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RT Fundraising: 2020 Hosting Costs

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This campaign is required to raise money to cover the expenses involved with site hosting because the Roundtable doesn't run advertisements to generate revenue, like most other sites on the internet.

Below is an item breakdown, in NZ dollars, showing most of the costs for 2020.

Expense NZ$
Webserver Hosting$716.00
Mailchimp (Email Newsletter)$180.00
Xenforo Yearly Maintanence (Forum Software)$87.00
Preminium Member xf2addons (lots of addons)$55.00
SSL Certificate transients (site encryption)$22.00
Trending Addon$38.00
Post Office Box (site requires physical address)$150.00
Total NZ$$1,248.00
Total US$$750.75

Any additional money raised beyond the target total will be shared with active moderators who look after the forum.

Note that for anyone who donates, you will get a custom banner on your profile "RT Supporter" which will mean you have made a donation. If you don't want this to show, send Laron a message.
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End date
Jul 28, 2020


  1. Campaign goal
    $250.00 of $750.75

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