1. Lila

    Remote Group Healing Weekend of November 3, 2018

    Welcome to the new/old remote group healing sessions. I am your new host, Lila. My intention is that the essential thread of sending + receiving energy to + from each other, particularly for those who request it will continue weaving through the sessions. In addition to that we will have a...
  2. Laron

    Organic Food: Research Shows Significant Reduction in the Risk of Cancer

    Last month JAMA Internal Medicine published a paper done by three PhD researchers with findings that showed a significant reduction in the risk of cancer among high consumers of organic food in a population-based cohort study of just about seventy thousand French adults. Their recommendation...
  3. Laron

    Healing yourself will ask for more

    When we go on the journey of true healing, we can expect a range of changes and we need to adjust and make time for such changes. That's a good start above in terms of a list of such items we may need to address.
  4. Henda

    Healing Lights From Lemuria

    Watch the Light how it flows from The Central Sun connecting to Lemuria Crystalline Energy
  5. Laron

    Emotional Healing and Acknowledging Ego's Control: An Analogy

    You’re holding a cup of coffee when someone bumps into you, causing your hot beverage to spill everywhere. If someone asked you why you spilt the coffee, you may answer with, "Well, because someone bumped into me of course!" Wrong answer. You spilled it because coffee was in the cup; if tea...
  6. Laron

    Healers Study Darkness

    I really like this quote. But what does it mean? It can have a few different meanings. One easy answer is to connect it into the shadow self of our soul, the places people don’t tend to approach or revisit. It could also relate to the dark energy, as in blocks, misalignments, imbalances...
  7. Laron

    Too Many Rules Can Create Illness

    Our seven primary energy centers, also known as the chakras in Sanskrit (‘wheel or circle’), more fully develop from birth up until early adulthood; hence defining forthcoming experiences—they mold who we are as we deal with the consequences of life’s early events. If we’re suppressed at an...
  8. Pod

    Connecting teeth with organs of the body. A Pod experience.

    For about three weeks now I have had a painful tooth. I started taking regular MMS, between 6 and 8 doses a day. I have been using MMS for so long now that I am very relaxed about protocols......surprisingly for me, it did not resolve the problem straight away. I noticed that when I am at the...
  9. Laron

    Sensitivity is a sign of life — A Quote

    "Sensitivity is a sign of life. Better hurt than hardened. I bow to those who keep their hearts open when it is most difficult, those who refuse to keep their armor on any longer than they have to, those who recognize the courage at the heart of vulnerability. After all the misguided warriors...
  10. Laron

    Patient, Heal Thyself | A Practical Guide To Vibrational Medicine

    “Throughout life, we will find ourselves in situations where our belief systems are strongly challenged. Confrontational situations sometimes force us to re-examine whether our belief’s need to be modified or updated in order to accommodate new information and new experiences. In reality, it is...
  11. Laron

    An invite to learn Aymara Healing in Melbourne, Australia

    A Facebook friend who lives in Puno, a city in southern Peru on Lake Titicaca, teaches about the Ayamara people, including their healing method called Kolla medicine (which has a focus on people healing themselves). She's coming to Melbourne, Australia in November to teach there and invited me...
  12. Laron

    When you forgive you heal, when you let go you grow

    While easily said, there's a lot more to this, but it's something for the reader to investigate further and to remember as they travel through life.
  13. Pod

    Darkness, Spirit, and the Feminine by Mary Shutan

    Darkness, Spirit, and the Feminine Date: August 26, 2018 Author: Mary Shutan It is the tendency of our culture to mistake what is dark within ourselves for what is wounded, rather than seeing darkness as its own kingdom, and carrying its own beauty. It has been a long path for me to separate...
  14. Laron

    When it comes to healing, what are you noticing in terms of change?

    We all perceive existence uniquely. When it comes to health and healing, I wanted to check in on your personal perspective around changes you have noticed in connection to what you learnt years before. So what I mean is that a decade ago, perhaps longer, you may have been taught something, or...
  15. John Helios

    Dream/Vision: Healing Pods, Modular Spacecraft, Time Anomalies

    There have been several folks out there – among them Linda McGillis and Amanda Lorence – who have mentioned that the folks outside will be sending us into healing pods, especially when we are relaxed and/or asleep, to help us with our ascension upgrades. So, last night the folks showed up and...
  16. Laron

    The Emotional Link to the Hips & Helping You Self-Heal

    I just wrote a thread up and then realized this thread should be an article on my site, laron.nz, so I did just that, made it into an article. However, here is the article which was really meant for this board!... Via laron.nz: I was just talking to a friend who had a injury come up in one of...
  17. Anna

    A Vision-Quest and the Gift of the Nettle Plant

    Anna submitted a new article Click here to continue reading the entire article.
  18. Lila

    An urgent dream

    The booklet in which I write down dreams has been misplaced for a while now. This dream seemed urgent to write down. I've had relatively few dreams or 'visuals' (waking dreams some may call these) for a while now. Perhaps this came now as I felt that something important clicked into place in...
  19. Anaeika

    30 Day self-healing challenge

    Hello Spiritual Community, I just completed my reiki I certification and my reiki master encouraged me to practice 30 consecutive days of self-reiki. For me this is an hour of reiki daily with all of the hand placements. This may be on myself or others (Every time I give reiki on others, it is...