astral projection

  1. Laron

    Do animals experience life after death?

    Do animals experience life after death? William Bulman (, one of the world’s foremost out of body teachers, says, “Yes. On many occasions I and others have observed and interacted with animals during our out-of-body experiences. It’s clear that animals continue to exist after...
  2. Laron

    Tom Campbell's Wikipedia Page Deletion

    I recently noticed that Tom Campbell's Wikipedia entry had been deleted. The reason is similar to why Dolores Cannon doesn't have a Wikipedia page, that being that their published books are self published. I did some research to see why Tom's page was removed and found this below over on...
  3. Henda

    Out of Body Experience to Lyra Constellation

    I projected myself in a spherical spaceship that was flying few meters over the soil of the planet, in a district made of constructions in the shape of domes. I was with someone who was driving the ship with me. We flew in between the domes surrounded by alleys and gardens, some strange but...
  4. Laron

    Leaving the Physical: My short course on how to get out of body

    This year I’ve been putting together a self-paced 12 week out of body course as part of a series of four courses planned, which will be hosted on my site, “Leaving the Physical” is about 70% complete. I’m hoping to have it ready by the end of the year. It will be...
  5. Henda

    Video to Astral Project

    An interesting video from the Monroe Institute to train yourself for Out of Body experience Try it !
  6. Laron

    Out of Body: Share the last experience you remember!

    Whether it was a conscious out of body trip, or perhaps you felt it was real, but it simply slipped into a dream becoming memory upon waking — feel free to discuss what you remember. If you do not have one, you could just share the last dream you recall.
  7. Henda

    Out of Body Experiences to the Spirit World (Part 1)

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  8. Henda

    Crossing the Threshold

    "The Light Body Travelers Society presents “Crossing the Threshold" – (Ancient Astral Projection Secrets Revealed). This special mini lecture reveals highly insightful and advanced wisdom into the ancient practice of astral projection. Dr. Joseph Kenneth explains just how to cross the threshold...
  9. Laron

    Consciousness Expanding Posts From Laron

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  10. Henda

    Out of Body Experiences The Way To Learn and Heal

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  11. Laron

    What happens when we die?

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  12. Sean

    What Causes An Out Of Body Experience To Occur

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  13. Laron

    Info Information & Questions Answered on Out of Body Travel / Astral Projection

    Below are some questions and answers I've picked out of a recent post over on the Monroe Institute website, but I've included a lot of other information from me. Note that I have studied this topic in depth and also successfully consciously projected and had experiences not just in the...
  14. Henda

    An Astral Projection Riding My Red Brown Dragon, October 10, 2018

    Projecting out of my body this morning: I saw a door opening in front of me and walked inside of it. Then I was flying... I crossed a long green winding tunnel, riding a brown dragon as I was seeing his head just below me and near my sight. We were flying so fast and the tunnel was green...
  15. Lorna Wilson

    Astral Projection for Everyday Living

    Todd is a friend and teacher and he never ceases to amaze me with his insights and information on how your astral projection practice is connected to every area of your life... This video presentation from one of his workshops and is very original in content as it focuses on our daily lives IN...
  16. Amanda Faye

    Out of body

    Today I had quite the expereince something that I have never experienced before, but the experience left me feeling humbled. For awhile now Ive dream of a man, he is either a soulmate or a twin, today I was writing and asked to connect to his higher self. When I did I began to write more. But...
  17. Henda

    The Crystal Cliff: An Astral Projection To Sirius B

    Some of my trips in Sirius A & B I have been astral projecting to Sirius many times since the last two years. Sirius is my home place where my soul came to life. I have been underground sometimes and saw beings with dolphins heads, and others who are all white headed. They are keepers of the...
  18. Sinera

    Astral (Group) Projection: Learn the Doorway Technique

    A forum friend of mine I know for quite a few years with the avatar names Lionheart, Lumaza or Shu-Man in different forums has asked to share/ask this on similar websites and communities. This is about an effective AP method he developed (and still does). He is also a teacher of AP / OBE...
  19. Kontufuto

    Tools of the Soul

    I’ve been giving this some thought lately after starting the thread on Senses of the Soul. It is not a compilation of what tools the soul uses. It does however include an example what I have used in an extreme situation. I share this with you not to satiate my own accomplishments but to help...
  20. Laron

    Talking With Out of Body Explorer William Buhlman

    laron submitted a new article. Talking With Out of Body Explorer William Buhlman Out of body explorer William Buhlman had an interview conducted recently on the YouTube channel Phase Evolution. It's just over an hour in length and covers many aspects of astral projection and out of body travel...