The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift

An article of mine from 2014 that provides information supporting the possibility that time was stretched and manipulated to delay the shift in consciousness.


Back in 2014 I found some information that formed a pattern, indicating that somehow time was being manipulated because of so many reliable psychics getting things wrong, but also based on my own feelings and intuition. I wrote up this long article below and posted it back then. It was well received with over twenty thousand views.

If you missed it, it is still relevant and a fascinating read. I have modified the introduction below, done some editing and added a few extra things with this version.

Within this article I present a bunch of information which goes to show that time has very like been manipulated on purpose, to slow down the ascension process of this plane over the past year (2013-2014); in-turn a series of events that were most likely meant to have occurred in early 2013, now seem to be occurring, but in a more drawn-out way.

As for who or what group of individuals, and/or beings, are behind this — that may never be known. As to why they did this, I will say the why ties directly into the period of time right now that the Earth and its inhabitants, the solar system, and possibly even the universe, are going through, based upon such theories which have come under many different names, such as the new earth, the event, the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, the shift in consciousness, the ascension of the earth, the global coastal event, the gathering, the time of transition,  the golden age, and many others.

My understanding is that each of these are simply angles looking in on the exact same picture.

Time and Future Forecasting

What is time to you? It passes us by as we live our earthly lives and succumb to lessons learnt from daily experiences played out. Albert Einstein once said, “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” It has been theorised by many that everything has already happened which has occurred within our future, present and past.

Albert Einstein believed in an undivided solid reality. He rejected the theory that the separation we experience is a moment of now. He believed there is no true division between past and future, there is rather a single existence.

Then if that is so, how can the many methods of future forecasting still not reach a 100% accuracy if all events and situations in time have already manifested?

The Stretching of Time and the Imminent ShiftWhen future forecasting methods are used, the information that is being looked in upon — also sometimes referred to as the akashic records — is based upon probabilities within that moment of time that the information is being accessed.

We have free will within our earthly existence here, including the Earth herself, as I believe the Earth also has a consciousness. Those that interact with us, whether they may be ET based within our physical universe, or higher dimensionally based entities outside of our physical universe, must come under the same free will based law. So the future can never be predicted with 100% accuracy as situations do and can change here, and around the Earth plane.

It has also been theorised that every decision we could possibly make in relation to each and every one of us individually, is actually played out in another version of existence. In simplistic terms, if there was a choice involved with our actions, a copy is made of the world with all those on it within that moment, and then played out without us even being aware.

And yes, we are also there, and here; we exist simultaneously. This can be a hard concept to understand, let alone accept.

What this means is that not only do future predicting methods have to deal with tapping into the probabilities of what may happen in the future, based upon when they look into the future, and free will, but they also have to deal with multiple realities and timelines.

They may get information showing the outcome of an event within a different reality / timeline, based upon the theory that every decision made is played out, as there is a vast amount of possible realities to connect into. The individual looking in also has to of course deal with possible distortion and interference of the information from their own mind, based on the individuals make-up and state of being in that moment.

But there are many factors at play here as there are beings who have the responsibility to act as gatekeepers to the information about the future, which is being accessed. Then there are also others involved such as guides or even ET beings, depending on the method in use, and if the individual is a volunteer soul or an earth based soul. All of those beings do try and assist the individual back here looking into the information, depending on the method being used.

I have also come to the understanding that sometimes we are told a certain something, based on what we need to know in that moment, in connection to our soul contract and path in life, and that of others if the information does not remain private. This can actually mean that not everything we are told is completely accurate.

The Beginning

What I am trying to say here is that people should not jump to conclusions and say, OK, its June 26, June 27, etc, and nothing has happened. In my eyes, I have a decent understanding of the nature of time around future predictions and to me, it doesn’t lessen the chance of the events happening simply because they haven’t happened yet. When I see all these temporal markers falling around this GCE prediction, temporal markers which were within the same data set back in 2003 which the GCE showed up in, this really adds towards the likelihood that the rest of that dataset is going to come true at some point.” — Laron, 27th of May, 2013

The first signs of the situation surrounding a possible time intrusion or manipulation of time occurred back in March 2013 based upon information Clif High reported showing up in the webbot data. The information showed that around early March there had been some kind of temporal intrusion in time.

Months passed by and Clif didn’t mention this again, from what I know of, until this year (2014) in February, where he detected a similar event once again. He said that he had noticed side effects as a result of this temporal intrusion in time.

Let’s take a step back; the only reason I was following the webbot was because of the Global Coastal Event prediction. Around 2010, after extensive research into the 2012 phenomenon for about six years on and off, I had come to the conclusion that there was a high chance that major earth change events were going to occur in relation to it. I had calculated the time period would most likely be the months of April or May, 2013, while factoring in the eclipses as a rough target date. I didn’t expect anything to occur in December of 2012 from all the research I did. When taking into consideration the metaphysical angle, I concluded the major earth change period to be directly related to the spiritual shift as well.

There is a lot more going on when looking in at this period of time esoterically and scientifically, but I am just getting more directly to the point here as I don’t want to delve down into such detail for the purpose of this article.

Something I observed over the years is that a lot of people, including many authors, thought the Galactic Alignment actually happened in December, 2012, when in fact it happened back in 1998. I was surprised so many got this wrong as a lot of hype was built up around this time period based upon that incorrect fact. The actual period of the Galactic Alignment window is from 1980 to 2016, with 1998 being the actual alignment as seen in the image below.

The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift 2012 alignment
Image Credit: John Major Jekins

Near the end of 2012 I ran into Clif High and the webbot. I had heard of it before but I had never actually investigated it in detail, or read any predictions, as my research was primarily based upon many books I had obtained over the years, not any material off of the internet.

I started following every single Wujo that Clif High released from then on in, as well as every interview and report. I purchased each and every IDIR that came out in 2013 and closely followed each prediction based on what came up in the media online. I put together a very detailed summary of the Global Coastal Event on transients, which I updated with new information I ran into on a regular basis.

