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Laron January 20/21st, Mars in Taurus Conjunction to Uranus in Taurus (rare) 2 161 Read more
Janne Article Sun into Aquarius, then let the games begin, as Mars conjuncts Uranus tomorrow. 0 113 Read more
Laron Article Loss of a Child, Spirit Guides, Eczema & Healing | QHHT Session Summary 0 158 Read more
David Topi Article Desynchronization of the Evolutionary Timeline Biorhythms & Increasing the Separation of Realities 1 156 Read more
Janne Article Very important New Moon that heralds a highly transitional period to come. 6 266 Read more
Laron Higher Self Message For Light Workers from QHHT Yesterday 0 240 Read more
Janne Article Mercury into Aquarius & Venus into Capricorn 0 134 Read more
David Topi Article Chinese Calendar: The Evolutionary Biorhythm & "Sacred Plot" of Humanity 1 159 Read more
Janne Article Mars into Taurus as Mercury returns from OOB 1 128 Read more
Maryann Article Boom: Nine's Path Pleiadian Tarot 2 147 Read more
David Topi Article Difference Between “Sub-Lanes” & “Sub-Levels” of the Timelines 1 171 Read more
Janne Article Happy New Year for 2021! 3 210 Read more
Laron Event Remote Group Healing (New Year Integration): Weekend of Jan 2, 2021 14 376 Read more
Janne Article The Cancerian Full Moon heralds in 2021 16 911 Read more
Maryann Article The Secret Key Is Revealed: Pleiadian Tarot 1 145 Read more
Janne Article Venus conjuncts the Great Attractor 8 358 Read more
Laron Article Humanity's Reptilian Influence & Energetic Attachments (QHHT Session) 13 1,070 Read more
Janne Article Solstice & the Great Conjunction fired by Eris 0 117 Read more
Maryann Article A Right Turn toward Tomorrow: Pleiadian Tarot 3 170 Read more
David Topi Article Restoring the "Evolutionary Purpose" of Humanity & the Collective Unconscious Engine 3 192 Read more
Laron JP Sears Receives a Facebook Content Ban Warning & Apologises 10 343 Read more
Janne Article Jupiter moves into Aquarius to join Saturn 2 141 Read more
Laron Coronavirus Vaccines & My Understandings (share your viewpoint here) 0 170 Read more
Laron How through medical science, human DNA is genetically modified 0 173 Read more
Laron Uluru Ceremony & December 21Jupiter & Saturn’s Great Conjunction 34 2,196 Read more
David Topi Article Global Geopolitical & Economic Analysis (Dec 2020) 0 135 Read more
Janne Article Total Solar eclipse & Mercury OOB 4 188 Read more
David Topi Article Control System Organizational Changes & Structure of Power Levels 6–10 0 166 Read more
Laron Former Israeli Space Security Chief Says a Galactic Federation (aliens) Exist (& Trump is aware) 1 245 Read more
David Topi Article Planetary Ecosystem: Biosphere Recovery – Guides Taking Care of the Flora 5 315 Read more