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"The Light Body Travelers Society presents “Crossing the Threshold" – (Ancient Astral Projection Secrets Revealed). This special mini lecture reveals highly insightful and advanced wisdom into the ancient practice of astral projection. Dr. Joseph Kenneth explains just how to cross the threshold from within a meditative state, and into a safe out of body state. You will not find this information all in one place anywhere else on the Internet. In Crossing The Threshold, you will learn the following: 1. Learn the most effective meditation methods for astral inducing projection 2. Explain esoteric breath-awareness techniques from the ancient Ayurveda traditions 3. Study the use of microcosmic orbits to accurately stimulate your energy body (From the Taoist tradition) 4. Examine the positive effects of sun gazing 5. Discover how to safely self-induce the deep trance states needed to separate from your physical body 6. Learn the best-proven time frames to actually project out of your body 7. Discover exit techniques that quickly induce the separation of your astral body And much more! "

I always do the same thing before astral travelling and found here something that really matches with my own way to do : the breath awareness technique which is a Yogi way to astral travel...

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Jul 20, 2016
FYI - playback on other websites has been disabled.

However, there is an option to watch on YouTube, which does work.

Thanks for directing us to this video.
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