Each week from January up until June of 2013, Clif High would release an Immediacy Data Intelligence Report. These were very detailed webbot audio reports that discussed predictions which would occur, from up to 3 days to a month or so out from the date of release. Based upon the constant run of hits (successful predictions), I found the reports to be very accurate and this added to my belief that there was a good chance that certain earth change events were going to occur in and around May, 2013.

Back in April 2013 I would have given the GCE (Global Coastal Event) a 60-70% chance of occurring. That is how sure I was — I am a very reasonable and careful person that doesn’t just jump in on anything and belief it. I also had an intuitive feeling about it all as well.

While the IDIR’s were accurate, there were some predictions that did not manifest and therefore fell through, or only started to manifest and not complete fully.

Based upon some of the other reports that Clif High released, such as The Shape of Things to Come and Temporal Markers for 2013, while the year went by in 2013 leading up to May, again, some key events did not manifest which should have, if the actual Global Coastal Event was to occur more fully.

But there was enough evidence to show that it may still occur back then, based upon not only the high accuracy of the IDIR’s, but predictions of other sensitive’s out there who shared their information on the internet. Here are a few of those sources below.

-Courtney Brown’s remote viewing climate change study predicted a similar series of earth changes around the same time that the Global Coastal Event was said to occur

-Psychic Medium Jessica Caracciolo also validated language that was within the GCE, such as a series of ‘fireworks effect‘ type events involving earthquakes all around the world and spirit ships along coastlines

-Climate Risk Scientist Doctor Simon Atkins, who later became a friend of mine as he caught up with me a few times in Sydney late last year, also predicted a major tsunami type event in the North Atlantic for the same time period. He did a couple of Fox News segments talking about the event, with millions of viewers. He had successfully predicted the situation with DA14 and a possible broken off piece that flew over Russia, which was also reported on Fox news earlier in the year. Simon is also a psychic, not just a scientist, as he had done some readings for me.

The video showing the meteor above Russia, most likely being shot down by a craft or weapon in February 2013. I consider this one of the best video based evidence out there, going towards ET technology existing.

-A person contacted me in early May 2013, who had a source in the US Department of Homeland Security that also predicted an event similar to language within the Global Coastal Event, specifically around a major tsunami threat. Because of who the person was that contacted me, which I validated, I found this to be a credible lead and posted this article about it. So even the DHS may have been expecting an event in 2013.

-Around the 28th of March 2013, Russian Military Scientists released a bulletin that said “the earthquakes being caused by the massive anticyclone are destabilizing the Eurasian and North American Plates causing a sort of “chain reaction effect” which will ultimately manifest in the rupturing of the Pacific Plate. The webbot language specifically states that a pacific plate crack rupture is likely involved within the actual GCE. American Scientists also confirmed what the Russian’s had found. With the anticyclone mention, they were referring to the initial collapse of the polar vortex which I reported on back at that time. That was a strong IDIR hit which was predicted by the webbot — the polar vortex collapse — but it never fully manifested until this year. And I believe this to be as a result of the time manipulation.
While about 40-50% of the language of the Global Coastal Event was fulfilled when June of 2013 was fulfilled, the major events some of us were expecting did not occur, such as the series of global earthquakes, major energy intrusions from space that would likely impact the electrical grid, possible tsunami’s as a result of the quakes or from the movement of ice at the south pole, and the possible rupture of the pacific plate, among other things.

So there I was in June last year left wondering what had actually happened and how all these sources could be so wrong, considering the success of many other predictions the webbot served up and yet certain events did not manifest.

Back then in June I had a strong intuitive feeling that ‘something had changed’. They are the words I remember thinking and saying to a few people.

…some rules based upon these earth changing predictions, may be broken from our understanding of the way future predicting events occur, because of this being a very unique period in time in relation to the dimensional, DNA and consciousness changes going on.” — Laron, 27th of May, 2013

I just felt that something was not right, and that it wasn’t simply an inaccuracy within so many sources saying a similar thing, but it was more like something had stepped in to stop specific events from occurring and that they were likely to occur at some point. Now, with this article that I have put together, I am explaining a possible theory as to why these events may not have occurred back then because of time possibly being manipulated, or at least stretched out and delayed.

The Webbot Intrusion

If you are not aware of what the webbot is then let me give it an introduction. The webbot is a series of over 100 executable applications which act like internet spiders. They search the internet for information that has been added by anyone and anything, and that information is gathered back in a database that Clif High and Igor, his assistant, maintain. Then the information is analysed and patterns of information are then found which are formed into reports that Clif High creates and interprets. These reports are where the forecasts of the webbot predictions come from.

I will go ahead and assume that these webbot spiders do not just collect everything. They would be programmed to ignore certain websites and certain information, as their purpose is to pick up information that is based upon future predictions. Dreams premonitions, remote viewing, psychic readings, astrology forecasts, future lives through past life regression, channelled information, and so on, are all discussed and shared on the internet.

Back on the 5th of March, 2013, Clif High released an audio recording, known as a ‘Wujo’ in the webbot community. He talked about a number of topics, but one thing he mentioned that really got my attention back then was the information he, and others, had discovered around a temporal time intrusion.

Within this Wujo he explained that there are currently around 10 other systems on the internet similar to the webbot that are active. Clif High went on to say that there were three others within the same business as him — that of future predicting — that also noticed this temporal time intrusion, and it appeared to all of them on the same day.

He had a lot of trouble explaining this issue, where normally he would jump right in with his explanation without a pause, yet this time around (no pun intended), he paused many times and considered how to explain the exact details and what he should reveal to the public.

At the end of this Wujo he was lost for words as he continued to fixate on what actually occurred.

