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Below are some questions and answers I've picked out of a recent post over on the Monroe Institute website, but I've included a lot of other information from me.

Note that I have studied this topic in depth and also successfully consciously projected and had experiences not just in the astral/5th dimension, but higher dimensions, including merging with my higher self and taking control.

Conscious projection and out of body travel is not something I do actively right now—but because of what I have done, on an unconscious level I am doing it on a regular basis, usually without my knowledge, but I hear from many people about my interactions with them and I have remnants of experiences slip into dreams. I also set intentions when I want to do it before sleeping, for the purposes of healing with clients usually.

TMI & Bob Monroe

For those who don't know anything about TMI: The Monroe Institute is in Virginia, USA, and was founded by Robert Monroe, with research help from a few others including Tom Campbell, author of My Big TOE.

Bob Monroe is recognized as one of the pioneers in the modern Western world for astral projection / out of body travel, but this was commonly done and documented within the Theological Society which was founded back in 1875 (I've read a lot of their material) and is also an age old tradition in Buddhist teachings (Buddhism being founded in about 600BC). Gnostic based material also covers this, which is a combination of sources, including Buddhism and Jesus' original teachings.

Bob authored three books which are key reading for anyone interested in metaphysics and spiritual development, but especially astral projection / out of body experiences. Journey's out of the Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey.


Here they are:

Q: What is an OBE?
A: An acronym for out-of-body experience, where the major portion of conscious awareness is active outside the limitations of the physical body​
~ From the Glossary of Ultimate Journey (1994) by Robert A. Monroe​
"... we all go out of body during sleep, though most of us don’t remember after waking."​

Q: Did Robert A. Monroe invent the term Out-of-Body?
A: The first reference to “out of body” appears in the book Apparitions, by G.N.M. Tyrrell, published in 1953 by Collier Books. Charles T. Tart, PhD, “the father of modern parapsychology,” coined the acronym OOBE, later refined to OBE, in his published literature on out-of-body experiences. Best known is his paper, “A Psychophysiological Study of OBEs in a Selected Subject,” originally published in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 1968, vol. 62, no. 1, pp. 3-27​
Bob and “Charley” formed a lifelong friendship when Bob reached out to him for possible answers. Bob’s OBEs were frightening him, to say the least, and he was feeling desperate for a way to explain them. Charley’s “OBE” handle seemed to fit the bill, and Bob began by using it in Journeys Out of the Body. The rest is history.​
Q: Can anyone learn to travel out of body?
A: Theoretically, yes. In fact, Bob believed that we all go out of body during sleep, though most of us don’t remember after waking.​
Q: Are OBE and astral travel the same thing?
A: For all intents and purposes, yes (again, our opinion), however, the content of OBEs may be drastically different among people, and among the OBEs of each person.​
Q: Have OBEs been studied scientifically?
A: Yes, by Charles Tart and many others. But, as Bob would say, don’t take our word for it! Google and find out for yourself.​
What is OBE and Astral Travel?

To expand on OBE and astral travel, I look at it from this perspective. Firstly, the astral is the name given to the astral dimension, which exists in the 5th dimension, however, the number 5 is dependent upon what system in physics you use. It's the first space/place/location you usually go when leaving the physical body, but note the word usual as you can go to higher dimensions/spaces/realms/planes when projecting consciously, rather than going into the astral. Technically, if you travel beyond the 5th dimension, you are not astral projecting, but you are still projecting.

Whatever you do to leave the body doesn't matter, as it's still an out of body experience. So astral projection means OBE or OOBE.

For many near death experiences (NDEs), the individual will find themselves above their body in the same room that their physical body lies. While this is an NDE, this is also astral projection and an out of body experience (OBE/OOBE). Because the experience was induced by the loss of consciousness and usually the heart stopping, it's labeled as NDE.

