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QHHT & Past Life Regression
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Jul 19, 2016
Nelson, New Zealand
Via Here in Motueka, New Zealand, my QHHT client had a past life regression session over four and a half hours a few days ago, helping her to clear obstacles and empowering her to achieve her life purpose.

With a breathing issue limiting oxygen through the nasal passage, regular anxiety, stress and lacking in confidence, as well as distrust with people and potential partners, she was also looking for answers on her life purpose, her desire to become an airline pilot and if that was the correct path, her pull to live in New Zealand even though she was from another country, and a few other personal questions.

She had a detailed past life, met with a guide who took her to a space she was encouraged to use for meditation, healing and manifestation in the future, a key childhood memory, and then I brought in her higher self which helped with additional healing and information.

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She initially had concerns around not being able to get anything to come through. After I did the induction and process to bring in information, which is always guided by our higher selves and is never random, she found herself in nothingness. She had some strong feelings arise as I worked with her, asking a series of questions to help her not just open up and let go, but to bring in the information that related to her situation in life.

After about five minutes, she suddenly found herself as a male fighter pilot, in his 30s around 1940. Wearing a parachute and a strange uniform that she kept remarking on, she was flying somewhere over the Pacific, returning to base after a mission. “I’m nothing compared to him,” she said, in reference to her current experience as a trainee pilot.

She connected right into his feelings and mindset, picking up on how calm, clear and experienced he was. She felt his confidence, how everything was under control, stress free. “He is the plane”, she said, “It’s his happy place.” The pilot returned to an aerodrome base, landing. She commented on how he’d done this so many times before.

Next she saw him at Christmas, with family gathering around, then onto a time when he was older, in his 40s, as the captain of a commercial airline with a co-pilot beside him. The view outside was breath-taking with mountains peaks above clouds and a beautiful sunset. She really tapped into the detail here. “I feel completely free and safe. I’m one with the plane. The wings are my arms.” She mentioned how much clarity she had as this person, with no confusion and no distractions, even though there was a lot going on in the cockpit and cabin.

Then she was older, getting married as ‘Peter’, to his wife. There was an ocean view, an archway with around fifty people gathered. A coral reef and lagoon was nearby. It was French Polynesia, an island in the South Pacific. Feelings came forth around the connection she shared, which included relying on each other, joy and happiness. Back in the room, she’d been on her own for five years after a toxic relationship, which she’d attracted as a result of childhood trauma that she hadn’t healed. Having this experience with her partner in this life, partly helped her situation around her distrust. She also felt a sense of connection with these islands. She’d flown over them many times in this lifetime.

Instead of moving into the future, she found herself as Peter in his High School years, as he was at home studying. He felt alone, with cold parents, and anxiety. There was a lack of connection with people. At this age she felt he had a lot of ambition, even though he didn’t have a desire to be a pilot just now. There was no encouragement by his parents with anything, and he felt very different from other people. No siblings. This situation was very similar to her current life.

Moving ahead, she then found herself as Peter in his older years, retired, living with his wife and looking out at a garden from within their home. He was very happy and content, with no regrets. She felt into his accomplishments, such as moving on from piloting to teaching others in the aviation industry. Some of these feelings that came up would later relate to her own, in her future, and gave her the understanding and confidence around her path ahead. He passed in his bed in his 80s, with his wife nearby.

I need to point out that she was deeply connected to this life — this man at important times — picking up on specific feelings that were the opposite of her current life situation, as she lacked confidence, clarity and so on, so this helped her see what was possible, but also what it would be like in the future to achieve her goals. This was very valuable to her.

From a clinical hypnosis perspective, a method is to guide someone into a space where they bring in such feelings and grab onto them to help them manifest and achieve their goals. In this session it was even more powerful because of connecting into the lifetime and living certain parts of it in a more direct way.

After her death she found herself in a wide open expanse of white space. She wasn’t getting much here so I asked her guide to come forth. It did. It appeared as a shadow, which sometimes occurs. Guides can appear as any shape or form they want, and often it’s something that will fit into the client’s belief system and understanding, and not so much about what they actually look like there on a regular basis.

I asked a few questions here, not too many, and gained some answers around why this life was important to see. Basically, it was about her confidence in herself, her anxiety, her health issues and showing her she was on the right path with her desire to become a pilot. I then asked the guide to take her somewhere that would be helpful and the guide did just that.

She found herself levitating, with her guide, above mountains, around two thousand meters up. It felt familiar to her but she didn’t recall where it was. Her guide explained the importance of her using this space in the future for meditation, to help her continue healing, and a few other things including finding peace.

I then shifted her on to another space, and it was a memory from childhood. While quite personal, she was around the age of ten, with her family and one of her parents was basically treating her in a way that was the origin of her anxiety, confidence issues, distrust in partners and people, and which had gone on to cause her breathing problems. We didn’t have to relive the exact memory of that mistreatment through what came up, but she knew that it was like a staging area to when the parent would do that to her.

I called in her higher self, getting it to speak through her in the trance state. I immediately asked about this memory from childhood, how it related to her, asked for healing and so on. I asked about the first life, got onto her questions and brought her out.

As we talked after the session, she told me she didn’t expect to go so deep and was surprised at the outcome. She’d had clinical hypnosis many years ago, and hadn’t felt it had worked that well. Being trained in clinical hypnosis, I could relate as we had discussed this before the session. She’d had four sessions to address her anxiety — it helped for a few weeks but after that her anxiety increased over the years.

A lot of the time we already know what we are meant to be doing and our higher self is already guiding us, but we don’t realise it’s there and think it’s just us, alone. We therefore strongly doubt ourselves and need further information and validation. She was heading in the right direction, she was meant to be a pilot, as the session confirmed this. She found healing with these health and mental issues which were holding her back, getting in the way of her training as a pilot. She also found ways to continue her healing process, such as using that space within meditation.

Dolores Cannon, a pioneer in past life regression and author of around twenty books, taught me all of her training in person, in Melbourne, Australia back in 2011 before she passed on. While I offer QHHT in person (Nelson, NZ) I also offer past life regression online which is a combination of methods, from QHHT, to Michael Newton's LBL (life between lives) and more. I'm also trained in clinical hypnotherapy. For a free Zoom consult and/or to schedule a session, here here,

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