Clif said that between the four of them, they had about twenty items in their data sets and each and every item in the collective set among them went towards the support of a central idea that something occurred in time within the first week of February. Clif guessed that it could be a situation of an intrusion in time, such as if a time traveller popped into time from a distant future, and that the being is likely very complex compared to the nature of reality in our time. Because of the complexity of that being, time had to adapt when it came through in order to be able to support that entity within our matrix.

Clif also mentioned some physical evidence to back up the information the four of them noticed. Out of the four, three had wounds on their physical bodies in the early part of February. In two cases out of the three, the temporal alteration, wrinkle, hiccup — whatever it was — caused the wounds to reverse the healing processes in a weird way.

He gave the example that if he had a very large and painful burn on his palm, it was healing very fast, and on a particular day it suddenly jumped back to a pre-stage in the healing process, like it looked several days before. So it was back at a bad state without him having done anything, such as re-injuring it.

Another example would be a situation where one had a wound and it had stitches, and while watching it the holes where the stitches had been healed up, and the skin repaired itself on the spot. The wound would then look like it had never occurred.

He said that these two examples are aspects of duality and that they represent a good construct of the 20 items the four of them had identified together, and showed them something had impacted time.

Clif gave another example around the theory he had about a being entering our timeline. He said that a being in a temporal level far ahead of ours with a greater complexity may have used a device, or whatever means, to insert themselves back in our time and for that level of complexity to exist back here in our time period, all of reality must change spreading out from a nexus point of that complexity in order to accommodate that complexity without a temporal disruption of some significant size.

He said that our space and time would have to have opened up a bit to accommodate a time traveller that is a very complex being, vibrating at a higher frequency. So a ripple goes out through space time from the nexus of that being showing up here, and the examples of the injuries mentioned before came as a result of that, from being in contact with that ripple in time.

Adding to that, Clif said that back around that time period in February, he had been contacted by people in the psychic line of work and they were also of the opinion that something had changed.

They could not confirm if anything intruded into the timeline, such as a time traveller, but between the four of them, their basic conclusion on what occurred was that time had been altered and that a ripple moved through.

Clif mentioned that none of the four of them had seen this event in their data, as in they could not therefore predict it to occur, and that it just happened.

Of the three others involved in future forecasting, two alternative explanations were discussed for this temporal incursion. One said that it could be a similar situation to what happened with the Philadelphia Experiment. The other explanation is that it could be related to a large UFO appearing.

The Philadelphia Experiment was a military experiment that is said to have been carried out by the U.S. Navy at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sometime around October, 1943.

Within the first experiment, the USS Eldridge is said to have been rendered almost completely invisible, with some witnesses reporting a “greenish fog” appearing in its place. It’s said that when the ship reappeared, some sailors were embedded in the metal structures of the ship and others went ‘completely bananas’.

With the second experiment that was conducted, the USS Eldridge not only became invisible, but she physically vanished from the area in a flash of blue light and teleported to Norfolk, Virginia, over 200 miles (320 km) away. It is claimed that the USS Eldridge sat for some time in full view of men aboard the ship SS Andrew Furuseth, whereupon the Eldridge vanished from their sight, and then reappeared in Philadelphia at the site it had originally occupied. It was also said that the warship went approximately 10 seconds back in time.

Clif High also told his listeners that he was totally fascinated with the temporal time occurrence and it was the first thing he thought about in the mornings when he woke up, back then. From what I have got from Clif, which is a lot, he always has an explanation no matter what the issue is, and those explanations are very intelligently thought out. But in this case, I felt he was taking guesses based upon the limited information he had.

Time Is Speeding Up

Back to time, it has also been theorised that time is speeding up in. This is of course very hard to prove scientifically, as the devices used to prove the point are also within the sped up time, and therefore cannot measure it.

I believe the speeding up of time, as we come closer to the pinnacle of this ascension based process, is unrelated to the manipulation of time that I am presenting information about, but I will quickly explain the general idea around why it is speeding up.

Based upon Einstein’s theory of special relativity, and general relativity, time is relative. He proved that the closer an object comes to the speed of light, the slower time passes. What this means is that the opposite must be true. If our speed is decreasing, then time must be speeding up.

Gregg Braden, an American author of New Age literature, who wrote about the 2012 phenomenon where he claimed that the magnetic polarity of the earth was about to reverse, says that the rotation of the Earth is slowing down, and time is speeding up. Braden’s research and evidence comes from his assertions around the Schumann Resonance.

These frequencies, the Schumann Resonances, were first documented as a global electromagnetic resonance by Nikola Tesla in 1899, but later on, in the year 1952, the resonances had further research conducted on them by the German physicist Winfried Schumann. It was decided that they be named after him.

I believe at this time, it was not understood or generally recognised that Nikola Tesla was the first to discover them.

The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift schumann resonance ionosphere cavity
Schumann Resonances in earth-ionosphere cavity. –

What are they? Radiation from the sun ionizes part of the earth’s atmosphere and forms a conductive plasma layer, the ionosphere. The ionosphere surrounding our planet is positively charged relative to the earth’s surface, which carries a negative charge. This creates an electrical tension within the space between the earth and ionosphere. Every second, there are about 1000 lightning storms worldwide, which help to excite the Schumann Resonances.

Schumann Resonances occur because the earth’s conductive surface and the lower boundary of the conductive ionosphere, are separated by a cavity of non-conducting air that is acting as a wave-guide. The resonant frequencies of the earth-ionosphere cavity are in the ultralow frequency range (ULF) and extremely low frequency range (ELF).

The Schumann Resonance can also be thought of as the heartbeat of the Earth.

In the 1950’s when the Schumann Resonance was discovered, it was recorded to be an average of 7.83 Hz. It has been noted that since 1980, the Schumann Resonance average started to increase. Back in 2013, according to Swedish and Russian researchers says Gregg Braden, it has risen to over a 12 Hertz average.

What this means to us is that an average 24 hour day is now feeling like a 16 hour day.

Animation of Schumann resonance in Earth’s atmosphere.

