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Jul 27, 2016
In my personal experience, I’ve found accepting a person or circumstance is a bit easier than forgiving someone that has hurt me. However, when you decide to forgive someone, you set the wheels in motion towards your own healing journey. Forgiveness is more about you and your healing journey, than the other person. One of the benefits of doing this inner work is that it usually makes you a lighter and happier person. What another did wasn’t necessarily right or acceptable, but recognizing that a person that hurts another, is quite often, hurting themselves.

Sometimes, we also need to work on accepting or forgiving ourselves, for any perceived past mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes; it’s a part of the learning process. If you strive to learn from mistakes, it can be viewed as a valuable life lesson and something that adds meaning and character to your life. None of us are perfect, and many of us are simply acting out our traumas, until they are resolved or healed.

Acceptance and forgiveness have been an important part of my healing journey. It is a bit of a work in progress, rather than instant gratification. Also, it is not always easy to navigate, which was part of my motivation to create these spoken word recordings. I believe many would benefit from positive affirmations on acceptance and forgiveness, whenever you may need some additional support and guidance.

Positive affirmations work best with repetition, and it can take some time for their positive effects to be felt and integrated. Depending on what you are experiencing in your life, you may like to listen to these daily or a few times a week. I have created this audio recording with accompanying relaxation music, but you may prefer to create your own affirmations to suit your needs.

My latest release ‘Positive Affirmations for Acceptance & Forgiveness’ is available for free on YouTube. However, if you wish to support the creation of more content like this, they are also available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon.

Brad is an intuitive writer, channel, spiritual and meditation teacher and recording artist. He is passionate about writing and producing guided meditations to aid relaxation, healing and spiritual growth.

By Brad Austen © 2023.

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