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Jul 19, 2016
Nelson, New Zealand
I'm sharing this here as it may create a spark; perhaps this is something you or a friend could setup in your local area, if it doesn't already exist.

We have to adjust to this new world that has been forced upon us by the elites. We don't need to live in their world, we can live in ours.

Aly Cook is a New Zealand musician, promoter and publicist. She's also a member of Outdoors Freedom Party who has put together The NZ House Concert Network .

House concerts are small gatherings in peoples homes, garages or gardens. Aly is now gathering information on spreadsheets for the musicians so they know who they are, what they play, the genres and locations.


The idea with this is to keep people local, close to where they live, for the House Hosts. The info required are things like how many people can be at your house concert, the venue details (my garage, my garden my paddock) ) and photos.

From Aly:

'I am for Freedom of Choice and am hoping that I can make sure that no New Zealander is deprived of live music.​
Live music is good for the soul and its extraction from peoples lives should never be used as a form of punishment or coercion for not undergoing a medical intervention.​
These are small private gatherings of like minded friends. They will be kept safe and private in the planning.​
The House Concerts WILL NOT be advertised. You will be invited via email to RSVP if a concert is happening close to you by booking it online at www.houseconcertsnz.com
There will be a small charge which mainly goes to the musicians and a little to the host to help cover their cost. Plus onsite gold coin if you want give a little more.​
For Concert goers we just need to know where you are and what kind of music you like​
Please sign up www.houseconcertsnz.com. You can follow the links to sign up as a Host, Musician or Guest.​
Once signed up we will send more details of our plans​


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Jul 28, 2016
This is magic on earth.


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Jul 20, 2016
House parties were popular here before the virus. Friends got us into a group of people who attended, but then most of them were pretty far away, so we did not go. I've always thought it would work for a band to play on the deck and people would sit in the yard. Then the music would travel through the canyon to all the other houses. Maybe time to get that dream back on track!

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