Real Time Environment

When you astral project you should be coming out of body into the astral, the 5th dimension. This could be a version of the Earth, so it could be your room, your house, a friends house, a famous landmark, a place you know very well, etc, but the astral version of it, which I like to call the real time environment (I think I picked that label up from Robert Bruce).

Or it could be another space/realm/plane outside of the physical universe (no longer the real time environment)—what I mean here is that you are no longer in the environment of our universe, you have split and found yourself in a completely new area that is based on the laws/physics of that space, but still at a certain frequency and vibration pertaining to the 5th dimension.

The real time environment, which is a common place for people to end up when new to projecting, is a mirror and duplicate of the physical universe, but it's not exactly the same. So items can be in different places; you can see them move from one place to another as you can pick up on the multiverse aspect of that space—in one other version of reality, it may look different to how it is in the reality you are anchored in. However, you can help to get a clearer version, and a more focused experience, by strongly saying the words (and holding a strong intention around the meaning) "clarity now".

Subtle Body Connection

Each dimension is really all about the frequency that it functions at, and each dimension links into the subtle bodies of the human energy system. The subtle bodies being the etheric, emotional/astral, mental, spiritual/causal and so on (there are 7), but you will find that they have different names depending on the belief system being taught. As an energy healer, I just work with four. They have an aura about them and can be seen and validated by sensitives. I can sense where they are on a body, including their state. Example, one system is below.

The Vehicles of the Soul according to the Theosophist Curuppumullage Jinarajadasa.

Thought Forms and Planes Manifested

Thought forms are very, very powerful, and connect into manifestation. When a group of people think the same thing, such as in an organized religion, that can bring a lot of power to the targeted belief.

What I am getting at here is that some religions have a location in mind, a heaven of sorts, and expect to go there upon death. This place is real and exists in the astral, because of the group consciousness belief around it, so when people die and are very attached to their religion, they may be drawn to that space/realm/location.

A similar situation applies when you have an NDE, your belief system will kick in and what you will see will be what makes you comfortable.

While it's all real, it's also an illusion, but when I say illusion, our experience right now in the third dimensional Earth and Universe is also an illusion, but don't take this as thinking we are just making this up—however, we are making this up in a sense as we make everything up. After removing a lot of blocks within our chakra system, we begin to establish a clearer conduit through the veil (membrane separating dimensions), to our origins. In the end we come to learn we are the creator, we are source, but have split off into individuals and group consciousnesses.

How do you know when you astral project / project out of body / experience an OBE?

Think about how you wake up in the morning.

Your awareness of the bed begins to kick in, you feel the sheet(s), the weight of your body, the sounds in the room and possibly outside the room. Your consciousness begins to return. Eventually you're there fully, even if you may feel a bit groggy and tired perhaps. You may recall some dream memories. Now, when you project, this is exactly the same, but with a few differences.

First you may feel sensations as your consciousness splits off and enters your astral vehicle, or another subtle body vehicle (which is advanced astral projection/OBE). You are no longer where you were before projecting. Your completely conscious, focused and fully present in this new environment. Your senses, awareness and your location will no longer be in your physical body, you will be completely elsewhere in this new space/plane/locale.

With one of my experiences, which was projecting out of a dream rather than the physical state, I found myself in a space that was far more real than the waking world. We think we are "awake" while awake and not sleeping, but I was beyond being awake. My senses and awareness were so much stronger.

When we are out of body, our memories (which can be thought of as dream memories when awake) are of our 3rd dimensional life. We think back about that life, but perhaps not straight away as we may be a bit numb to the experience. We also may have fear come up, such as how can we get back to our body. We may wonder where we are. All these things go towards showing us we are having a real out of body experience and have projected out of body.

Well, I hope this information has helped you and provided some insight into the terminology and explanations of what all this is. You may be left wondering what the point is? Why would you want to do this? Well, I have written about the answer to that before which is part of a pinned thread on this board: Why Astral Project And Have Out Of Body Experiences?
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