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Jul 23, 2016
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Psychic Reading by Lynn White on Why is Trump Pushing "The Thing"

This is very confusing for many people. Many looked at him as a way to finally get relief and bring injustices to light, but he is only one person with a decades of an evil army against him. The agendas at play aren't in their infancy, they have been slowly working for a LONG time.

T did try to wake people, and did a good job making people question things. He was outspoken and tried to not be controlled. He was cautious to avoid a "blackmail" situation (I get one of the reasons he does not drink alcohol and is mindful what people hand him in social situations). He knows first hand what these people are capable of because he ran in some of the same circles before he broke (somewhat) free.

As I think on T and try to get clarification as to why he would push "the thing" I first hear "he is human like everyone else." People have to some degree idolized him, but he has to play the game to some extent. He tried to expose things, but hit road block after road block. Even with the 2020 "counts" he tried to sue, and was stopped there too.

I see that he had to regroup and try a new tactics. He needed to be very mindful in the process. The Powers That Were would love nothing more than to arrest or punish him for the setbacks he created. When this "bug" was released and he worked with big pharma I do get he had to sign some kind of document that aligned with the immunity big pharma got in exchange for the release of the "shot." The real truth is blocked and documents/deals were worked, so he cannot say they are unsafe...... yet.

He also knows he or a member of his family will be participating in the 2024 election. He is towing the line by being cautious not to incriminate himself while buying time until he can gain enough support and legal backing to REALLY speak out.

This is somewhat a patience game, but at the same time people need to come together and also fight for what they think is right. This will take an army and not just one man. It is almost like the whole world needs to rise together to defeat these monsters, and slowly we will get there.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Love and light.

Source:- https://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2021/12/why-is-trump-pushing-thing.html
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Jul 21, 2016
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Maryann shared a couple of days ago some info on Trumps motivation that she got from her team.

Last night, I asked my team about what we saw in the Candace Owens interview. This is what they said:

"He is sowing doubt so you won't pin him as a savior. He will not save you from your fear. This is not his job. He will create doubt so you (collectively) will let go of your god-complex regarding him. He will create a new system where vaccine is part of medical history. He knows what the vax is doing to people but he wants to help you find your savior in yourself. Those who die from the vax die because they are lopsided. You are lopsided when you have the makeup of human with the mode of light meddling with your code that creates the host environment for death. Not all who are vaxed will die. Those who die would not withstand what is coming. Those who are vaxed who do not die will suffer a little and revert to human after what is coming has come to pass... Those who have been vaxed who are of lopsided coding will survive until a great blast of energy drives them mad. The people who are vaxed will only die if they would otherwise be unable to survive that."
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