1. Brad

    Article Some Positive Affirmations & Guided Meditations by Brad Austen

    With everything happening in our world, it can certainly be a challenge to remain positive and optimistic. I created these positive affirmations and guided meditations for those times when we need a little boost and support. Some Positive Affirmations for Mental Health and Wellness Some...
  2. Brad

    Article Life's Work — Finding Your Highest Joy by Brad Austen

    I used to think that 'work' had to be hard, taxing and unpleasant — a form of slavery on planet Earth. Over time, as I grew in awareness, I modified my view to frame work as my life's contribution towards serving others. This idea has expanded again, to think of 'work' as finding my highest joy...
  3. Laron

    Event Infinite Life Force: Reduce stress and supercharge your energy to thrive

    I was recently invited to speak at this free virtual retreat featuring five teachers. Experience what it’s like to reduce stress effectively with strategies that go beyond the usual sleep, diet and exercise, and how you can supercharge your energy to thrive. I invite you to sign up for a free...
  4. Brad

    Article Some Benefits of Guided Meditation and Positive Affirmations

    If you are new to meditation, or curious about what it has to offer, guided meditation can be a good place to start your journey. If you are more experienced in meditation, guided meditation can still be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. There are many benefits to practicing meditation...
  5. Brad

    Article Violet Light Meditation By Brad Austen

    Many people around the world are feeling frustrated, confused and angry about the lockdowns and the situation on the planet. If you are a light worker or simply want to help in some way during these times, then this meditation may inspire you during your quiet times and meditation. The...
  6. Brad

    Article We Are All Spiritual Warriors in an Epic Battle Between Light and Dark by Brad Austen

    Believe it or not, we all put our hands up to be here at this time on Earth. We were also deemed strong enough to endure duality and all that life on Earth entails; a battle between light and dark. Many people worldwide are feeling angry, frustrated and powerless as the dark ones play out their...
  7. Brad

    Article Choosing Acceptance and Forgiveness by Brad Austen

    In life there are many experiences and events that are outside of our control. For example, our upbringing, being laid off from a job, or a relationship break down. Life is full of challenges for all of us. Something I have found helpful is taking a step back and accepting whatever situation I...
  8. Brad

    Activating a Crystal for Healing - by Brad Austen

    Meditating with crystals can bring a whole new dimension to the practice of meditation. Crystals can greatly enhance the energy of your intent, whether it is to connect with your spirit guides, raise your vibration, psychic protection or to aid healing. The crystal kingdom has a consciousness...
  9. Brad

    Article Free Guided Meditations - by Brad Austen

    If you are new to meditation or enjoy listening to guided meditations, I have a new meditation freebies page on my website. Meditation has many benefits including reduced blood pressure and heart rate, reduced stress and anxiety, a greater sense of peace and connection with your spiritual self...
  10. Brad

    Article A Meditation for Transmuting the Collective Fear and Uncertainty of the Coronavirus - By Brad Austen

    Close your eyes, and take a couple slow, deep breaths. Go inward in your awareness and just allow your body to relax. If there are any tight areas in your body, breathe into those areas and as you breathe out, allow the muscles to unwind and let go. Spent as much time as you need, until you feel...
  11. mcassidyspencer

    April 4 2020- Mass meditation

    Hey everyone :) I wanted to post this message that I’ve been seeing across social media. I wanted to get all of your opinions on it and see if you all have heard about this? I hope you all are having a great day from where you are in this crazy world <3 Ascension Timeline Meditation URGENT...
  12. therium

    Meditating with my gold rock

    I have this rock I found at a mine I went to in South Carolina months ago. We really wanted to find amethyst at this mine but we only found some small pieces of various types of quartz. Then I found this brown rock. When I was at the mine something told me to keep it. It was unattractive...
  13. Linda

    David Topi Explains the Use of Synchronicities, Pendulums, Automatic Writing and More

    This is an unusual thread because I'm directing the readers to a recent article from David Topi. He shares great info about these subjects, and I want to be sure people see this thread because we've talked about these subjects in other places. This is a one-off, and this type of directing post...
  14. Brad

    Article Meditation/Prayer for Australia

    I felt guided to write this meditation/prayer to help the highest outcome to occur with the horrific wildfires burning across Australia. Feel free to modify this meditation to suit your beliefs and use this as a guideline. What are important are your intent and the light to help strengthen the...
  15. Laron

    How do you avoid over-thinking?

    This comes from the Online Counselling College: How to avoid over-thinking: 1. When you feel bogged down and you can’t clear your mind, do something physical or get some exercise. 2. Set a time limit for your “thinking time” then make yourself move on to...
  16. Laron

    Things I Worry About

    Source image: This image says it all. We tend to get stuck in our mind a great deal, and depending on the astrological situation, our mind can create chaos for us. It really does help to train the mind through meditation and being in the now as much as...
  17. transients

    5 Surprisingly Meditative Activities you can do at Home submitted a new article Click here to continue reading the entire article.
  18. Laron

    A Passage From Self-Unfoldment by Disciplines of Realization

    "Man’s internal environment is as yet imperfectly controlled by will and consciousness. It is, therefore, erratic and inconstant. The imperfections of this lower self impede the flow of energy from the spiritual nature. The purpose of self-discipline is to order and reform the lower self that it...
  19. Brad

    Anxiety and Depression: A Sign of the Times?

    Brad submitted a new article Continue to read the full article on
  20. Linda

    Multiverse Sound Meditation - Tom Kenyon

    Just got this notice from Tom and Judy The Multiverse Sound Meditation is an echo of the previous sound meditation (Spatial Cognizance). And by working with the meditation in the manner described below it will allow you to explore expanded states of being and deep insight into the nature of...