governent control

  1. Laron

    Standing in Their Truth (The Highwire with Del Bigtree)

    This is Megan's 5th lockdown in Melbourne. Her friend is interviewed on this show after the video is played of her trying to explain their situation to the police. "As an island nation, the Australian government has implemented never ending strict lockdowns in an attempt to control the...
  2. Laron

    CDC Admits No Sequence of CORONA Virus With PCR Test Approval

    Lawyer Sue Grey just posted this on =AZWskrA_euJdSg37kzZFz5KyIepv0s3l3HUW9I4kcyQTqUcmTAmcIgmoFFNVsuhgjnmkXSmC2tVriL8Z3fJCQcDxyEw58D2lQRetyBTYdu3kLjAfvRmBcnk0Atv9aLWluM4&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R']her Facebook timeline, "CDC admission it didn't have the sequence of C virus when the PCR test was developed...
  3. Laron

    Article D’day, August 15-16 | Clif High’s Wooplosion

    In Clif High’s latest video, he does an update on the shift going on with humanity right now. I've made notes of the important points he brings up. The video is underneath that. “The powers that be lie about everything — everything.” The peak he talked about in an earlier video is about to...
  4. Laron

    Miguel Escobar (Physicians Assistant) Explains the Plandemic Superbly

    Miguel Escobar, a local PA (physicians assistant), spoke during a school board meeting in the USA. He explains the plandemic situation so very well stating the same facts I've also confirmed through my own observations and research. Facebook and Telegram versions of the video are below.
  5. Laron

    Tarot by Janine with Carly & Julia ✨ Shutd0wns, Agendas, Mr T, Spiritual Gurus, Olympics, Beatles

    This is quite an interesting interview providing information on the lockdowns down in my part of the world. Note that the tarot read/psychic says Trump should return to his old role in August. Description: ✨In this video with beautiful Canadian Tarot reader Janine, we delve into the current...
  6. Laron

    Doctor Samuel White Resigns in the UK Because of the Lies

    Below you can find a short video by UK Doctor Samuel White. I've summarised what he said in my notes below and posted the video on my Telegram Channel. Doctor Samuel White was a partner in a UK GP practice. He's been practicing medicine for 17 years. He had to resign because of the lies...
  7. Laron

    Drum & Bass On The Bike in Birmingham

    Dom Whiting is a drum and bass DJ, and friend of a friend. No doubt pissed because all the clubs were closed and wanting to cheer people up, he strapped his decks to his bike and went for a cycle. He had about 2 spotters 5 rides ago. Today 300 or so cycle with him. He cycles in cities all over...
  8. Laron

    Joe Biden 'has to be taken out of circulation' after 'rambling about men on the moon'

    "This bloke Joe Biden belongs in a home and that home is not the White house," Alan Jones says. An interesting talk by Australian commentator and former radio broadcaster, Alan Jones. This was posted on Sky News Australia, with 1.83M subscribers. Either the brain fog is kicking in from...
  9. Laron

    Why an Obsession with Safety creates Sick Minds and a Sick Society

    An interesting philosophical type of video looking at at why people are basically living in fear and not standing up. But to me, I see the foundation sitting in astrology, specifically the astrological age, as in why the energies and conditions in the world is creating this atmosphere.
  10. Laron

    Quick Look at Dr. Reiner Fullmich's Legal Case Against CDC, WHO and the Davos Group

    I uploaded this to my Telegram before as I don't have an original source since it was a forwarded message, but it has some great information. See my caption below. You need to have the Telegram app or desktop software installed to view it, which you can find here:
  11. Laron

    Irish Ice Hockey Star Resigns, says Ireland Broke Nuremberg Code

  12. Laron

    Australian's Are No Longer Allowed To Talk to Each Other

    The Chief Health Officer of NSW state in Australia, Dr. Kerry Chant, has told reporters on Tuesday that Australians should no longer engage in conversations, even if everyone is wearing a mask, regardless of vaccination status. “Whilst it’s human nature to engage in conversation with others, to...
  13. Laron

    Dr Hoffe: 62% of his Vaccinated Patients Have Blood Clots

    In the video below, Dr. Charles Hoffe discusses treating his patients which he’s vaccinated and how the vaccines are medically inducing disease. He said at first he was clueless when his patients asked for help after getting vaccinated. He contacted his health officer and nobody knew at the...
  14. Laron

    Article Stuff (MSM) Vaccination Agenda Article — A Perfect Example

    Yesterday I came across an article on, New Zealand's most popular MSM website, covering a group of doctors who have spoken out about the COVID vaccines in New Zealand. As someone trained in journalism, and being an experienced writer and published author, for me it comes off as an...
  15. Laron

    Facebook Removes Collective Evolution's Admin Access

    I'm a bit late as this occurred 5 days ago, but Joe Martino just posted a video saying both him and Arjun Walia have lost admin access (they are the only admins) at the same time, to their Facebook business page for Collective Evolution, which has over five million followers/likes. They also had...
  16. Laron

    Too Many Rules Can Create Illness

    Our seven primary energy centers, also known as the chakras in Sanskrit (‘wheel or circle’), more fully develop from birth up until early adulthood; hence defining forthcoming experiences—they mold who we are as we deal with the consequences of life’s early events. If we’re suppressed at an...
  17. Laron

    Why you should quit social media — TED Talk

    "Does quitting social media make you an unemployable Luddite? Computer scientist Dr. Cal Newport doesn't think so. In this eye-opening talk, he debunks three objections commonly offered up as rationale for keeping that all-important Facebook account." ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Cal Newport · Educator...
  18. Laron

    Many Souls Set Free!

    Here is a blog entry by John Helios I thought some of you may appreciate. It's kind of a follow up to his recent dragon blog post which I shared on the front page of transients. By John via Helios Journal Recently, here in the subtle earth realms there was a releasing of many trapped human...