Gregg Braden has said that when the Schumann Resonance hits an average of 13 Hertz, time will speed up to infinity. In other words, this would probably mark the transitional moment of the shift in consciousness and the pinnacle moment of all the theories out there discussing this similar ascension based process.

Gregg Braden also went on to explain that our DNA is being modified because of the Schumann Resonance changes.

Schumann Resonance & Human Brainwaves

When Schumann first published his research, the similarity of the 7.8-hertz earth resonance and the rhythms of human brainwaves, were quickly realized.

Herbert König, who became Schumann’s successor at Munich University, later demonstrated a correlation between Schumann Resonances and brain rhythms. The results showed that variations in the Schumann Resonance correlate with human EEG rhythms and make any absorption of the Schuman Resonances signal into the brains an action that is detected by corresponding sensory organs.

Studies have shown that solar or geomagnetic activity alters the human Melatonin level and that the resonances directly relate to human and animal health and wellness.

Historical events like war, social unrest, military events and acts of terrorism can be correlated with the solar cycles based upon the impact these cycles have on the Schumann resonances.

Solar-Geomagnetic Activity induced changes in the Schumann Resonance signal intensity alters the Melatonin levels. Because of Melatonin’s vital role in the daily rhythm, all major organs have Melatonin receptors.

   Therefore a factor that alters human Melatonin secretion can influence almost every vital organ, especially the brain, heart, central nervous system and reproductive system. Melatonin is also the body’s most potent antioxidant. Hence reduced Melatonin leads to more oxidative free radical cellular damage, leading to cancer and premature aging through enhanced apoptosis (programmed cell death). In neurological activity, altered Melatonin is related to depression and suicide and increased circulatory stress leading to strokes (cerebrovascular mortality).”— Dr. Neil Cherrys paper ‘Schumann Resonance and Sunspot Relations to Human Health Effects in Thailand’ from 2002

As you can see, the solar activity seems to play a major part with what goes on, here on Earth. It impacts the Schumann Resonance which seems to be directly related, from a scientific perspective, to the time and vibrational changes occurring on Earth as well as to how we act with our decision making, and also impacts our health.

It has been said that the geoengineering activities going on around the planet may relate to the purpose of slowing down this ascension based process and when we take into consideration the Schuman Resonance, geoengineering could have a realistic impact on the Schumann Resonance, such as slowing down the average hertz of the resonances over a long period of time, impacting what seems to be a natural process. This process being what connects up to the vibrational and ascension changes, which in turn is raising and shifting our consciousness.

If there was a group out there that didn’t want this change to occur, for us to reach the 13 Hertz and pinnacle moment within the ascension shifting consciousness process, for whatever motives they may have around that, they may try to stop and delay the process through trying to slow down time directly, as a last resort.

Time is Elastic

While writing up this article I decided to keep a few subjects out, such as string theory and quantum mechanics to name a few, as this became rather long; but I will go into the theory around time being elastic. This is required to be understood as it could relate to what may have occurred with time over the past year.

The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift Albert EinsteinThe time dilation factor theory says that the faster you go, the slower time gets for you, because of the fact that time is elastic and relative, not constant. “Time is not absolutely defined,” said Einstein in his theory of special relativity.

Time is said to be elastic and that it can be stretched, resulting in a time-stretch phenomenon.

This was originally based upon what Albert Einstein had theorised with general relativity. Einstein tried to explain how time and space are connected and that this space-time could be stretched and shrunk. The method for stretching and shrinking time is very simple — all you have to do is move very fast. This theory, called the time dilation factor theory, has been tested extensively.

Back in May, 2011, NASA confirmed that this time dilation factor theory of Einstein’s was true after the space agency’s orbiting Gravity Probe B mission was completed. This mission confirmed not one, but two of relativity’s predictions. It only took 51 years and three-quarters of a billion US dollars to do it.

The time is elastic theory is also said to be the only workable scientific model that can define time travel. So the fact that this theory has been confirmed, could go towards time travel being possible.

The ‘time is elastic’ theory also explains the colliding of realities at the same time which is said to perhaps also be occurring during this vibrational increase and shift in consciousness time period we are reaching.

It has been theorised that an increase in déjà vu could come as a result of when time has been stretched, or impacted in some way. Back in February this year, I had a discussion with about six friends of mine who had all noticed an increase in the number of déjà vu experiences. I had been having these more frequently over the past year as well.

So there are a few possibilities here that could explain what may have occurred with time over the past year, based upon the science behind how time works which I have explained above. But first, let’s look at some additional information in relation to the events which have occurred recently, that goes towards why I and others noticed this possible time issue.

The Webbot Predictions

I mentioned earlier that some predictions from within the webbot from the weekly IDIR’s to other webbot reports failed to begin, or even fully manifest if they had begun. Well, since January 2014 we are seeing them manifest now, just like if a flood gate was opened, releasing the missing temporal markers and precursors as well as the rest of the predictions that never showed up back in early 2013.

I am not closely keeping an eye on every single prediction as I did last year, but since about mid-February I have been going through a number of IDIR reports all over again and looking out for predicted events in the world. It’s also not just me doing this as there are others involved that are reporting back to me from time to time.

Below I have quoted a small number of a long list of IDIR webbot predictions that have been manifesting this year, about +1 year on from when they were meant to manifest.

Here is a very good example of one in relation to the US dollar. Back on the 5th of April, 2013, Clif High released the weeks IDIR which contained this forecast below. This situation is manifesting right now.

“…globally there will be an economic realignment. a clustering of economic power around a russian china alliance. minions in US will be impacted by whole sale abandonment of dollar. the world will go to chinese gold and oil and yuan. russian china new economic system puts pressures on us minions who will have lots of bad problems week after week. massively higher oil prices. hyperinflation to us dollar.

You have probably heard of all the media reports of those in the financial world, specifically the J.P Morgan based financial staff who have either been murdered or have taken their own lives. This is a prediction from long back in the webbot ALTA reports and was included in a few IDIR reports from last year.

