An Astral Projection Riding My Red Brown Dragon, October 10, 2018 (1 Viewer)

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Projecting out of my body this morning:

I saw a door opening in front of me and walked inside of it. Then I was flying...

I crossed a long green winding tunnel, riding a brown dragon as I was seeing his head just below me and near my sight. We were flying so fast and the tunnel was green emerald. One of the dragons I am connected to is red brown. He was showing me a new Ley line in a cave in Peru last night during an energy exchange with a friend from Germany.
In the cave there were giant seeds. He told me that it was a parallel world containing the seeds of the New 5D Earth. I was stunned because the seeds were really giant and I was so small facing them. They hold the energy of this new grid line to connect the new earth to the axiatonal lines of our bodies and those of the star system.

During my conscious astral projection this morning (in between 5 - 9 am, I was flying in a multidimensional realm from the green emerald tunnel; It was as if filled with plants in both parts of it. The sound was buzzing in me. I was shaking but my dragon was a great helper as he was very comforting and then I was in a wide space seeing the earth from high space surrounded by starlights. I saw the humanoid face of an extraterrestrial being : brown face, no hair, green emerald eyes, smiling to me. Then it was leaving my field. I talked to her, as she was a female who looked very beautiful. I asked her where she was from "Andromeda" I heard.
She came back near me and then faded away in deep space.

I came back in my place and saw my cat sleeping but she looked at me and growled ! So I directed my astral body to my room. There all the furnitures looked upside down ! I was stunned ! I tried to go back in my physical but my astral body was searching for more discoveries.
I saw my two plants and just passed by feeling/hearing their chuckles and energy. They made a little movement below me. I thought it was a welcome back. It was actually !

I sat in the void of my inter dimensional space watching the bed and my massage table which is near my bed. I sat on my bed trying to reach my physical body. I made it finally but it was really different this time. I felt like my astral body wanted to fly again. I said : "back to your physical body now !". I entered rushing in.
I gave my astral body a name to help myself in case I feel I am going in a place I don't want to visit. This is a new way for me to direct my astral body and stay more aware and conscious.

My first OBE when I fell asleep, was in a realm with a man. It sounded like I knew him from there. I have seen him many times and even was like living with him in that world. Intriguing for me when I came back in my physical in the beginning of my night sleep...

I guess I have been flying in the new grid line /dragon line that opened in the Cave of the Giant Seeds, I saw during my energy exchange last night with my friend from Germany. What we experienced during the session was really powerful !!

This is The Wave Tree of The New Earth and The Crystal Tree and The Golden Gate to Atlantis
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