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Jul 20, 2016
A friend sent a link and thought I might be interested - and what I discovered is fascinating. On September 16, 1994, at the Ariel School that is in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, a space craft landed and two ETs emerged while the children were outside playing. Immediately afterwards, a BBC reporter, Tim Leach, interviewed the children and was impressed and moved by their accounts. He asked John Mack, a psychiatrist from the Harvard School of Medicine, and who specialized in working with people who had alien encounters to interview the children.

The children told similar stories of short aliens with big heads and big eyes and a silver saucer craft. The children who were closest reported telepathic messages about dangers to the environment.

The story faded from public view until the family of Dr. Mack sent the original interviews to Randy Nickerson, a film maker. The family intended to release them as short clips about the encounter, but as Nickerson reviewed the material, he became more and more interested with the story.

Seeing the school for the first time was a moment I will never forget and meeting the teachers and those that were there in 1994 was fascinating. The school and the Head Mistress were so gracious and accommodating given the circumstances that they were under

The Headmistress shared with me photos, drawings, and the story of the 1994 incident.

My question was “ Do you really believe it happened?” Her and the 2 other teachers I spoke with and interviewed were convinced that it did. I walked the playground for days and the site where the witnesses said this silver disc was. I met with parents of the some of the children and people from Ruwa that also witnessed unusual things in the sky the day before. A paramedic who met with some of the children who were traumatized after the event. It became more and more apparent that there was an incredible story here.

He went on to track down the children, who lived around the world. As he collected more information and conducted more interviews, he believed this story would make a good documentary film. The link to the Ariel Phenomenon is listed below. At that site you will find a promo piece. If you have trouble playing Vimeo, I also included a YouTube link to a shorter version.

YouTube version

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