Also, death of the ‘banksters’ webbot forecast preceded the death of the dollar prediction which was not only in the IDIR’s last year, as a time frame, but in older ALTA reports as well, alongside the ‘bankster’ deaths.

Within the webbot report, Shape of Things to Come, released on the 30th of September 2012, there is mention of the ‘Israeli mistake’ forecast. This is meant to proceed the Global Coastal Event. I believe this is in direct relation to the recent events occurring in Israel with the closure of the embassies worldwide and the foreign ministry’s workers committee declaring a strike. Israel has also increased threats against Iran, along with the news that their military budget is planned for this purpose. They also recently attacked Syria (March 24th).

Additionally to the above, Yoichi Shimatsu, a Hong Kong-based science writer, former editor of The Japan Times Weekly and a founding faculty member of journalism schools in Hong Kong and Beijing, connected Israel into a recent article he wrote, around the missing Malaysian flight MH370. If they had involvement, then that may be a real mistake.

While the ‘Israeli mistake’ situation is manifesting now, it definitely isn’t completed yet. What I am pointing out here is this March 21 webbot IDIR prediction from last year, which I consider directly related to a number of the events around the date mentioned.

Talk showing of a serious problem in Israel. This is a temporal marker with state issues to happen at the same time.” (Rough notes from the IDIR)

I am quoting below an email exchange that took place on January the 22nd, 2014. The person I am in contact with, ‘Wherami’, is a regular visitor and commenter on (He is also now a moderator on our Roundtable Forum (2016)) and is one of my sources that I mentioned earlier who has also been monitoring the webbot IDIR predictions made last year, and continues to monitor them as we head into the remainder of 2014.

Wherami – “listening to IDIR for jan 24th last year was seriously prescient for this year with the weather and the disease. All of his stuff on food impacts and food shortages is even more real this year. its like this was a multi year view and it gets worse each year.

Makes me wonder was he off a year or did something change? Did Time skip a year and pause and not go forward as it was supposed to and now it is? or as wth a lot of his stuff he sees large meme’s and last year was the beginning of it but this year is really filling out that meme even more.

Laron – “Yeah I know what you mean. The thought has came up for me a few times over the last few weeks. Hearing from you about the stuff showing in the reports which sounds like what was in the IDIR’s is interesting… and the actual stuff happening as well of course.

Its like certain events were always going to happen, but they were simply delayed or were going to happen at future dates.

Wherami – “yeah now from early jan of 2013 he talked heavily about the vortex as it is hitting us now. that was freaky listening to it now as we are going thru it. the vortex didnt even come toward us last year so none of this happened to us last year but now we are hit again with the second round of vortex just as he said it would happen. spooky

This above email gives you some more perspective into what I am trying to explain here and it’s always good to get an opinion from a second source, instead of direct from the horse’s mouth. As of the 31st of March, 2014, Wherami explained to me that he believes a year has skipped since he first wrote those emails above.

In addition to the situation around the manifestation of +1 year IDIR webbot predictions coming true, on the 27th of March, 2014, Clif High released a new Wujo. The primary reason of this audio recording was to explain why he was not releasing a webbot ALTA report at the end of the month of March, as was planned a while back.

He explained that by the time he had collated the data, gone through what the webbot application had picked up and then prepared the data into something understandable and readable within the ALTA report, some of those forecasts had already occurred over the time it took for him to prepare the report. He went on to say that he wasn’t sure if he would be able to produce another report because of the extent of the width of the data, as the situation was obscuring the longer and shorter term data.

He expanded on his explanation and said that once he had completed 18-20 pages of the ALTA report over the past couple of weeks, every time he reached 8-10 pages in, he had to throw out 5-6 simply because those events had already occurred. He says that after about five times of this occurring in a row, he then decided to look at the actual data processing and then he realised that this was going to keep on going throughout the month.

What this sounded like to me was that within a short period of time, many events were occurring in the world and manifesting all at once. In other words, it was like a door was opened up, or a floodgate on a damn, for example. Perhaps the stretching of time was being released which connected up to the release of worldly events that could now occur, as they were meant to have occurred last year.

The League of Light

I know it can be a lot to ask, to accept channelled information for some, so I wanted to properly introduce Maryann and the League of Light Pleiadian beings before continuing on with the information that they have to share, which will help provide additional insight into the time issue.

Getting my mind around the real source of this information, and the method it comes through, did take some time, but now I have a pretty good understanding and feeling around how it takes place. My friend Maryann Rada is a channel for a number of different Pleiadian based beings which are part of a group called the League of Light.

While Maryann provides readings through her site with the help of the Pleiadian beings, she is also a writer and healer. She is trained in healing modalities from energy work to holistic therapy, meditation, yoga and metaphysics.

While you can find out a lot of information around who these Pleiadian beings are, and where they are from through this link here, I will briefly introduce them.

Their form is humanoid based, but different to us. They exist multidimensionally and are a very advanced and spiritual species. Their world sits in a universe parallel to this one, occupying the same space, but not the same time or density.

I would theorise that they exist in a higher vibrational frequency and level of reality and until we have moved into that higher level, based upon our state of spiritual development, or at least get the technology to peer into it, we would never be able to see their home world in the Pleiades star system, or the beings themselves, unless they let us.

When the word parallel is used I think that it can cause confusion, as I would not consider them as being separate to our Universe, but simply existing on a higher vibrating frequency.

This is why I think there has been a recent increase in UFO sightings, as it’s said the veil is lifting, which means the vibrations are changing and those beings and craft existing in a higher vibration are becoming more and more visible to us.

I am wary of channelled information and it takes a lot for me to gain any trust in a source. I have been following Maryann’s material for a while now and going by the information coming through, which does resonates withCloud G2 and also galactic stellar explosions. He is the author of the book Earth Under  me, and when factoring in my intuition I believe the source of this information is credible and I have seen no evidence of ulterior motives or deception around the information that has been presented.

