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  1. Laron

    Article Aquarius Age, New Earth, Reincarnation Trap, In-Between Lives | QHHT Summary

    Via My client Lynnette Duncan from Oregon, USA, who’s a life purpose astrologer, energy and ascension coach, and spiritual strategist ( [127k+ followers],, had a hypnotherapy based past life regression session...
  2. Laron


    Posted August 8, 2021
  3. Laron

    Article Machu Picchu Lemurian Rescue, Hollow Earth Mantids & The Consciousness Shift

    I conducted a hypnotherapy based past life regression session with my client in New Zealand on the 3rd of August, 2021. She gave permission to share parts of the session with everyone. Open this video on YouTube by clicking here. You can also find this video on Bitchute here. And don’t forge...
  4. Laron

    Article D’day, August 15-16 | Clif High’s Wooplosion

    In Clif High’s latest video, he does an update on the shift going on with humanity right now. I've made notes of the important points he brings up. The video is underneath that. “The powers that be lie about everything — everything.” The peak he talked about in an earlier video is about to...
  5. Laron

    Article Where is the World Heading? A QHHT Session Summary by Laron

    Via Last Wednesday I completed a past life regression hypnosis session (QHHT) with a friend, which was her fourth session with me (‘Rhea’). We dedicated a good portion of the session to questions relating to the global situation that Earth and its inhabitants are going through with the...
  6. Laron

    Who Remembers the Yellow Sun?

    Great update by Ben Davidson on the magnetic pole reversal situation and how the changing color of the sun relates.
  7. Laron

    Quick Look at Dr. Reiner Fullmich's Legal Case Against CDC, WHO and the Davos Group

    I uploaded this to my Telegram before as I don't have an original source since it was a forwarded message, but it has some great information. See my caption below. You need to have the Telegram app or desktop software installed to view it, which you can find here:
  8. Laron

    You have to be emotionally strong because it's getting real

    Ralph Smart gives a 22 minute talk (July 11) about our times and tells us we need to be emotionally strong right now because of what is to come, and what people are waking up to just now. Ralph's YouTube channel, Infinite Waters (Diving Deep), has 1.92 million subscribers.
  9. Laron

    A Possible Solar Kill Shot on the Far Side of the Sun

    Climate change and space weather expert Ben Davidson just reported that a possible solar kill shot took place on the far side of the Sun, which was about 26 hours ago. (This was not Earth facing as it was the far side of the sun, for all those that may consider this post to create fear.) But the...
  10. Laron

    Depopulation, the Cabal & the Slave Race | Clif High’s ‘Hello’ Woo Video

    Posted a couple a days ago on Clif High’s BitChute channel is his latest video discussion. He starts off talking about the origin of the word ‘Hello’, which ties back into aliens and how aliens created us. He then gets into who is in control in the world, the powers that be, or also known as the...
  11. Laron

    Higher Self Message For Light Workers from QHHT Yesterday

    Yesterday I conducted a QHHT (past life regression) session with a friend. There was quite a bit of information relating directly to what’s going on in the world just now. The plandemic; vaccines; reptilian influence/control over our lives; a Life in Lemuria during the last cycle that is very...
  12. Laron

    Earth's Magnetic Shift | S0 News Nov.29.2020

    Our internet based expert on space weather, the magnetic pole shift, earth changes, and a few other things, has done an update today on what is going on with the pole shift. He also reminds us how the geomagnetic field is weakening as part of this natural cycle (all connected into the precession...
  13. Laron

    James Gilliland's Talk On Current Events (As You Wish Talk Radio - BOOM)

    James Gilliland talks about a number of current events on "As You Wish Talk Radio" in this one hour YouTube video below, which was uploaded on the weekend. Gilliland is a best-selling author, internationally known lecturer, minister, counselor, multiple Near Death Experiencer and contactee...
  14. David Topi

    Article A Story About the Human Race, Earth & the Fate of the Galaxy (Part 4)

    As it had happened with the transformation of the troodon into the manu, perhaps, what no race knew, or knew much later, is that Eur, Durán and Umar once again gave the go-ahead for the transformation of the manu into lhulu, and the cross with the manu without having to say anything or give...
  15. Laron

    The Great Awakening

    Watch this and then feel free to discuss. Mark talks about a coming shift in relation to the impact COVID-19 has had on us and how that's affected the entire world in some way, and that this is all about the fight between the dark and the light with the cabal trying to stop the ship from...
  16. Laron

    Article Global Coastal Event Update 2020

    For all those people that followed the information from the webbot and Clif High, many years ago now, and who may not be keeping up to date with his updates, I’m touching on what the Global Costal Event (GCE) was all about in the end, as it is real and is happening right now. Originally Clif...
  17. David Topi

    Article COVID Egregor: Canceling the Negative Psychological Processes

    The tiredness accumulated by humanity throughout the pandemic that has been active for so many months in all countries, and at all levels of reality, is being noticed at the etheric and mental level with the emergence of huge energy pockets associated with trauma, exhaustion and all kinds of...
  18. Laron

    A QHHT PLR Session on the Reptilians (Conducted by Laron)

    Yesterday I conducted a past life regression (#QHHT) which had a strong focus on the Reptilian influence and control over Earth. These are challenging times for many people globally, and there is reasons for that. We visited the leader of the group of Reptilians directly involved with the...
  19. David Topi

    Article Opening the Separation Barrier Between Timeline 33 & 42

    As many of you know, almost a year and a half ago a "barrier" was installed to separate timeline 33 from timeline 42, at the intermediate levels of the etheric and mental plane of the structure of our planet. With this macro barrier, in January last year the cross-line passage was closed to help...
  20. David Topi

    Article The Origin of Numbers & Their Connection To Planes & Energy Structures (Part 2)

    Since numbers are representations of conscious energy fields, as we have said in the previous article, and are necessary to create and amalgamate, build and form everything else, there are connections of those numerical energy fields with any lattice that forms any structure, dimension or plane...