1. Laron

    Australia's Strontium 90 Program (1957-1978)

    By Colleen Morris (editing by Laron): ‘Why we fight for our Freedom—our right to choose. I will tell you why I do. In 1976 you took my rights of a parent away. You took my son from the hospital. He was born in to another. You then proceeded to do an illegal autopsy on him. You never asked my...
  2. Laron

    When Dark Forces Violate the ‘Star People’ Protocols… the Zuni and Hopi Prophecies

    "Courtesy of UFO Mega Con - American Indigenous Tribes and worldwide Aboriginals have a firm belief, in that Star People as watchers, guardians and providers of technology, to keep Earth and Humans in balance. The Zuni and Hopi Indians and all Aboriginal People...
  3. Laron

    Monkeypox Virus: Nuclear Threat Initiative March 2021 Scenario

    In March 2021, the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) conducted a tabletop exercise (partnered with the Munich Security Conference) on reducing high-consequence biological threats. On page 20 of their report, their details of their scenario surrounding Monkeypox is revealed — it was said to begin...
  4. Laron

    The "World Government Summit" in Dubai (NWO no longer conspiracy)

    Glenn Beck covers this event, which is basically confirmation to the world that the NWO is real along with agenda 21/30. It's not a conspiracy now... Glenn Beck: "Times are changing fast. But you don't have to take my word for it. The 2022 World Government Summit kicked off in Dubai earlier...
  5. Laron

    Article Questions Answered by the Light Council | QHHT Q&A With 'Rhea'

    Over the past few days I've been putting together short videos from a QHHT session I conducted last week with Rhea, a friend of mine in New Zealand. It was her fifth past life regression with me. You can find links to her past sessions at the bottom of this article. While in a trance state, a...
  6. Laron

    Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World?

    Here's an excellent video by JP Sears on what the World Economic Forum is up to, which includes Klaus Schwabs role. "Klaus Schwab is bringing you the great reset. And not only will it be great, it’ll be a fantastic reset! The folks at the World Economic Forum are busy helping protect you from...
  7. Laron

    Article Khazarian Mafia, Talmud, ETs & Ukraine Conflict | Dojo Source Code –Webbot’s Clif High

    Khazarian Mafia, Talmud, ETs & Ukraine Conflict | Dojo Source Code –Webbot’s Clif High I’ve listened to Clif High’s latest video (March 4, 2022), and made some notes. Quick summary: Russia, and China—who will invade Taiwan to take down BioLabs in Taipei —are going up against the Khazarian...
  8. Laron

    Holding the Line at Camp Freedom, Wellington, New Zealand

    I’ve spent about a day putting this one hour video together, which is a documentary of sorts. On February 10, 2022, protesters standing on Parliament lawn near the Beehive in Wellington, New Zealand, were surrounded by hundreds of police. From about 8:30am until around 4:30pm, the police...
  9. David Topi

    Article Structure of the mental spheres – Levels 1 and 2 of human programing

    We have seen and explained throughout many articles the basic concepts of the functioning of the human psyche and the structure that forms our mind, in the form of 6 spheres. As you may recall, there are three main parts into which we can divide the content of each mental sphere: the...
  10. Laron

    Protester Shares Her Arrest & Incarceration Story – Camp Freedom, Parliament, New Zealand

    If you're not aware, there's a freedom protest going on outside the Parliament building in Wellington, New Zealand. For ten days now people have been gathering and there's now a camp officially setup. The camp has their own security, a first aid tent, food stalls, as well as many people with...
  11. Laron

    (ProFest) Freedom Protest Outside Wellington Parliament – Police Brutality & Violence

    [Update: Feb 20, 2022: Note that the camp has become quite established now. I'm going to probably stop the daily updates but if I see anything interesting I'll post it. They are now calling themselves ProFest and have a website here:] Convoys from around the country have...
  12. Laron

    Police Report Filed Against NZ Prime Minister (Jacinda Ardern) and Deputy PM

    In Taumarunui, New Zealand, Ann Tweedie has filed evidence with police to support a summons to arrest the New Zealand Prime Minister and deputy PM, Grant Robertson, for murder and crimes against humanity. She’s also included a number of clotjab centers — also responsible for the genocide taking...
  13. Laron

    Police Report Filed Against NZ Health Minister Andrew Little

    Yesterday in New Zealand, a large group of over 200 gathered in support of Taranaki engineer Brett Power, who filed a report with the Police providing evidence on the Health Minister Andrew Little for manslaughter and other charges with relation to his role in the plandemic. The police...
  14. Laron

    Pfizer Vaccine Kills 12yo, Government Offers $450,000

    An audio recording was sent to me earlier reporting that a twelve year old was vaccinated (Pfizer mRNA vaccine) in Greymouth, New Zealand, and immediately died afterwards. The Ministry of Health (a NZ Government agency), emailed the mother and offered her a $450,000 payment — I suspect there...
  15. Laron

    Why Is Trump Supporting the Vaccines? (Clif High Responds)

    Here's a fifteen minute clip by the webbot's Clif High, discussing his personal view on why President Trump publicly supports the vaccines — or is he?
  16. Laron

    Vaccine Kills FBI Special Agent | Widow Shares Story

    Ona tells the story of her husbands death 24 hours after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Note that this is a very emotionally driven experience that she shares and it's also very graphic. She includes a description of his death in detail beside her while in bed. "My husband very much so believed...
  17. Laron

    Plandemic: People Waking Up

    I've come across a few videos recently of people sharing their stories indicating that more and more people are either dying or getting quite severe COVID vaccine damage. Here's a few below and feel free to return here and post anything you come across.
  18. Laron

    U.N. Counter Terrorism Executive Directorat Taking Down Private Websites

    "The U.N. Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED) is now responsible for taking entire privately hosted websites offline, as they seek to take total control of the flow of information and establish their "Great Narrative." CTED notifies domain registrars of "extremist" sites -- i.e...
  19. Laron

    11 Australian Nurses & Paramedics Share COVID Vaccine Stories

    Eleven nurses and paramedics from Queensland, Australia, have come forward to talk about their experiences with the COVID vaccines. They recount the deaths and injuries, yet they have not been allowed to talk about it. Vaccine status was no longer recorded on new patients and hospital...
  20. Laron

    Australian Army Transfers COVID-Positive To Quarantine Camps

    Australian Army Begins Transferring COVID-Positive Cases, Contacts To Quarantine Camps "The Australian army has begun forcibly removing residents in the Northern Territories to the Howard Springs quarantine camp located in Darwin, after nine new Covid-19 cases were identified in the community...