Maryann (now a Global Moderator over on’s Roundtable Forum) has explained that her guides in conjunction with the Pleiadian being(s) work together to communicate the information through her. She can feel their presence, but has never actually seen them. She has told me that they seem to be much closer to her and more present than her actual guides, even though her guides blend in with them.

On the 15th of March, 2014, Maryann Rada connected in to her Pleiadian contacts specifically for this research I was doing around time and what may have occurred over the past year or so.

She made contact with a new being and was introduced to ‘Mirou’ by ‘Semjase’. It was communicated to her by Semjase, that Mirou is a time adept. Semjase also said that we are near a time reflex before the information from Mirou came through.

Maryann introduces the information from Mirou below.

Apparently there’s been some tinkering with things from the pirates, the overseers of the current program of oppression we’re watching the last days of. Things have fallen into place for those who can help to do some work to get things back on track. The way I envision it, when they talk about it, is like a loop of time got knocked off of the time matrix and we have been stuck in it, but the moment is coming when that rift can be repaired and we can get back onto our original course (bruised and wiser I suppose).

As you will see this message below is very personal and directly related to Maryann. With her permission, I have included it exactly how it came through to give you this perspective of how Maryann is sometimes given advice while channeling.

“Your planet has had the unfortunate time shift that we hoped you would not have. Because it is a time shift that was engineered by pirates not originally part of your planet’s plan for evolvement, we are able to counteract to some degree their meddling activity. What this means for the people of Earth is that you will have to wake up in a more organized and persistent way.

This is the plan: We are doing a big job. You are too, though it doesn’t feel like it. While you share your writing, we are getting filled in to the observers and moving them to recognize what is really happening so they can choose to do something of real value and significance. Meanwhile, you can normalize the conversation by talking about the time shift from our perspective, which is to say, it is something that a Pleiadian group of time experts have been clearing up and next will come stabilization of the temporality. Your part in this aspect of the work, as an ambassador, is to share with the public some of the modes of thought most conducive to peaceful resolution of socially engineered fear-based control mechanisms, such as

  • forgiveness
  • living as free humans without acceptance of an external frequency control mechanism
  • love of those people as yet in fear and hate
  • bonding with like-minded people who are of a resonance of free living and dreaming of a remembered future in which all people live without fear or debt of any kind, energetic or otherwise.

These thoughts help us stabilize certain features of our movement within the temporality structure and lead to a better outcome. You will benefit by nearing the optimal outcome.

The shift in time is a small one by many standards, but is significant nonetheless. Left unattended by those of us charged with the maintenance and operation of a functioning temporality zone, it would be disaster. By working together, we are not only making necessary alterations to the matrix of time, but we are also achieving a co-working status that will aid your people in coming into full galactic civilization.

I look forward to speaking with you again.”

On March the 22nd, 2014, Maryann had this upcoming information come through from Semjase, which she posted on her Time Transformers blog. The information also provides an insight into what is going on behind the scenes with the ‘elite’, which is also sometimes referred to as the ‘cabal’.   The information within also mentions that the energy fields have been manipulated to stunt our growth and shut down our development, and this is similar to what I mentioned earlier on, around a possible side effect of geoengineering (chemtrails).

Many other activities that the powers that be (or ‘were’ now in 2016 as I edit this — Laron) have put in place over the populace, such as the fear through main stream media, fluoride in our water systems, and a whole lot more, goes towards this energy field manipulation

The information below is not focusing on the stretching of time, as per the focus of this article, but the actual upcoming shift which has been referred to with many different names, as mentioned previously, so I thought the reader may appreciate this information as we seem to be getting a lot closer to it.

Making Time for Yourself

“Yanking the mask off the face of the faceless ones is no small feat. They are purposely difficult to see and can put any argument ahead of any attempt to point them out as perpetrators of any universal no-no. When you are stomping out fires and dealing with lost planes, you don’t have a lot of mental space to awaken yourself to the kind of nefarious doings of an invisible elite. This has been your story until now. We are not saying that the elite will bend down to let you take off their masks, but we are saying that the masks will fall, one by one, as conditions merit. You will merely be witnesses to the unveiling. You are about to see a long-awaited turn of events as the next thing takes the world’s attention.

A central truth about humanity is that they will deny nothing when it comes to saving one of their own kind. This is true as a rule across the board for all humans who are life-oriented. There are sacrifices for the greater good, but these are more rare than you might think. You live in a culture of death. It is something that permeates every aspect of your social structure. You will recognize it more and more for what it is as the masks fall and the Nine of your planet finally settles into unfettered expression. The Nine of anything is its full divine nature. We of the League of Light have spoken of it extensively in other venues, so I will not say more about that here. Suffice it to say that your planet’s divine expression as a sentient cosmic body has, as has your individual ability to express your divine nature, been obstructed. The energy fields have been manipulated artificially to reduce your collective Nine expression. To stunt your growth, to slow down your development and change your planetary status from divine to infernal. Remember your all-beingness and tap into it now, for it still exists. You are not separate from it, from each other, or from us, for we are part of your planet’s identity in a galactic context. We are part of who you are, and we are here to remind you of that.

You are facing a conflict of time and the reunification of your planetary path with the original plan. Your current timeline will be shutting down to make way for the original frequency field to establish a basic time code for the matrix to recalibrate itself upon. You will feel the shift as a release of tension following a steep buildup and never-never-land sorts of experiences. It will be intense but brief. You can expect things to begin to feel more stable after the breakdown of the current instability. Know that your world will not break or die, despite what looks like certain doom. It is very much alive and going through similar sorts of adjustments as you may be feeling. She is dizzy and weary, but will be just fine. So will you who are destined to live on her new form.

