Out of Body Experiences to the Spirit World (Part 1) (1 Viewer)

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Henda submitted a new article.

Spiritual realm, astral travelling, and the souls' journey

It takes a time before one of the out of body experiences comes through again with more insights. It is like an energy that is releasing itself slowly from within the soul.

This is what often happens to me when the energy is ready to be known by others. It is very intense, and as it is coming from higher dimensions, the information is handled with care and love.

It is my experience but...
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Hailstones Melt

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Aug 15, 2016
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Hey, Henda - I loved your information and the way it just flows from your pen naturally. I also perceived a correlation which lets me know the veracity of the information. It is because you stated that geometries have corresponding sounds. This is a part of universal knowledge, not something that is necessarily written in books. This is something you know because you have been there, within the particular geometries, and the vibration of the geometries was also expressed as a sound. Obviously your work with the crayon paintings called "Trees" and many symbolic codes is also a way into this understanding, as you have gone very deep with that. I think this is something that I just "know", meaning that I also must spend time in such geometries. When I say geometries (for anyone reading this who is not sure what is meant), take for instance a triangle. Within that will be a vibrational sound pertinent only to triangles. Or take a 3D shape - like a tube. that is a 3D circle. A different sound. Or a cube. Different again. Then it gets more complex, as the shapes become octahedrons, dodecahedrons, etc.

Evolution is understood as travelling through octaves, which is another fundamental way of experiencing sound. Colours have, again, their co-related sounds. There are some worlds where beings just play with colour and sound. That is the whole gamut of their learning - and they are never bored. By coming to Earth, we took on an emotional palette. We learn through the colours and sounds of that.


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Nov 1, 2018
Hailstones Melt I have to agree as this explanation helps me explain the creation portion of the bible. In the bible it says "God spoke and created thus and such". What I think it is supposed to mean is vibrational energies created some things. Whether the sound energies were actual words I don't know.

There is much of the bible that doesn't make sense to me until I find out about some universal or "mystical" knowledge. Then more parts start to make sense.


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Aug 1, 2016
Thanks for an interesting article Henda. i find it interesting with the different colors of the auras. I have experienced the golden aura beings and the blue as well. One thing i did not quite understand what was the special connection between these colors of auras and young people?

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