that have, and can add to what we have accumulated here, please feel free to post any additional information that you think may be of benefit to others.

What is the point behind having an out of body experience and learning astral projection so you can consciously, and purposefully, split out and away from your physical body into other levels of existence?

Spiritual development is really what this comes down to, and in-turn such progression relates to common questions, like: Why are we here? What is our purpose? Where do we come from? What happens after this life ends? How can we develop psychic based abilities and senses? Why are our memories missing from past lives and/or other experiences, including simultaneous existences?

It is possible to find accurate and extremely reliable answers to all of these questions from other people who have had the direct experience and therefore have found out the information, but this is not how spiritual development works, as we need to have the experiences directly, or in other words we need to go through the situation in the moment, not by what someone else goes through separately.

Most humans on Earth have lived many lives already and are simply returning to play out another one, but the difference now is that because of the shift in consciousness based on the astrological age cycles, and the raising of Earth’s own consciousness to a higher level, which is also known as the ‘New Earth’, this window of time we are in makes it much easier to make longer leaps to progress faster, and more efficiently, which includes leaving behind karma and the need to keep returning.

Basically we are assisted on our path through ongoing higher frequency energies that help our consciousness to shift and change.

Most folk can progress just fine, over many lifetimes, in terms of spirituality, and they don’t need to know, or learn, about astral projecting out of their physical body while in this life, but they have the choice to do this. You don’t need to do this to graduate the Earth school, as our lives are planned out for the purpose of spiritual development, including almost everything that takes place.

However, through out of body experiences you can in a way take a bit of a short cut on your spiritual path. Regular astral projection is like an advanced step on the spiritual path, a step that can lead to great rewards in terms of one’s self-development.

Another Plane, Another Experience

This is not the only plane / realm that exists. We are not the center of the universe, nor the center of the multiverse.

There are extraterrestrials that exist in our universe, some on different frequency levels to us, and we may become aware of already. There are ETs that seeded life here on Earth and monitor our progress, which is why abductions occur. They are also us, in the sense of individual spirits having a soul experience that come from the same source.

When looking beyond the universe, we have to look beyond dimensional time and space, as our universe is not just one of a multitude existing because of freewill and choice where many timelines play out, as above this dimension there are many more realms / planes that exist, some for spiritual progression, and some more temporary, based on thought forms and the process of creation and discovery.

In such planes where lives and therefore experiences lived out, similar to the system we are in, in our universe—what I will refer to as the fifth dimension—it is also possible to astral project out, but the astral is really a word that is referred to as a lower frequency in the fifth dimension, as there are other frequencies, dimensions and levels above. So this is why the term “astral projection” has changed over the years and is more commonly referred to as “out of body experiences” now.

When we sleep not only do we dream as simultaneously our astral body is out having experiences, but for those who are not so spiritually developed, their astral body doesn’t get up to much and has been observed as just hovering around their physical body in the real time environment, or what can be referred to as the astral frequency level which can be understood as a copy of our physical reality.

Growth & Education While Out Of Body

There is so much that could be said about what can occur when out of the physical human body. The experience that the person has will depend upon their level of spiritual development and what they need, even when they are consciously making choices. If a person needs to overcome an element of fear, they will be presented with a situation to overcome and that situation won’t go aware until they do.

Their current spiritual level and state of being ties into the accumulation of lives they have had, if they happen to be a regular incarnate of the Earth and not a ‘volunteer’ soul who has come here to help with the shift in consciousness and the new earth situation.

A good example of one of the more important benefits is by studying near death experiences. People generally lose elements of fear through having a NDE–fear is what holds us back spiritually; by controlling an out of body experience and consciously projecting into whatever vibrational level a person is capable of, they are initiating the breakdown of their own fears which automatically leads to many changes in their life as they integrate such an experience proceeding the days, months and years.

