Adult Supervision... Forecasts for October 2016 Through January 2027 | ALTA Webbot Report (1 Viewer)

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laron submitted a new article.

Adult Supervision... Forecasts for October 2016 Through January 2027 | ALTA Webbot Report

While one future timeline showed that the webbot would cease to be able to produce enough data for Clif High to run his reports for the public, that timeline is not the one we are in right now. Why? See my old article, The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift, for some insight.

Today Clif continues to demonstrate the high accuracy and on-going hits, based on the information that the webbot software and database accumulates.

At the beginning of October, this current month, Clif High released his latest ALTA report, Adult Supervision. You can find the report for purchase on his site...
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Thanks for including the comment from Bill. The butterfly analogy has been with me a lot lately (the Joey/Butterfly video from the other day was a good example). I find I can get caught up in the nightmare that is the current USA Corp. election and how horrible each candidate appears on the surface and the damage that they could cause. However, when I play the "movie" all the way through, I realize that all the little caterpillar "cells" are running around screaming about the sky falling and the rest of us imaginal "cells" know that everything is unfolding just as it should. Might be uncomfortable but the chrysalis is breaking through...Yay!

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