What Are False Awakenings? They’re Opportunities For Spiritual Growth (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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laron submitted a new article.

What Are False Awakenings? They’re Opportunities For Spiritual Growth
(Laron) On occasion we may be dreaming and in that dream we find ourselves waking up in our bed; peculiar things might begin to manifest, hinting that we are not actually awake, but still in the dream state — this is a false awakening.

This may not be the only dream within a dream, as then we may just wake up again but find we are still dreaming.

Why does this happen?

Similar to reality checks, techniques you can use in everyday life on a very regular basis to train your mind and consciousness to become aware in dreams, a dream within a dream is an opportunity to embrace.

I have had this and many other interesting things happen in dreams, including spontaneous astral projection. I view false awakenings from two angles.

One is that it’s a side effect of spiritual growth,...
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