positive affirmations

  1. Brad

    Article Some Positive Affirmations & Guided Meditations by Brad Austen

    With everything happening in our world, it can certainly be a challenge to remain positive and optimistic. I created these positive affirmations and guided meditations for those times when we need a little boost and support. Some Positive Affirmations for Mental Health and Wellness Some...
  2. Brad

    Article Some Benefits of Guided Meditation and Positive Affirmations

    If you are new to meditation, or curious about what it has to offer, guided meditation can be a good place to start your journey. If you are more experienced in meditation, guided meditation can still be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. There are many benefits to practicing meditation...
  3. Brad

    Article We Are All Spiritual Warriors in an Epic Battle Between Light and Dark by Brad Austen

    Believe it or not, we all put our hands up to be here at this time on Earth. We were also deemed strong enough to endure duality and all that life on Earth entails; a battle between light and dark. Many people worldwide are feeling angry, frustrated and powerless as the dark ones play out their...