1. Brad

    Article Positive Affirmations for Acceptance & Forgiveness by Brad Austen

    In my personal experience, I’ve found accepting a person or circumstance is a bit easier than forgiving someone that has hurt me. However, when you decide to forgive someone, you set the wheels in motion towards your own healing journey. Forgiveness is more about you and your healing journey...
  2. Brad

    Article Choosing Acceptance and Forgiveness by Brad Austen

    In life there are many experiences and events that are outside of our control. For example, our upbringing, being laid off from a job, or a relationship break down. Life is full of challenges for all of us. Something I have found helpful is taking a step back and accepting whatever situation I...
  3. Laron

    Successful and Unsuccessful People

    What do you think? This seems accurate to me based on my experience in life and intuitive feelings around each remark.
  4. Laron

    Event Group Distant Healing: Forgive & Let Go | Weekend: September 8, 2018

    I recently posted a thread with the above quote. This is one of the most powerful understandings and concepts when it comes to healing your self. At some point during this session of sending and/or receiving healing for those that participate, think about those in your life who you may still...
  5. Laron

    When you forgive you heal, when you let go you grow

    While easily said, there's a lot more to this, but it's something for the reader to investigate further and to remember as they travel through life.
  6. Laron

    Remote Group Healing (Forgiveness) I Weekend of the 3rd of June, 2017

    I wrote about forgiveness a few days back in this article here. For this healing session, lets recite the Buddhist prayer on forgiveness which I included in that article, but lets also put in the intention to help all of those in the group to forgive. My suggestion is to shift through your...
  7. Laron

    A Method Of Forgiveness Using A Buddhist Prayer

    laron submitted a new article. A Method Of Forgiveness Using A Buddhist Prayer Forgiveness can take place via a wide range of methods and choices, but why should we forgive? How does that help us? Take a moment to read this Buddhist prayer below — don’t rush through, be gentle with yourself as...
  8. Stargazer

    George Anderson's "Life Between Heaven and Earth"

    I just finished reading George Anderson's newest book (2016), "Life Between Heaven and Earth", and I'm in absolute awe at the healing nature of this work. Yes, it's the usual glimpse at the Spirit World and messages from Loved Ones who have passed over, but I feel it's even more about...