The New World Order & How To Navigate It (Lorie Ladd) (1 Viewer)

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In this 9 minute video below, Lorie Ladd talks about the plandemic situation in connection to the New World Order, which she came across in the 90s and has since seen it play out, but much quicker in the last 18 months.

This is a very good talk as she has really condensed everything into only 9 minutes, and most importantly, her advice at the end is so important. Her perspective on how to handle the situation, and what to do, is also what I’ve concluded. (This is a great one to share around.)

Lorie is a teacher, speaker, and author guiding humanity through the collective and individual evolution in human consciousness.

Notes I took:
  • She started seeing the New World Order starting to play out it’s plans from the 1990s.
  • A small group of the wealthiest of families in the world, in control of the planet for a very long time.
  • It’s hard for that group to control so many countries, so they are trying to control the entire world as one world through a single Government.
  • She learnt about the above in the 90s and thought it was absurd — ridiculous even. She thought there’s no way that was true and was going to play out.
  • 2020-2021, she’s watching this exact situation she learnt about in the 90s, with the NWO, play out.
  • The way the group takes over a country is by controlling the population through fear. Humans are most afraid of death. This is what they are using.
  • “Most humans will do almost anything to not die and if they believe they are dying, they will do whatever you say,” Lorie states.
  • Most humans are programmes, psychologically, to follow the herd and the narrative, including authority figures.
  • What does this group do? They create a narrative with a herd mentality and create stories that belittle and name call those who do not follow the narrative. (Goes against the programmed human behaviour) Then authority figures instruct the humans what to do and telling the humans to belittle, name call or divide those that do not follow the narrative — genius, she says, and that they nailed it.
  • But have they? They try to take over the largest countries first, the most powerful first. But they do it like dripping water. The last year and a half this has ramped up.
  • So very powerful countries are falling and fighting to keep their freedom.
  • These families know that if they get your body, they have you. They control your education, your travel, your work and so on, through the [email protected]
  • We are all watching this happen, but they will not succeed. “That’s an absolute, but we have to go through the inevitable process of watching them push this as far as they possibly can.”
  • She says the most important thing here is not to play in the fear, as it will control us. Fear is the number one thing that can control our consciousness.
  • She says stop participating in dividing people. (Don’t debate or defend, just speak your truth.)
  • And stay in higher states of consciousness. “We’ve got this.”

If this video gets removed, you can access it here.
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Nov 1, 2018
I read somewhere that each person that can hold the light and positive energy can affect 175,000 people. What if the bible was true and there are 144,000 light workers there? 175,000 x 144,000 = over 25 billion people can be tweaked towards the positive. Population of earth is about 7.9 billion.

Love and light is much more powerful than most people know.

Hold the light, spread the light, we got this.

CAUTION: If you get anxiety easily do not click this link. You can be aware of what is going on without getting entangled in the negative energy.

26+ pieces of evidence that COVID-19 was planned since at least 1981. Fauci involved, along with Wuhan lab (funded by Soros) and Chinese military.
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