Very soon, the masks will fall. Very soon, a polarity of time will invert and next-generation reality will establish itself within the planetary matrix. You are nearly at the point of attenuation of timeline flux that releases you from the bonds of a paradigm of fake freedom and launches you as a movement arises from the resonant strands of a new frequency field. You are nearly at full functioning as a global humanity. Keep sharing your light with each other and as soon as the time comes, you will see a bold new light burst through the darkness of enforced ignorance and into a new line of time altogether. A people of light you are, let that never be doubted. We are near and we are watching. When the time comes, we will move into view. Meanwhile, remain steadfast in your courage and know that everything will be perfect. We are of a great love for you and your planet. Peace is nearly at your door. Know that the row of dominoes is about to tip into action. Once they fall, you are going to see something altogether beautiful come into being. We will see it with you as family reunited.”

Maryann Rada’s Pleiadian homepage,

A Psychic Prediction

Early last year I was following the website Know the Next. This site is like a hub of information where anyone from the public can post psychic predictions about the future. Those psychic based predictions could come from any psychic based method the person may have received the information from. (Note that Know the Next no longer operates in 2016)

I recently started following Know the Next again and I ran into this prediction below, which was posted on the 31st of March, 2014. Here is an excerpt from some of what was said.

More on the earthquakes and volcanic activity that is almost upon us. I am not a date person, I cannot give specific dates. But I can tell you that my gift takes the form of energy sensitivity and changes in energy fields.

I see with my third eye, like a film strip that is always going in front and above my forehead.

I can tap into it when I am not distracted by daily life. But mostly I go by the energy I feel which I sense in my mind’s eye as well as physically.

Lately all I am seeing in my mind’s eye is magma and the physical sensations are almost overwhelming at this point. I have never ever felt like this before. Almost like I am standing in the middle of an electrical charge or current. I am ”humming”. Sleep is hard. I feel energy building and being held back.

I feel this energy coming like dominoes falling or like ripples in a pond. One large event will lead to other events and so on. I see earth movement and violent changes to the features of our planet. As if I am seeing them from space. I have been feeling like this has all been ”around the corner” for over a year now.” — Acadiabonita

Acadiabonita has posted a total of six predictions in the past on this site, and people have claimed that five of those predictions have been accurate. The sixth one is this one above.

Within this prediction there is mention of a build-up of magma. I believe that the recent news around the increase in volcanic activity at Yellowstone and also the 4.8 earthquake there on the 30th of March, 2014, is also related to a build-up of magma, but possibly on a global scale. I do not think Yellowstone is going to erupt, but that pressure is building and that this is simply an indicator.

Acadiabonita mentions, ‘I have been feeling like this has all been ”around the corner” for over a year now‘. This again goes towards the possibility that such events were expected last year, but they have been delayed. This situation in general could relate to time being released after it’s been held back in a sense, over the last year, and in turn could be connected to the sudden build up and release of not only the magma, but many other events and situations globally.

The Cloud G2 Correlation

At the request of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory Director Fred Lo and Assistant Director Dale Frail, a committee was convened on the 8th of June 2012 to discuss the impact of the arrival of Cloud G2 at Sagittarius A*. A two hour teleconference was held for this meeting at that time and a report was produced on the 29th of July, 2012 which was titled, ‘Recommendations for the Optimal NRAO Response to The G2 Encounter with Sagittarius A*

The NRAO is a facility of the National Science Foundation operated under cooperative agreement by Associated Universities. The NRAO has sites and telescopes around the United States and Chile.

As a result of this meeting, a number of decisions were made about monitoring the arrival of Cloud G2 as it reached Sagittarius A*, and the estimated time of arrival, at that moment in time, was between March 2013 and July 2013.

Obviously, that date changed since then as Cloud G2 is yet to arrive at Sagittarius A*. In February 2014, Dr. Paul LaViolette released an article explaining that the current estimated time off arrival of Cloud G2, was now around the middle of April, 2014.

Do you recognise a key piece of information here? The original predicted arrival date has increased around 1 year roughly. I could consider that a large error rate for estimating the arrival of a space based object at a destination within our solar system.

What I am proposing here is that because of the possible stretching and manipulation of time, this provides more proof towards time being impacted on Earth, around early 2013 up until this period of time now in 2014. It could also go towards showing that the Earth has its own area of space time, one that can be manipulated and possibly controlled somewhat, where other areas of space within our solar system may run on their own space times. This could also directly relate to the effects of the Schumann Resonances on earth.

The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift cloud g2
Artist impression of the accretion of gas cloud G2 onto Sgr A*. Credit: ESO

Dr. Paul LaViolette is known in the scientific community for his research and theories around Cloud G2 and also galactic stellar explosions. He is the author of the book Earth Under Fire, which demonstrates how galactic super waves, also known as stellar explosions, have had a direct relation to many of the past catastrophes throughout history on Earth.

Paul theorises that there is up to a 50% possibility that Cloud G2 contains a star, and a secondary object that may be a dwarf planet. Sagittarius A* is believed to contain a super massive black hole. Based upon the theory of tidal stripping, once Cloud G2 reaches its closest approach to the black hole, a stellar explosion may occur as a result of the contents of Cloud G2 being pulled into the black hole.

If there was a stellar explosion so close to Earth in our galaxy, a gravity wave from such an explosion would arrive within 24 hours, and the rest of the energies within two days. Paul LaViolette has mentioned that if this is the case, then the Earth could have a sudden uptake in seismic activity, as one example of the effects of the impact from the gravity wave and the energies.

The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift sgra
Sagittarius A (centre) and two light echoes from a recent explosion (circled) – Credit: NASA

I have believed for a while now that the repercussions of such an event could also cause an increase in activity on the sun along with an energetic and vibrational impact on all life within the vicinity. I also think there is a possibility that this event may be directly related to the shift in consciousness (the event, the new earth theory, the global coastal event, etc.).

Dr. Paul LaViolette is not the only source of this theory around Cloud G2 containing a star. Within a May 2013 press release from Nature, an international weekly journal of science, Andrea Ghez, an astronomer studying Cloud G2 at the University of California, Los Angeles, says that her infrared observations at the Keck telescopes on Mauna Kea in Hawaii suggest that G2 may not be a gas cloud, but rather a star surrounded by gas.

