1. Laron

    Letting go of the fear and thought patterns to help healing

    My sense is that things are really changing from the perspective of old understandings of healing. Certain ways of healing are becoming a lot easier, where before there were greater restrictions, and limitations, on how healing worked for people. While it’s all valid—the foundations behind why...
  2. Henda

    The Orion Temple of Healing and Sacred Geometry Energy

    Henda submitted a new article. The Orion Temple of Healing and Sacred Geometry Energy Introduction The Orion Temple of Healing is a sacred place I went to, for the first time, few days after I received my Reconnection on September 2013. It was there that I met my spiritual guides during a...
  3. Sinera

    Master Healer Dennis Adams of Mt. Shasta (interview)

    Don't know how I stumbled across him in the first place, had it bookmarked a while but now watched it and did not regret it. Dennis Adams is a natural mind/energy healer from Mt. Shasta and has had lots of success so far, even while working in a hospital together with doctors. He also does...
  4. K

    Deep Soul Retrieval

    KarlaSM submitted a new article. Deep Soul Retrieval When we think to ourselves that we have done enough healing work over the years, we find ourselves wrestling in a dose of discomfort once a trigger presents itself to us. We might have recovered certain troubling memories of our past that we...
  5. C

    Attainment of true love

    Whenever I read this short post I get such a good feeling, but before leading to it let me tell you a short story that I think is related to this topic somehow. Eons ago, when dragons existed in physical, they were known for having two hearts instead of one. Beings that evolved from their...
  6. Henda

    Healing with the Pink Ray

    Henda submitted a new article. Healing with the Pink Ray Properties The pink ray is the third one of the seven divine rays and is directed by ascended master Paul the Venetian and his twin flame Lady Rowena. Kwan Yin is also manifesting more and more with this flame. Archangel Chamuel...
  7. C

    Large smelt quartz obelisk - it works

    A month ago I ordered a large smelt quartz obelisk. I did not know exactly what the term "smelt" meant so did some research and found that perhaps my new crystal would not work well because of the melting procedure to create crystals using quartz and other materials like silica that turn into...
  8. Laron

    Request: Some Energy Healing for Bernie

    Bernie, who runs Unspun news which I post on his behalf on transients.info every day, sent a quick email this morning (blind copy, meaning it went to multiple)—about 12 hours ago—saying his blood pressure was high and he may call for an ambulance. I haven't heard from him since. I did post a...
  9. Anaeika

    Have you watched CrazyWise?

    This is a beautiful documentary putting into question the current Western medical model in regards to treating people with a mental illness & how other cultures have recognized & embraced such individuals into their culture. Hearing voices & receiving messages? Well, time to learn from an elder...
  10. Pod

    Sign up for 15 days free Scalar Energy Healing

    15 day free trial of Tom Paladino's scalar energy treatment. http://www.creativestrength.us
  11. Laron

    Promoted Summaries of a few of my latest QHHT sessions

    Here's a bunch of posts I have made on my FB wall regarding QHHT sessions I have conducted here in Houston, Texas over the past few weeks. This may be of interest to people wondering about the types of sessions coming up lately, or who may simply be curious on what can happens within one...
  12. Pod

    Hands up if you feel you are really shifting!

    It has been a helluva week Godlings.........Schrödinger's Other Cat has listed a series of energy readings which mean nothing to my head but everything to my heart <3<3O.o:D I have known since Wednesday that something profound had shifted in me but could not put my finger on it till this...
  13. June

    My healing book

    Some of you know I keep a healing book to write in the names those who request healing. It's just a personal way for me as I can't remember everyone's name at the time of healing. I hold the book while healing and the energy is very strong. In fact as soon as the name is entered I sense healing...
  14. transients

    Sound Waves Direct Particles To Self-Assemble And Self-Heal

    transients.info submitted a new article. Sound Waves Direct Particles To Self-Assemble And Self-Heal By Sarah Young via Berkeley Lab (June 19, 2017) An elegantly simple experiment with floating particles self-assembling in response to sound waves has provided a new framework for studying how...
  15. Lila

    What's The Sacred Plant? — Healing Secrets Exposed

    Lila submitted a new article. What's The Sacred Plant? — Healing Secrets Exposed This 7 part series discusses "The Sacred Plant" which has been used for many diseases over the course of history. In the series, experts, patients and other advocates discuss the use of this plant for conditions...
  16. Laron

    You Can Train Your Body Into Thinking It’s Had Medicine

    transients.info submitted a new article. You Can Train Your Body Into Thinking It’s Had Medicine By Jo Marchant via mosaic (February 9, 2017) Listen to or download an audiobook of this story on SoundCloud and iTunes. Marette Flies was 11 when her immune system turned against her. A cheerful...
  17. Laron

    A Method Of Forgiveness Using A Buddhist Prayer

    laron submitted a new article. A Method Of Forgiveness Using A Buddhist Prayer Forgiveness can take place via a wide range of methods and choices, but why should we forgive? How does that help us? Take a moment to read this Buddhist prayer below — don’t rush through, be gentle with yourself as...
  18. Sinera

    Mary Rodwell presentation on ET and Starseeds

    Mary Rodwell (with a d, not Roswell, but it would be fitting, too ;)) is a kind of Australian version of Dolores Cannon. I highly recommend watching this video of one of her recent talks on the subject(s). More descriptions are taken from the YT info text of the uploader:
  19. Laron

    Info Reiki Healing | History And Benefits

    Here is something I just put together to help people understand the history around Reiki, but also the benefits from receiving a Reiki healing. I'm a Reiki Master teacher and context of this is for my clients and future students. There is conflicting stories and information behind Mikao Usui...
  20. Laron

    Group Results 2017 | transients.info's Holographic Balancing

    laron submitted a new article. Group Results 2017 | transients.info's Holographic Balancing The information below relates to the results from scans done on the 61 of us who participated in the Holographic Balancing even I recently organized, as well as what was broadcast to us (healing). This...