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Jul 23, 2016
Arkansas, USA
On September 8th, 2016 many witnesses observed what they believe was a lightning storm in Corsica, France. During the storm they saw UFOs being struck by lightning bolts and falling.

I'm no expert but I've read enough to know and believe that mere lightning wouldn't take down a true ET spaceship. Many of these ships come from light years away and go through all kinds of dangers in space. It would be ridicules to think a lightning bolt could take them down. In addition, there were a lot of UFOs that were supposedly blown out of the sky by lightning. In my opinion this looks like many UFOs were struck by some kind of weapon.

Here is a video and description given by a man that took one of the the videos that night. He too suspects this wasn't lightning.

09/08/16 - That night was my last night in Corsica, just before the end of vacations. A beautiful thunderstorm surprised tourists, around 21 : 00 pm. A lot of people gathered to witness the huge lightning bolts crossing the dark sky. As the house I rented was close to this nice place, I quickly took my camera and tried to catch a few lightning strikes. I sat down and put my elbows on my knees to be as stable as possible. I was not looking at the screen while recording, fortunately: I noticed strange lights falling down the sky just after the lightning twice. I immediately thought about a previous video I shot in summer 2014 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwoFi... ) that showed almost the same thing.

I checked the videos on my computer, and indeed saw an orange light falling down the sky on two of the seven videos I recorded this night. I was pretty satisfied of what I had caught, but I wanted to be sure I didn't miss anything else. After checking the five other videos, to find nothing... I came back to the two interesting videos, and found many other weird things.

On the first recording that is shown in this video, I noticed a total of four individual lights near the lightning bolt. They look exactly like my previous video. Probably some rare ball lightning phenomena, as many said in my previous video... But I'm not convinced. One of the lights seems hit by the lightning, and creates some kind of electric discharge. The object then falls off the sky, and looks like it's burning.

I then noticed two big "explosions" in the second lightning bolt. I first thought "Nothing impressive, probably the lightning bolt's normal pattern". But after viewing the footage in slow-mo, I saw a kind of fast "light" going in the storm direction. The object went straight through the lightning bolt, causing the strange "electrical explosion". Right now, I can't explain this phenomena, I have no idea of how that is possible. Another explosion of this type is visible at 2:41, but I don't know if it's related to the first one. Who knows. But I'm sure there's a link between the group of orange lights and this "explosion".

After checking the second video and spotting the same "falling UFO" and four / five other lights aligned above the lightning bolt, I started opening my editing program to type explanations on the videos. When zooming in to show some closeups, I noticed a suspect stationary object next to the storm. On the video, it really looks metallic, due to the lightning reflecting on its side. I'm even more confused about this one. Maybe some type of craft spying the area? Man-made or not, this object is really weird too.

My guess is that the two falling objects are UFOs (any object) hit by the strikes, burning and falling while being consumed in mid-air.
Probably the same thing for the very first object. (@ 1:33)

The explosions are either "normal" and part of the lightning bolt... Or come from the moving light.

Are all these objects linked together? And what about that fast moving light? Anyway, tell me what you think about these recordings in the comments, I need your opinion. :)

/!\ EXTRA INFO /!\

In case you've seen my previous video of a similar phenomenon, I explained why I'm sure these are actual objects rather than ball lightning. Here's an extract of the description:

This is not the ball lightning phenomenon that happened here.
I inquired about it, and here's what I've found.

- Electric balls are extremely rare.
✖ These objects appear by groups in my video.

- They fly at a close distance from the ground.
✖ They are extremely high and appear close to the lightning bolts.

- When this phenomenon happens, it's usual to see only ONE ball.
✖ There are seven objects here! (1, then 2, then 4, then 1)

- These balls are not "physical objects", they're not solid.
✖ Here they are lighted by the thunder: they ARE solid objects.
As you can see, I've been pretty radical about this hypothesis... Even if there were solid arguments, I'm reconsidering my thoughts, and I'm now open to any explantations, including ball lightning. Tell me what you think please!


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Jul 19, 2016
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I'm no expert but I've read enough to know and believe that mere lightning wouldn't take down a true ET spaceship. Many of these ships come from light years away and go through all kinds of dangers in space. It would be ridicules to think a lightning bolt could take them down.

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