1. Laron

    The "World Government Summit" in Dubai (NWO no longer conspiracy)

    Glenn Beck covers this event, which is basically confirmation to the world that the NWO is real along with agenda 21/30. It's not a conspiracy now... Glenn Beck: "Times are changing fast. But you don't have to take my word for it. The 2022 World Government Summit kicked off in Dubai earlier...
  2. Laron

    Holding the Line at Camp Freedom, Wellington, New Zealand

    I’ve spent about a day putting this one hour video together, which is a documentary of sorts. On February 10, 2022, protesters standing on Parliament lawn near the Beehive in Wellington, New Zealand, were surrounded by hundreds of police. From about 8:30am until around 4:30pm, the police...
  3. Laron

    Police Report Filed Against NZ Prime Minister (Jacinda Ardern) and Deputy PM

    In Taumarunui, New Zealand, Ann Tweedie has filed evidence with police to support a summons to arrest the New Zealand Prime Minister and deputy PM, Grant Robertson, for murder and crimes against humanity. She’s also included a number of clotjab centers — also responsible for the genocide taking...
  4. Laron

    Vaccine Injury: What Tests Should I Order?

    This is a recommended read by the admin of the Health Forum New Zealand FB group, which is a very large group playing a major role in trying to stop the tyranny, but also help people going through adverse reactions to the COVID vaccines as they have so many reports in the group. Article by Gary...
  5. Laron

    New Zealand COVID Restrictions (Jan, 2022)

    For those who haven’t been keeping up to date with what’s going on in New Zealand, since December 3, we can no longer do the following without taking the lethal clotshot and providing a passport: • get a drivers licence • attend University • go to a library • enter a Vet to help your sick...
  6. Laron

    Why Is Trump Supporting the Vaccines? (Clif High Responds)

    Here's a fifteen minute clip by the webbot's Clif High, discussing his personal view on why President Trump publicly supports the vaccines — or is he?
  7. Laron

    Plandemic: People Waking Up

    I've come across a few videos recently of people sharing their stories indicating that more and more people are either dying or getting quite severe COVID vaccine damage. Here's a few below and feel free to return here and post anything you come across.
  8. Laron

    Australian Army Transfers COVID-Positive To Quarantine Camps

    Australian Army Begins Transferring COVID-Positive Cases, Contacts To Quarantine Camps "The Australian army has begun forcibly removing residents in the Northern Territories to the Howard Springs quarantine camp located in Darwin, after nine new Covid-19 cases were identified in the community...
  9. Laron

    TradeMe Listing: Jacinda Ardern Mask

    Do you want to be the object and desire of failed New Zealand D-list tv show hosts (until they meet the Brazilian babysitter that is)? Would you love to feel what it’s like to take a one way power trip to a dystopian destination of your choice? No MIQ necessary! Do you seemingly hate the...
  10. Laron

    Sacked Waldorf Steiner Teachers Sing At The Lotus Heart

    The Lotus Heart, Christchurch, New Zealand There was a gathering of teachers at the Lotus Heart restaurant in Christchurch, New Zealand, on Monday—those who had lost their jobs from refusing the experimental vaccine. Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner teachers were singing to teachers from other schools...
  11. Laron

    Open Letter to the People of New Zealand

    Via Off the Beaten Path: We are standing on the edge of a precipice. And every decision you make from this moment forward will count in either pushing us off or pulling us back. New Zealand is facing the greatest threat to her people and her Sovereignty that we have ever seen in our young...
  12. Laron

    The Marburg Virus

    This message below is making the rounds on Facebook messenger and Telegram. I don't know who the source is. Ladies and Gents. I’d like you to emotionally and spiritually prepare for what is about to unfold here on Earth. The next Plandemic is going to be the Marburg virus. This is a...
  13. Laron

    Should Pregnant Women Get the Pfizer Vaccine?

    In this video Renee talks about the decision pregnant women have to make in New Zealand whether to take the COVID mRNA vaccine, or not, and her journey of personal research on this topic. She mentions how she called the Ministry of Health in NZ, talked to a manager and they said that they...
  14. Laron

    Lawyer Sue Grey's Vaccine Damage Letter to the New Zealand Government

    Here's an email that lawyer Sue Grey sent to the New Zealand Prime Minister and other Government officials two days ago in relation to the damage the COVID vaccines are doing here in New Zealand. This is an excellent summary of what's going on, but of course there's much more involved but when...
  15. Laron

    COVID Vaccine Cuts People Off Spiritually | A Personal Experience

    Here's a post by 'ccatcal' from reddit which you can find here. "I don't know how else to put this. I had my second dose of Pfizer two weeks ago and I've become convinced there is something in these vaccines that cuts people off from spirit. I think so they can stop some kind of ascension...
  16. Laron

    A Kiwi in Tokyo Shares Her Thoughts on the Plandemic

    Here’s the opinion of a kiwi from Dunedin, who’s been living in Tokyo, Japan, during this plandemic. It’s from the Kiwis United 2.0 Facebook page. "I want to tell you about where I live because it's one of those places that makes a mockery of the entire pandemic narrative. Here, it's impossible...
  17. Laron

    Hospitals Filling with COVID Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

    This experience by a resident in the Hunter Region, NSW, Australia, is about her visit to a Newcastle trauma hospital which was full of COVID vaccine injuries. From what she could tell, including information from medical staff, no one had COVID. She witnessed people dying from the jab in front...
  18. Laron

    US Marine's Message to Australians

    This US marine sends a message to Australians. He says that the Americans see the atrocities, tyranny and civil liberties being chopped away by the Australian Government. He says the Government is in line with big pharma and will stop at nothing to force the tyranny. "This is not just about the...
  19. Laron

    Tradies & Other Protests in Melbourne, Australia

    The state of Victoria, in Australia, just made it a mandate for all construction workers to get the COVID vaccine by September 23. Over the past couple of days, half a thousand tradies have gathered in protest outside CFMEU headquarters in Melbourne in protest. The Construction, Forestry...
  20. Laron

    AU Government Forcing Vaccine On Aboriginals

    This lady speaks on behalf of a friend who’s had a 30 year career as a nurse and is about to quit because of the vaccine mandate and because she cannot deal with the pressure and coercion, and more so she can’t deal with the fact that deaths from the vaccines are being covered up in hospitals...