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Khazarian Mafia, Talmud, ETs & Ukraine Conflict | Dojo Source Code –Webbot’s Clif High

I’ve listened to Clif High’s latest video (March 4, 2022), and made some notes.

Quick summary: Russia, and China—who will invade Taiwan to take down BioLabs in Taipei —are going up against the Khazarian Mafia (‘Globalists’) and are trying to stop the release of smallpox and any other weaponised viruses that these biolabs produce.

  • The point of how a space is important when practicing or doing something that relates to that space. For example, a dojo and doing martial arts in a dojo brings with it additional energetic benefits.
  • Russia uses the first day of spring, the 1st of March, to start certain actions and wouldn’t normally do much before that. (i.e. only skirmishes before the 1st of March if it’s a conflict).
  • Russia is great with agriculture and supplying food.
  • In 1917 the Khazarian mafia left Ukraine, went to Russia, took over the Russian revolution and destroyed the food system, killing about 14 million as a result because of starvation. (That’s twice the number of deaths caused by Hitler)
  • Khazarians have been masters at taking people’s identities and then causing havoc in other countries. [Reminds me of what Reptilians get up to…]
  • There is no war going on with the Ukraine, Clif states, it’s just Russia going up against a lot of locations controlled by the Khazarian Mafia. Khazarian’s have stolen a whole lot of names, inserted themselves into spots all over the planet as a hidden control mechanism.
  • Khazarians are nomadic people descended from the Mongols, interbred and had a particular phenotype. They identified as Jews but they were not descendants. With their understanding of Judaism, they devised a scheme to spread a particular understanding through not only Judaism, but also Christianity, and have altered history and philosophy viewpoints to protect themselves.
  • In Clif’s opinion, Judaism was taken over by the Khazarian. They basically modified the source code. Clif’s read as much as he could of the Talmud (63 volumes), the central text of Rabbinic Judaism and primary source of their religious law and theology. He says it contains ritual paedophilia — codified.
  • Clif thinks of the Talmud as a meta-layer of the code base and is required to read and understand the Jewish bible. (Read the Jewish bible through the lens of the Talmud.) From doing so, you can then understand a larger layer of what’s going on. He states there’s a lot of dark stuff in here so it’s not the best experience.
  • The Zohar, a foundational work of literature, has to be used as a lens to move and magnify the Talmud, so you can read the underlining stuff with understanding. From doing this, Clif can see that they are talking entirely of space aliens.
  • “Everything you see is not what’s being portrayed in the West. Putin is not invading the Ukraine. This is an incursion. They are going after the bio labs. Soon Xi will go after the bio labs in Taiwan (Taipei). Khazarian Mafia put the bio labs in civilian areas.”
  • Russia knows the Khazarians released COVID-19, Xi know (CCP co-operated) and has his own deep state issues. He advises the Ukrainian military to stand down because Russia is only coming to help, and they are all doing this to stop the release of the small pox which Bill Gates has discussed.
  • So this has nothing to do with the Jews. The Khazarians Mafia have created a mind-set for people to hate Jews (on purpose). The vampirism back in the 1700-1800s of blood sucking vampire Jews was just something the Khazarian Mafia did to make people hate Jews.
  • Putin will take out 13 bio labs, paid for by USA big pharma and DOD. This is great as it has a massive financial impact on big pharma/deep state/globalists. Putin will then leave the Ukraine, have a nice talk with the Ukraine Government and Putin will go away. A similar situation will occur in Taiwan by Xi and this will be a knife in the guts to the Khazarians Mafia and the globalists.
  • Who else is a Khazarian? Klaus Schwab, the Rothchilds and the Bauer family. Clif points out they are everywhere, all over the globe, but there’s not many in Africa. “They are evil, probably the most evil thing on the planet,” he says. “This is Armageddon in the Christian sense… this is a glorious time to be alive.” Armageddon = the opening up of secrets on a massive level.
  • This situation will go on for a long time. Clif thinks it will be 18 years, peaking over 2023-2025. There won’t be nukes. A burst of information will come out over the next year, vastly altering the information landscape with more to come out in 23-25 to back fill what comes out beforehand. All of this helps to rebuild humanity and earth.
  • Clif’s not worried about nukes, he’s worried about civilians not having power, food, transportation, water, etc.


Kevin C

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Jul 27, 2016
Sorry, but the Taipei "biolab" part is junk.
Every country has a national research "center", and every country has a bio-related lab of sorts to study viruses. Whether they weaponize it or not is a whole other can of worms.
This is the slippery slope. Every biolab (research, manufacturing, storage) can easily become bioweapons labs. Its just a "simple" matter of aerosolizing and building the release mechanisms for the bioweapons.

If you go by this logic, we need to invade every country's national biolabs.

Xi wants Taiwan for two main reasons:
1) TSMC for the advanced chip manufacturing plants that are now making 80-90% of the world's most advanced ICs.
2) Agricultural production: Taiwan has the most fertile regions in Asia proper.

China released covid. They don't care about bioweapons labs in foreign countries.

There's also the national identity angle. China has wanted to invade Taiwan for decades. Its intentions are NOT beneficial or good.

BTW - I was aware of the US bioweapons labs (big difference) in Ukraine back when Nuland was exposed for her vulgar EU comment.
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