Plant medicine, such as San Pedro and Ayahuasca, can also lead a person to a similar situation in terms of direct experiences out of body, and the breaking down of fears, but the difference is that the experiences are controlled by the plants consciousness, not so much by the person, so plant medicine is also about letting go and losing control which is also very important for spiritual growth.

It can be extremely liberating to know that you continue on after you die.

If you didn’t realize, those who have a near death experience are having the exact same experience that you can achieve with conscious astral projection, but simply don’t realize it so tend to have something shown to them, which is what they need on a spiritual level at the time. They don’t realise that they can take control and head off to other spaces like we do with a consciously performed out of body technique.

A major part of spiritual growth in a single life, is through healing your past, and when I say past I also refer to past lives and experiences. While you can live out a life, and then go and experience another one after you die, that takes time, but you have the choice to work on yourself right now.

Through conscious out of body travel, you not only gain direct information and begin to expand your consciousness, but also begin to have conscious, and unconscious experiences that help to unblock many energy centers connected to your physical body. The chakra system is what keeps us back on a spiritual level, as based on what occurs growing up to early adulthood, when the chakras are more fully formed, we become emotionally blocked on many levels.

Through our experiences out of body we basically end up going through tests and conditions which go towards helping us further unblock, clear and realign our energy centers (restoring them to their natural state) that are connected and run our physical body. This not only helps us progress more fully on the spiritual path, but also helps to make conscious astral projection a lot easier, which includes spontaneous projecting.

I have a very detailed article covering the seven primary chakras here, which is very educational in terms of learning how they fit into all of this, what we do in life and why we get sick.

Belief, Becoming Your Own Leader & The Ultimate Journey

What is the ultimate journey and point of jumping more onto the spiritual path, in addition to learning to astral project and have out of body experiences? Well, that answer sits with the common question, “Where do I come from?”

Belief is a block for us, similar to how fear can be. Based on how and where we are raised, we have family values and a culture which conditions us (including DNA memories), in addition to our personality tied into our astrological makeup. Events occur and information comes to us as we get older, and in combination to what went on in our earlier years our beliefs grow, with some becoming more set, like concrete.

It’s very important that we move away from belief systems through direct experience and spiritual growth, as we will begin to just know and resonate with certain situations and understandings. This concept of stepping away from belief is hard to understand if you are not at a point where it makes sense, but it will as you keep on progressing on your path and if you don’t understand now, eventually you will.

You have to become your own leader and shift away from what you are told, in terms of how things are meant to be, and this applies to everything in life, including what the main stream media and your countries Government tells you.

This is why religion can become a major block. As an example, because of mass followers, thought forms of people have created realms in the fifth dimension where spirits end up going after their life, before coming back, without realizing there is so much more to their existence, so tend to get stuck in such spaces.

While information can help us, it can also hinder. There will be a time where you will feel you don’t need to learn anymore, and that direct experiences are required.

What is the ultimate destination? Part of spiritual growth is coming to a knowing and realization of what we truly are, not being told what we are and where we come from. I could just say that the ultimate destination is your higher self and source, but what will that mean to you if you haven’t experienced it, or developed that knowing and understanding?

Artwork by Noisecraft ©​

I have merged with my higher self and had experiences consciously and unconsciously with it, however this is really meaningless if you don’t experience that on your own.

A great series of books leading up to the ultimate destination is the three written by the late Robert Monroe, who founded the Monroe Institute in Virginia, USA. In his third book, Ultimate Journey, he shares his direct experiences of where he goes while out of body, which is really answering the question of where he is from. Journeys Out Of The Body (Amazon's #1 best seller in OOBE), is his first and Far Journeys is his second book.

Most recently one of his former students, who has explored a lot while out of body, William Buhlman (, released a new book titled Higher Self Now: Accelerating Your Spiritual Evolution. I will be reading it in the coming months, but based on his previous three books, this is likely a very important resource for understanding the question of what our final destination is, while based on our limitations of being down here in a physical body as a human.


