1. David Topi

    Article The Vibration Of The Numbers, Frequencies & Energies They Represent

    We have been introducing in several articles concepts of certain abstract numerological degree and we are going to refine the subject little by little to finish giving more details about them. Thus, as we have said in the last post, each number has one or more qualities associated with it. From...
  2. David Topi

    Article The Origin of Numbers & Their Connection To Planes & Energy Structures (Part 2)

    Since numbers are representations of conscious energy fields, as we have said in the previous article, and are necessary to create and amalgamate, build and form everything else, there are connections of those numerical energy fields with any lattice that forms any structure, dimension or plane...
  3. David Topi

    Article The Origin of Numbers & Their Connection To Planes & Energy Structures (Part 1)

    We have previously spoken in some of the questions that you have been asking as well as in a blog article that the numerological concepts that we have and currently use are not “updated.” We have briefly commented on why this is so, but perhaps it is difficult to understand why, since, after...
  4. David Topi

    Article Review of the States & Processes Underway Globally (Coronavirus Pandemic)

    All the processes and attempts to modify the economic structure of our society that we outlined in the series of five articles a few weeks ago are still going on. The RIC and CS have not yet achieved their objectives, partly because our Higher Selves dismantled a large number of systems in the...
  5. David Topi

    Article How the Economy is Manipulated on a Physical, Etheric & Mental Level (Part 5)

    It is possible that with the explanations of the previous article, the most probable thing is that many of us have asked, does this mean that we are all co-creating a world where there is not enough food, resources, money, housing or all those elements that make us live on the “solid” plane with...
  6. David Topi

    Article Canceling the Oil Generation Processes

    If you remember, some articles ago we said the following: Perhaps we will touch, we will see, focus more on articles and requests to try to correct the course of this timeline 33 in the future, I do not know yet, our Higher Selves have to decide and I will be publishing what mine and those that...
  7. Laron

    Hong Kong Protests in August, 2019

    This is a thread for us to share any discussions and information around the protests occurring in Hong Kong at the moment. Richard Enos just posted an article over on Collective Evolution here, that is extremely helpful for us to understand why they occurring, and what is going on with the...
  8. David Topi

    Article Destroying the Technological and Energy Capabilities of the Control System

    The request from the last article has been a success. We had to wait almost a week to see if the combined energy and consciousness of all those who have joined was enough to be able to start it, and once set in motion, with the power it was done and if that power was enough to limit the movement...
  9. David Topi

    Article Blocking the Displacement and Movement of Amoss and Asimoss

    The details for the "new attack plan" are now ready and the idea is to proceed in parallel with what we have in place as we have explained in several articles. While we wait for those who assist Kumar to finish the "sealing" work that is going at a good pace, we will try to continue eliminating...
  10. David Topi

    Article Systems of defense of Asimoss and Amoss

    Another aspect of the situation that we are living and that we have explained in the last two articles about the attempts to seal the bases Amoss and Asimoss is related to the difficulty of this task and process. It is something really complicated to explain because of the amount of information...
  11. David Topi

    Article Update of the Sealing status of Asimoss centers

    While the work of "sealing" the operating centers of Amoss and Asimoss continues, which we had explained in the previous article, and since it is a long process, we must wait patiently for the different forces and hierarchies of beings that assist the planet to complete the work and, for now...
  12. David Topi

    Article New Offensive Against the Amoss and Asimoss Control Centers

    The result of the petition that we put in the previous article has been more or less satisfactory, in the sense that, although there has not been as much participation at the time of executing the petitions as it would have been necessary to be able to start it up full power, if it had been...
  13. Bernie

    The Most Subtle Slavery Of All

    Bernie submitted a new article. Continue to the full article here.
  14. David Topi

    Dismantling Systems of Physical Manipulation of Reality

    David Topi submitted a new article. Continue to the full article here.
  15. Laron

    A Long Story Short

    Beings outside of our realm here on Earth, can perceive and live differently in time. What this means is that their perception of things can be quite different to hours. Based on my understanding, human life was seeded by intelligent multidimensional beings who have checked up and monitored our...
  16. Laron

    UN Security Council meets after UK names Russian GRU officers as Salisbury poisoning suspects

    An interesting an important turn of events. "The United Nations Security Council is meeting after British Prime Minister Theresa May named the two men allegedly responsible for the Skripal poisoning as Russian spies. May has said that the poisoning of former Russian Sergei Skripal and his...
  17. Bernie

    A Slightly Different Perspective On History

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  18. Laron

    How The Education System Limits Your Consciousness

    By Joe Martino via CE (posted with permission) The Facts: Higher Education has come under fire lately as being expensive, and students wonder whether or not it's worth it, from a financial perspective, to get a degree. Reflect On: Does the system of education truly educate us? We have to...
  19. Laron

    Why you should quit social media — TED Talk

    "Does quitting social media make you an unemployable Luddite? Computer scientist Dr. Cal Newport doesn't think so. In this eye-opening talk, he debunks three objections commonly offered up as rationale for keeping that all-important Facebook account." ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Cal Newport · Educator...
  20. Neeraj

    Wireless Companies Are Fully Aware of the Harmful Effects

    We are constantly been bombarded with harmful radiations which effects our well being. Big corporation are aware of these harmful effect & instead of doing something meaningful, they remain silent & suppress the study which raises serious health related questions...