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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

On yesterdays Apogee Moon there were heightened reactions and events world wide I noticed, the sort of announcements that trigger knee jerk reactions in many people which I have been anticipating and preparing for, this last week to ten days.

I've felt changes coming deep down and seeing it all around me.

Jupiter in Taurus is definitely like a "cat amongst pigeons", but thank goodness for the Taurean groundedness of it all as if he was still in Aries, heaven help us.

The Apogee Moon was accompanied by some big EQS in various parts of the world over these last few days, and with Venus sextile to Uranus yesterday from Cancer to Taurus around 20 degrees there was a lot of drive towards freedom of expression and acceptance of new ideas filtering into our lives that are taking some digesting by many. This also reminds us that we are all still human needing to be heard and to gain approval.

However some of us may not feel heard, and there is a new division coming up which I have anticipated and that we must be prepared for. It will be a little similar to the last few years where some chose to accept new science and others did not , with good reason in that instance once we researched facts and used free will which is our God given right BUT there were repercussions and punishment.

A similar scenario is beginning, only involving different people and different motives so again there could be a great division as many will see only the negatives, not the positives .
At the same time Governments are stepping up their next stage of the WEF or U N Agenda 21/30, call it what you will as its one and the same.

This is all due to Pluto having entered Aquarius in March when I wrote about the new technology coming in – much of it medical , as well as other areas of the more positive kind for the human race and our planet , but the problem lies in the various governing systems so when Pluto moves back into the Government and “old patriarchal rules and systems” sign of Capricorn.( every sign has the lower and higher octave) some pressures come back to consider, and work with, reject or accept.
Pluto re-enters Capricorn on the 11th June until January of 2024, and of course it wont be all negative as we get a chance to go over old ground and be reminded of what needs to change and stand up for the same.

In two days time the Sun will square Saturn which appears to be in effect already drawn by the Apogee Moon effect. This will happen at almost 7 degrees Gemini and Pisces.

The effect for most of us will be a realising that the old system is not entirely gone yet which will definitely create some fear in some quarters, but that will only be in those who are already prone to fear or negativity which is not surprising with all we have been through.

As this centres around Gemini which is media and communication I anticipate a few more rules with media in general, censuring too , and also with something called “hate speech” a bill passed in many countries which disguises a chance to control us more, and which I saw in NZ already this last week. This was after a racial incident in Australia when an aboriginal man speaking out for his people was attacked on media but the speech itself he made was removed from FB in this country on my personal page – several times in fact.

There was Gov censoring due to the new hate speech law here so maybe it was about certain words or maybe about the fact this man had spoken out against certain traditions from an old hierarchy where the native people during colonisation were treated so bady.

So Sun square Saturn could bring any of that and already is and the main message here is about our voice and how we use it which of course means ALSO in writing on social media.

We DO need to give all the different parts of self a “voice “ too , including our intuition – our inner voice and listen to those messages within (Pisces), use our intuition and think of the repercussions on different dimensional levels.

Then we can use critical thinking in the right way and not judge too soon as this is an aspect of self- discipline as well as a global effect of Gov rules and censuring.

As we advance towards a higher dimensional reality there is going to be much more to digest but FEAR will not help you , rather TRUST in the human spirit and as my father always quoted "there is nothing so bad as thinking makes it so". And that was a long time ago

When I was young and learning about various systems of belief including Buddhism two of my greatest teachers Lobsang Rampa and Paramahansa Yogananda wrote of science and spirituality, stating there will come a time in the Golden age when these will merge as true science and is part of the same.
Carl Sagan said “SCIENCE IS NOT ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH SPIRITUALITY; IT IS A PROFOUND SOURCE OF SPIRITUALITY " and I do agree with this although like many of you I do not like some of what science does but that is due to those behind it rather than the pure sciences referred to.

Even Astrology is a science and I had to prove it to myself before I accepted it as I am a critical thinker from way back. I had to be with my strong Virgo father who was a school teacher and at times a hard taskmaster being also MY teacher for a few years.

DO NOT FEAR these new concepts which are not new at all but rather FEAR THOSE WHO USE IT WRONGLY for their own ends.
Trust in your own co-creator powers to bring about a world free from this fear and control, call it evil if you will, that has permeated throughout society these last three years so much more strongly than ever before.

Be your SOVEREIGN SELF, and say NO if you want to but do not fear inanimate things unless they are powered by humans that do not have our best interests at heart but only their own.

We need to make sure we not vote people into power who want to control us, nor encourage any world org that does the same.
We every day humans outnumber any Gov or power and outrank them by spiritual integrity. Believe in THAT and do not be a sheep when it comes to choosing who has power over a country and therefore us.!

We are in a time of changing energies and still to a large degree in a 3 dimensional world, but we and our planet are moving higher and when we do there will be a blend of the old natural ways and some mind blowing new technology (new to us that is) that will merge us with the stars and beyond.

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