When I write, depending on the topic, I’m sometimes guided through a stream of consciousness, or in what I refer to as my higher self. I don’t label this as channeling, as channeling—to me—is tapping into something which is not you, or technically speaking, not in direct relation to who you are, so can have more ulterior motives.

What I say, usually, when it comes to metaphysical areas, is guided, and that is what I have done above. What is said is what was needed for the spaces I will share this information. I have accomplished a lot of self and spiritual development which has cleared a path to allow me to do this, and a very important part of that was learning to astral project consciously as it opened up other doors.

In conclusion, some people won’t be ready for this, and that is perfectly fine, but learning to do this will open up your own doors that can lead to missing a few steps when climbing that tall ladder leading to your source.

  • Do you want to enhance existing psychic abilities, or learn new ones so that you can help others?
  • Do you want to find out why you are here and what your life purpose is?
  • Do you want to heal and develop so you can be a better person? From working on yourself, your energy will impact others in a very positive way, and most of the time this will occur unconsciously to you. Volunteer souls will make a major difference in the world if they reach a peak with unblocking their chakras and falling more onto the spiritual path.
  • Do you want to head ‘home’ and see where you come from?
  • Do you want to learn how to move away from ego, so your life is not played out through automatic actions and reactions, but more through freewill and choice based on your true self being in control?
  • Do you want to learn about your other existences that influence your life right now?
  • Do you want to naturally develop detachment while maintaining compassion and love?

You may or may not have heardof Tom Campbell and his three book trilogy, My Big TOE. The TOE stands for, “Theory of Everything”, which most people wouldn’t realise. Tom is also a former student of the Monroe Institute, but also helped Robert Monroe with the design and development of the Institute in earlier days. He is a very good example of a person who has progressed to a high stage of spiritual development from a great deal of out of body exploration. One could say he is a master at exploring out of body.

By examining and taking notice of a person like Tom, through reading his book My Big TOE and following his material, whether that is through his YouTube channel, website, or workshops as he travels around the world discussing his teachings, you will also come to understand where astral projection and out of body experiences can lead you. Each of us can reach a similar stage of development if we want to, it’s just sometimes our life’s circumstances limits what we can do and this is based on our purpose and life plan, so astral projection is not for everyone as it can take much dedication and commitment.

Please see the other pinned threads on this board for information on how to astral project and travel out of your body so that you can have conscious out of body experiences and assist yourself with the process of spiritual development.

Like I began, please feel free to respond on the thread here with any additional information which you think may support the purpose of this post. I can edit in such info underneath this paragraph in a dedicated section for those wishing to learn about additional benefits of consciously exploring out of body.
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I can't recommend OBE enough.
One of the ways it's been most useful for me is I don't take the human experience so seriously anymore. Seeing the Vastness of existence, of other sentient species and worlds, and even a trek into the Multi-verse has made this human life more of a pleasure cruise and less something I had to take deathly seriously and need to be in absolute control of. I truly get the migration of the soul and that I chose to be here to experience being a human this time. I've been many creatures, many types of bi-peds. It's a wondrous Universe! I don't fight against life now, I deeply appreciate it and laugh much more easily and lovingly at human follies. :)


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Nov 10, 2017
I will throw my two cents into this discussion as well feeling as I am part of this 'soulful experience' living within a human body loving life and its unfoldings. To grasp the nuances of the cosmos and to feel all my senses working harmoniously is a joy to be behold! The clarity and the richness of the wonder of everything can be sometimes unbelievably awe-inspiring and can also be rightly so lacking the words and concepts to adequately and correctly describe. Various experiences outside the body will catapult epiphanies to new levels unimagined and unforeseen. The multi-dimensional realms are here and ready to be taken in and the magnificence is not just enchanting but the wisdom and knowledge gained goes beyond the body...a vessel with limited capability and frequency. Experiencing activity outside the body is what we do and who we are as spiritual beings thrive in the universe where there are no limitations and have the complete freedom to share and love. It is of pure divinity and absolutely everything. Can you tell I am a believer? :-D
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