1. Linda

    Next Up In Our Saga - UFO Disclosure - Friend or Foe

    The Covid Relief Bill signed by Trump in December 2020 included a little section about disclosure of UFO materials by the second quarter of 2021. I thought it might be fun to collect all the drips that lead up to the "big reveal", which by the way, I don't think will actually happen because I...
  2. Laron

    The End of Woo by Clif High (webbot)

    This is an interesting update Clif just posted, covering the upcoming release of UFO information from the US Government. But this time, it's actually going to have great ramifications for people and does change things. He calls it the end of woo because woo becomes more mainstream...
  3. Laron

    The Baltic Sea Anomaly: New Remote Viewing by Farsight

    I've written quite a few articles about the Baltic Sea Anomaly and the Ocean X Team, which I've posted on transients over the years. It always fascinated me and still does to this day. Courtney Brown over at the Farsight Institute just released a new Time-cross remote viewing project focused on...
  4. Laron

    Farsight Remote Views the UFO Abduction of Barney and Betty Hill

    Courtney Brown introduces this new Farsight Institute remote viewing video — as part of their ongoing Time Cross series — and explains his team remote viewed the UFO abduction event of Betty and Barney Hill. As always, it's under blind conditions. Barney and Betty Hill, an American couple...
  5. John Helios

    Asteroid Oumuamua is an Ancient Mayan Spacecraft

    Some ancestors explain that “asteroid” Oumuamua was actually a Mayan breakaway civilization spacecraft, created by the Mayans who left before the darkness of the last cycle enveloped the planet. Some discussion also of the cliff dwellers of Arizona, and an ancient food cache Helios found years...
  6. Laron

    A Long Story Short

    Beings outside of our realm here on Earth, can perceive and live differently in time. What this means is that their perception of things can be quite different to hours. Based on my understanding, human life was seeded by intelligent multidimensional beings who have checked up and monitored our...
  7. Sinera

    Contact & Cosmos - Lecture by Dr. Steven Greer

    Just watched this now. Not new for me but it is a good summary of what he found out with his research backed by lots of documents and military/industry insiders, whistleblowers and witnesses. And yet, discernment is needed. I find some of his conclusions and hypotheses quite intriguing. Are all...
  8. Laron

    A UFO Crash in Antarctica | Time-cross Remote Viewing Project

    As part of the Time-Cross remote viewing project being run by Farsight, in September four viewers saw the same thing, an area which can be seen with Google earth showing something under the snow that has since been investigated by man — an alien spaceship crash in Antarctica. The above 50...
  9. Laron

    What is your personal explanation of what a ET is?

    Just for a moment, put aside what you have heard from another, read, learnt, watched, etc, and use your feelings to answer this one: What is your personal explanation of what an ET is? When you examine the Wikipendia page, the definition for an extraterrestrial is the following...
  10. Hailstones Melt

    Jose Arguelles and his thoughts on UFO events in our dimension

    I have received a Noos-letter Issue #97, Attune to All that Lives. Here is an interesting clip from Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan: From the newsletter: In light of disclosure and release into the mainstream news of the Pentagon's secret multimillion dollar UFO program, here are words witten by...
  11. Linda

    Promoted Ariel Phenomenon - UFO lands at a school in Zimbabwe

    A friend sent a link and thought I might be interested - and what I discovered is fascinating. On September 16, 1994, at the Ariel School that is in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, a space craft landed and two ETs emerged while the children were outside playing. Immediately afterwards, a BBC reporter, Tim...
  12. Sinera

    Mary Rodwell presentation on ET and Starseeds

    Mary Rodwell (with a d, not Roswell, but it would be fitting, too ;)) is a kind of Australian version of Dolores Cannon. I highly recommend watching this video of one of her recent talks on the subject(s). More descriptions are taken from the YT info text of the uploader:
  13. Sinera

    Farsight's Mystery Series Continues (at last!)

    Not that the Time-Cross project isn't already great, but I am happy and not the only one that FI at last continues with their Mystery Projects again. Seems UFO related according to the graphics and drawings. I think it might not be free to watch but I have a Vimeo account and might pay for it...
  14. Vickie

    Mass UFO Sightings A Few Days Ago

    On November 27, 2016 there were UFO sightings in the major cities in Turkey all at one time. There are many videos showing the lights. Twitter had thousands of tweets talking about this mass sighting event. In fact this event was the most talked about event on Twitter that day. Then by the...
  15. John Helios

    Steven Greer's Newest Lecture on ET's, Corey Goode, Disclosure

    Folks, I previously posted about the amazing Dr. Steven Greer here. Greer just came out with a new updated lecture (November 2016) where he provides his entire 3hr lecture on the basics of what's going on with: The ETs would have wiped us out already if they really meant us harm (most of them...
  16. Henda

    Dr. Edgar Mitchel UFO Interview 2013

    I had the chance few times before he passed to be part of a UFO diner here in Rouen (France) and he was invited via skype. He talked about Aliens, Quantum Physics and the Holographic universe theory.
  17. Vickie

    UFOs Hit By Lightning?

    On September 8th, 2016 many witnesses observed what they believe was a lightning storm in Corsica, France. During the storm they saw UFOs being struck by lightning bolts and falling. I'm no expert but I've read enough to know and believe that mere lightning wouldn't take down a true ET...
  18. Vickie

    737 Engine Blowout Due to UFOs

    A Southwest Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing recently due to a rare engine blowout. A passenger on board that flight said he saw strange lights from what he believes was a UFO right around the time of the incident. Even stranger was that all the crew and passengers experienced...
  19. Sinera

    FBI declassified document from 1947

    Memorandum from 1947 as part of an FBI document with interesting views on O.Os regardig their origin and also 'technology'. It's not so far away from what many of us in this forum might believe, including me, which I find particularly intriguing, especially in view of how 'old' this is...
  20. Maryann

    The TMA-1 Project

    A FB friend, Dennis Gonzales, editor of POW music magazine, has a new project inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey to investigate the purpose of the national security cover-up by government officials of UFO-related information. The name of the project, TMA-1, derives from the...