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Jul 19, 2016
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A client of mine pointed out the website,, in response to my mentioning looking into studying a naturopath degree here in New Zealand. This website has a database of holistic health information — about 12gb's of PDF data on a large variety of health problems and health related issues.

You can sign up to this community, which is run by Terry Chamberlin, and then get access to download all this information in bulk.



With a 100mb fiber connection, my download kept failing around 70-80 percent. After three tries, I reached a download limit but was able to continue an hour later.

To get around that issue, I just highlighted a smaller amount of folders, right clicked and downloaded it as a zip. I could then download everything within 3 downloads. Even with a fast connection, it's still quite a slow download so you will have to leave your device on. Best to do this on a laptop/desktop, especially when it's 12 gbs of data.

Some of you might want to save this information for the future.
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