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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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As the Full Moon approaches which is due in 3 days, and will fall at 13 18 degrees SagittariUS, (very near to my own Moon), we can all expect a little more activity than usual and a sense of excitement or anticipation, as our minds soar high around this time of year.
I hope you all realise by now the Moon is more powerful before the event energy wise even moreso than on the day in most instances unlike a New Moon that has its strong effect ON the day and just after. But with both they draw in the energies of the aspects happening near the exact date. And there have been, and are still some interesting and strong effects happening.

This Moon rules the hips/sciatic nerve thighs and the band around the hip level of our body, plus liver , also triggering the Gemini parts such as chest, arms, fingers in some cases, respiratory system.
Full Moons can bring out health issues to heal anyway.

Yesterday Uranus at 20 degrees Taurus was conjunct to Vesta reminding us to work with the changes around us which at times take us completely by surprise especially lately, also this aspect works with the new technology coming in that is a shock to our senses in general, and reminds us to keep bringing out our own unique gifts that come from eons ago which ever dimensional reality or planet we lived on.

Pluto in Aquarius is triggering our own individuality continually now , although as explained in the last post there are a few more challenges to face before we can reap the best rewards of the same when he moves back through Capricorn for a few months from 11th June.
Uranus/Vesta yesterday has also brought a need to strengthen our boundaries on all levels for our own health and wellbeing especially anyone with planets or points near that degree and I can think of a few I know with this degree prominent.

Our inner flame of divinity is strong when Vesta is triggered this way and Uranus brings some extra sparkling around our auras!
The Sun was also quintile Neptune which I felt strongly in a comforting way to remind me and others that no matter what life has in store for us – we are pure spirit , functioning on many different levels of “being”.

I love the quintiles that empower and enhance our lives.

Today as the Gibbous Moon phase begins its time to become more organised, to integrate and plan, make finishing touches as the Moon begins to come to maximum light.

Today Jupiter is conjunct the North Node, which is of the nature of Jupiter as it happens. This is a destiny effect for many, of the best kind even if we feel a sense of expansion around us beyond our deepest imaginings. This aspect , if we are in the right frame of mind can take us to places we have not been before, to other planes of being and some of us could have difficulty assimilating what we sense and see as its often hard to come back to the reality of the still mainly 3 dimensional world when we climb to high.
Speaking of which there are some of us that are experiencing many more other worldly energies and sounds too than ever before.) I am sure Venus OOB is helping with this being all about sound and touch , highly sensitive too whilst in Cancer.

But back to Jupiter and the Node, people you meet today or interact with even remotely, things that happen, really are for a greater purpose than they appear and should have a lasting effect on your life, or in this time frame as the Full Moon approaches. The effect could already have happened and not just to Taureans or Sagittarians although Jupiter does rule the Full Moon coming so Sagi types are in focus. This aspect happens at 3 degrees Taurus.

Chariklo is also at under focus today as she stations before going Rx in Aquarius 13 degrees..Chariklo was Chirons wife, a mermaid and friend of Pallas Athene. Her key words are compassion, prophecy, personal boundaries . Her meanings relate to Pisces and Virgo and are very much in tune with the other planets mentioned , especially so the Uranus/Vesta energy as Uranus is the ruler of the sign Chariklo is currently transiting through.

Her station point enables us to tune into her loving compassion and her far seeing as well, giving us a chance to process the impressions of the last days and weeks as this is a combination of critical thinking and intuition, healing on all levels of being.

This station point is also sextile to the Full Moon degree so she will be with us through the highs and lows of the coming days.

Tomorrow Mars will quincunx Saturn, Leo to Pisces which can be an annoying aspect but one we can work with if we feel a bit stuck, as it is slightly confrontational, and in this case ego could vie with spirit for some, others may have an axe to grind due to repressed feelings even abandonment issues, as the Moon is now in Scorpio.
But help is on the way as the following day Venus will trine Neptune – the most spiritual of all aspects I always think, apart from Jupiter/Neptune which is much more rare.
Venus will be 27 Cancer and Neptune 27 Pisces so there will be a really spiritual flow as we enter into the Full Moon energy.

Chariklo also features on the day of the Full Moon having contact with Mars so this seems to bring a healing energy to the Mars/Saturn aspect if it brings any stuck places before the event.

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