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  1. Laron

    The End of Woo by Clif High (webbot)

    This is an interesting update Clif just posted, covering the upcoming release of UFO information from the US Government. But this time, it's actually going to have great ramifications for people and does change things. He calls it the end of woo because woo becomes more mainstream...
  2. Laron

    "Sun Woo" Clif High Video Update on COVID and the Vaccines

    Clif High talks about the sun disease, which is webbot language from many years ago, in relation to COVID, climate change, the mini ice age starting up, and a few other things. But half way through this video he gets into teaching us all about coronavirus. He's studied up on virology and he...
  3. Laron

    Clif High Webbot Update on Byzantine Empire & Energies from Space (Biden, Trump, National Guard, etc.)

    Yesterday the webbot’s Clif High put out a 15 minute YouTube video titled, Modern Byzantine Empire update. What he’s really referring to is the situation going on in the USA with Trump/Biden, the National Guard occupation of Washington DC, and all that of course relates to the good (Trump) vs...
  4. Laron

    Clif High's Opinion on Simon Parkes & Penny Kelly (Trump & QAnon Situation)

    Clif high (webbot co creator — posted this video today providing his opinion on the recent information coming out from Simon Parkes and Penny Kelly in regards to the ongoing goings on with Trump and QAnon. Note that Clif doesn't hold back... and because of the...
  5. Laron

    Clif High (webbot) tweets about the COVID vaccine and masks

    They may ban his twitter, so I'm doing screen captures: A
  6. Laron

    Article Global Coastal Event Update 2020

    For all those people that followed the information from the webbot and Clif High, many years ago now, and who may not be keeping up to date with his updates, I’m touching on what the Global Costal Event (GCE) was all about in the end, as it is real and is happening right now. Originally Clif...
  7. Laron

    Article COVID-19, Comet ATLAS & the Global Coastal Event

    History shows us that comets are portents—"a sign, token, omen; monster, monstrosity," the word dating back to Middle French from the 1560s. On December the 28th last year, Comet ATLAS was first sighted and has since been the brightest comet in 2020 so far, currently with a brightness magnitude...
  8. Laron

    Webbot’s Clif High "Critical Thinking” (Coronavirus: New World, Priorities, Planning, Projections)

    Here is a new video Clif High just posted on YouTube a few hours back, covering the situation with coronavirus from the direction of critical thinking. It's main topics are: what the new world will be like what our priorities should be what we should plan for and projections for the future...
  9. Bill

    'Red Pill' time - Clif's Dec 2017 Report - The Soaring 20's

    Clif High released his latest report on 23-December. It outlines expected events over the next three years and then delves more deeply into the crytpo currency space and how it fits with other larger trends. The thrust of which is a world full of change in replacing old systems with new ones. By...
  10. Bill

    Promoted Clif's latest (Nov 2017) - It's about to get wild!

    Regular readers of this forum may recall that Clif (Clif High at said a couple of months ago that he no longer intends to publish his monthly ALTA report (aka Webbot reports) which, based on his predictive linguistics methodology, provided future forecasts of what may be...
  11. Bill

    Global Consciousness Shift from C60

    Once a month Clif High and a couple of others do a "Three Amigos" video and touch on a wide range of subjects. There is a link below to their most recent video posted 25-Sept-2017. While Clif goes into some details about what is going on in the crypto space, one of the other quite interesting...
  12. Bill

    Final Full Webbot Report - Sept 2017

    Clif has produced his final, full webbot (ALTA) report. He provides his perspective in the snippet below from this last full report: Addendum: With respect... We will not be continuing the ALTA reports. After 20+ years of this work, while now facing the demands of relocating our household...
  13. Stargazer

    Cliff High:

    Sorry, I misspelled "Clif". I wasn't sure where to post this, but thought those seeking information on "The Shift" would appreciate this the most, since the focus seems to be on the coming "Golden Age" and a smooth transition to an entirely new system (or set of systems). The perspective that...
  14. Bill

    Clif - no reports until Sept

    FYI. Clif tweeted the following this morning: Ack! Likely no reports til end of September. Have bought a new house! We are moving! OH, the HORROR! 30years to clean up first!
  15. Bill

    Clif - defers new reports until Sept.

    FYI. Clif tweeted the following this morning: Ack! Likely no reports til end of September. Have bought a new house! We are moving! OH, the HORROR! 30years to clean up first!
  16. Bill

    Webbot Update - May 2017

    I've been remiss in posting for some time. Lots of travel for work and some "technical difficulties" (since resolved) have been keeping me away. Clif released his May 2017 webbot report on 24-April. He felt the need to get it out a bit early as lot of things were/are happening. I encourage...
  17. Bill

    March 2017 Webbot Report - Watch This Space

    Clif posted the March 2017 Webbot (AKA Alta) report earlier this week (1-March). I have a bit of a dilemma reporting on it this month. In his Twitter feed subsequent to posting Clif explained that the growing sharing and reposting of the webbot data is now causing him difficulties in processing...
  18. Stargazer

    SGT Report: Clif High Interview 2/19/2017

    Another great new interview of Clif High on the SGT Report. Topics include: Bitcoin, Silver, Gold prices, etc. Pizzagate/Pedogate Clinton/Trump Differences Elite Bloodlines/Ancient Earth History Secret Space Program Cabal collapse Reverse-Engineering and new technology Disclosure/UFO...
  19. Bill

    Feb 2017 Webbot Report - Stoke It!

    Clif released the February 2017 Webbot (aka, ALTA) report on Feb 1. There is so much info in his reports it makes it challenging to summarize and no way can I touch on all the topics he addresses. I do encourage you to acquire his monthly reports from if you can afford it...