US Marine's Message to Australians (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
Nelson, New Zealand
This US marine sends a message to Australians. He says that the Americans see the atrocities, tyranny and civil liberties being chopped away by the Australian Government.
He says the Government is in line with big pharma and will stop at nothing to force the tyranny. "This is not just about the vaccine but about control. Stand your ground,“ he says.

He states the police forces are on the wrong side of history and that they must stand down and respect the rights and civil liberties of the people.

“To the men of Australia, you are some of the toughest the world has ever seen. You’re big, you’re strong and you will not be swayed. Stand up. End this nonsense now. Go to bat. You are here for a purpose in this time and this age.”

Telegram link here.

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