What Are False Awakenings? They’re Opportunities For Spiritual Growth

Written by Laron and Sinera: A look into why we wake up in dreams, but also how to take advantage of those moments.


(Laron) On occasion we may be dreaming and in that dream we find ourselves waking up in our bed; peculiar things might begin to manifest, hinting that we are not actually awake, but still in the dream state — this is a false awakening.

This may not be the only dream within a dream, as then we may just wake up again but find we are still dreaming.

Why does this happen?

Similar to reality checks, techniques you can use in everyday life on a very regular basis to train your mind and consciousness to become aware in dreams, a dream within a dream is an opportunity to embrace.

I have had this and many other interesting things happen in dreams, including spontaneous astral projection. I view false awakenings from two angles.

One is that it’s a side effect of spiritual growth, which can result from a range of activities that you might be involved in, such as mediation, a somatic therapy, energy work, dream journaling, astral projection techniques, ego work, and so on.

The second is that this is an indicator, or flashing beacon, to you — you’re not only ready to leave your dreams and project out of body, but this experience can provide insight into the state and growth of your consciousness; it can mean you are at an important point on the spiritual journey.

Journal Entry

(Sinera) False awakenings were common for me during my earlier and busier projection and dream journaling years.

It happened once or twice, that I got up from bed, thinking what a cool dream or even lucid projection I had and that I needed to write it all down. Then I couldn’t find the papers to write on. After a while they materialized. I then somehow noted I was still in a dream trying to memorize and document the one before it.

Also, it happened often that I would wake up when I noticed the light switches did not function properly — this is a frequent reality check recommended for lucid dreamers.

A very early experience happened to me as a traveler in a hotel in London in 2003. Here’s the original copy from my online journal. For those who don’t know yet by my misleading avatar/nick, I’m a man in this life, just in case the electric razor, so important to this experience, should make you wonder or even startle a little :

First “False Awakening”: London Hotel (The Plug)

February 11, 2003.

I had just checked in late that day in a London hotel on my company’s account. I was very nervous and had my alarm clock set several times. I did not want to miss the start and to be too late in the office the next morning. It was my first time in our English subsidiary then. I somehow had a feeling, or anxiety, that I might miss it by oversleeping because I would not hear the alarm clock or it would have been forgotten to be set.

During the night in that bed I woke up (for real) several times and checked if the alarm clock really was set with the little button pulled out. It was. So I went to sleep again.

The next morning the alarm clock went off and I was happy that I did not miss it. I got up and was busy immediately. I put on my clothes. I reflected a bit on the day ahead. I might have eaten something (not too sure). I went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth. I washed myself. Then I decided to have an electric shave. I fetched my electric razor from my bag and went back to the bathroom. All was business as usual. I might also have checked the clock again to make sure I was not too late. In the bathroom I was about to put the cable and plug into the socket. It was a European socket.

Wait a minute! This is not possible. Why is that? I’m in England, they have three slots, not two holes like we have, and the plug’s form is different. Why is it European/German? And I have bought an adapter even.

This is what was to be expected actually:

False Awakening - power point

That woke me up. I glanced at the alarm clock, afraid that I might have missed the right time. But it was just a few minutes early, a few minutes (or even one? not sure anymore) before the alarm would have gone off to awake me. Another possibility is that the timer indeed DID go off and woke me (I do not remember this clearly), but my realization that something wasn’t right was definitely the thing that woke me up anyway, in the dream.

What To Do When Conscious

(Laron) So what do you do when you become conscious in a dream so that you can leave the dream? The first problem here is that you need repetition to to train your mind and consciousness to do what you want to do, otherwise you will forget easily when the moment happens.

There are many techniques and methods to leave a dream and project out, but it’s best to focus on one so that you can then remember to use that one, otherwise if your mind is scattered on many, that may make it difficult to recall what to do.

You may not realize that you can command yourself to do something, rather than actually physically doing it, while in a dream or out of body.

One thing you can say in your mind is, “next level now”. The intention here is to move up to another plane, realm, frequency, dimension — your understanding of what you are saying is somewhat important, as what you want to achieve is to shift away from the dream state to a higher level from where you are, in terms of frequency.

We exist here in a dense physical frequency, based within our dimension, even though the dreams happen outside of the third dimension, that is only the beginning of many other locales.

Don’t let the up and down or high and low become too ingrained into your being, as we can also go inside ourselves to reach the ultimate destination, so this is really about human understandings. Have an open mind about these concepts and commands.

Another command you can use to bring clarity to your situation, both before and after you go to another “level”, or space, is “awareness now”, and/or, “clarity now.” This will instantly bring a clearer picture of your experience and provide more control for what you want to do.

If you feel you’re ready, you can also use “higher self now.” This may just take you to your source, but sometimes we need help to get there, and we need to reach a stage of spiritual growth before that is possible, but if you are at this point and understanding of how to get there, it’s certainly possible for you to go there. One of the ultimate destinations with out of body travel is your higher self.

It’s important to use out of body experiences for spiritual growth, but reaching your source can bring you a feeling and sense that you will never get anywhere else, it can refresh your soul and remind you of certain things to make it easier with continuing on with your “mission” back on Earth.

For other methods you can use the same techniques that you may have learnt for projecting out of body when you are awake, and/or in deeper states of awareness before falling asleep. There are many authors who have mastered out of body travel and provide techniques in their published work, such as Robert Bruce in Astral Dynamics and William Buhlman in, The Secret of the Soul, and Adventures Beyond the Body.

So the next time you have a false awakening, remember all of this, as you can take control and help to further your growth while incarnated down here in your physical body.


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