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Jul 19, 2016
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It’s becoming a critical time globally. Stop being silent. Do not let them force it on you or your family as it’s not worth it—it will not only jeopardise your health, but drastically hinder your spiritual connection and growth, which is just as important as your health, if not more so. Your spirit and your health are intertwined. You will get sick if you are not following your true path.

You are not alone. I ‘see’ what is going on, even without the need for all the proof that scientists, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and many health professionals, including holistic / natural health, have shared online, if you look beyond the big tech and media censorship.


Your intuition is speaking to you. It’s telling you something is not right. Be strong. Don’t let peer pressure or anyone dictate what you believe to be right for your health and that of your loved ones.

While groups online may only provide emotional support, it’s a time where action may need to take place, such as writing letters, signing petitions, coming together to organise legal representation, etc. In New Zealand I know of two who are standing up together: Voices of Freedom and Concerned Citizens. If you want their websites, PM me. For anyone planning to create their own space for this, or who want examples of how to do it right, these two are doing well. (i.e. using doctors, science, lawyers, and the professionals that the general population tend to take more seriously, which are needed to wake some people up.)

Blessings to you all. I know this is not an easy time with a genocide taking place.

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Then we need to factor in the whole 5G debacle.
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