I will conclude this section on Cloud G2 with information that has come from an inquiry I made with a psychic about Cloud G2. The answer that came through was very personal and connected directly to me and what I do, being in the spotlight with information I share. So, I am not going to share all of it. There is certain information that I don’t think would benefit people, as well. The answer was rather long, so this info below is a small part of that intuitive answer.

The psychic I asked is the same one that I quoted and mentioned at the end of my article on the missing Malaysian Flight MH370.

“All the info that the observer Paul La V said is accurate. Besides G2, the other disk that you call the Sun is also distributing strong frequencies for humans.

What will happen? It is happening already. Don´t you feel it in your body? The one who feels will go through the changes, the one who does not feel still goes through the changes. ”


“Will it happen in April? It already started happening. Time is a creation of humans on Earth and you spend so much on predictions based on time, when it does not exist.”


(In relation to the timing of the arrival of Cloud G2) “There are some reality changers with bad plans. Some of you call them time manipulators. Some people also took their services to change things just before manifestation.”


(In relation to time manipulators) “However, humans who choose positive thoughts are so powerful and create an outer shell of strong energy that helps them to prevent those bad events manifesting.”


“Yes massive changes are coming. G2 is a physical indicator of that for those who needs a physical indicator.”


“But use this opportunity to gain the gifts and knowledge that you will get from the heavenly bodies that are coming. This was what you humans have asked for and it is coming. Forget global disasters and tune into the huge amount of knowledge you will gain from the G2 Cloud.”

Revisiting the Webbot Intrusion

On the 25th of February, 2014, Clif High released a Wujo which had a primary focus again on a temporal time intrusion.

Within this Wujo he talked about evidence that he had found which showed that around November or December 2013, there was a disturbance in time. He explained that since that time period, temporal ripples had been going on in time and as a result of this there were a number of side effects which he and others have been noticing and looking closely at.

He said he couldn’t talk about what those side effects were, as to do so would pollute the data out there on the internet, which the webbot would pick up in future scans.  So he decided to wait until those time ripples had settled before discussing the details publicly.

Clif also mentioned that the complexity in our bodies are likely to change as a result of the ripples, and provided examples of how we may suddenly have a situation that where before we treated it in a certain way, but now we treat the situation in another without us even realising why we are. One example would be having to take one pain killer now instead of 4 in the past because our immunity for that particular pain killer may have all of a sudden changed.

(I will just add that the Mandela effect is very prevalent now, in 2016. The situation reminds me of what Clif is saying here — Laron)

Clif high gets into great detail within this audio recording, around how a ‘pulse’ behind what basically runs our experience of time has also been modified as a result of this time incursion. What this means is that time has basically changed permanently as a result of what recently occurred.

It is possible that this event that was picked up by the webbot was related to a machine that that may have been used to manipulate time. How it began breaking down time may have started being repaired around then, from outside influences. But, this could also relate to the process we are going through on Earth, in relation to the shift in consciousness and vibrational ascension changes, and this event could be totally unrelated to the time manipulation.

When considering the first time intrusion in early 2013, and again near the end of 2013 as we headed into 2014, it may not be just a coincidence.

Not long back I released an update from communication with Tolec over email, where he discussed new information around his 2014 January time period. He had predicted that planet Earth, her people & virtually all life, would begin her new 4D higher vibrational existence — her new fourth dimensional life — in early January 2014. However, I believe that what Tolec is explaining directly relates to the same time period of the other theorised events I have been mentioning throughout this article, in relation to the shift in consciousness, the global coastal event and so on. But it’s possible this could coincide with what the webbot picked up.

A Grand Meeting & Conclusion

Back in August 2013, a friend of mine sent me a dream over email. It was not just any old dream. Going from the description it explained a situation that made total sense based upon the timing of the dream and the details. I intuitively felt that it was important and that I should share it with others at that time.

To give you some background about my friend, she had shared a few other experiences with me over the time that I had known her. One of them being a combination of an out of body / near death experience that had information that pointed out she was most likely an advanced being outside of her incarnation here. She was an experienced lucid dreamer and had been lucid dreaming for long periods of time previously. She would wake up on a regular basis and be able to control events within her dream. (This is very different to astral projection)

Here is part of the dream below. The full dream can be found here.

“Many arrive for a grand meeting, regarding Earth, held in a large round hall with a second floor balcony section all around. It’s a big gathering but humble in appearance.

Light workers, starseeds, crystals, indigos, those associated with Pleiadian’s, you name it. I look around me and I’m surprised to see that so many of the young ones here hold the outward appearance of outcasts of regular society, it’s amusing to watch them just being their weird wonderful selves, everyone together.

Not all are outcasts.

Most of the more capable and experienced members are on the second floor balconies looking down (and by capable I mean, they’ve figured out how to be human, have already been working with humanity, or have ascended in some way yet still participating in Earths ascension).

The committee steps out and we all already (telepathically) know what the general matter of discussion is about, but the spokesperson says it out loud anyway, just to be official.

We have moved ‘The Event’ to occur at the soonest possible opportunity, to the extent where if we were to push it to happen any sooner, we would jeopardize the life paths and sanity of a great number of humans.

We are already dancing a delicate balance in the timing of things to occur.
If there is anything else we can all do to assist (accelerate) the ascension process without causing an unhealthy overlap to occur? We welcome your ideas..

She added this additional information after I followed up on what she had sent me.

“I knew of it being a series of events on Earth, as part of its ascension. It was not the end of the world, but it was some big changes. It was good news, to us anyway. Starseeds will be able to finally go home. I felt that there was indeed an alien visitation in there somewhere on a large scale, and it was of the gentle kind. I also felt something a lot more subtle. That starseeds, people with abilities and perhaps even humans will begin to finally use their abilities/potential more freely, easily and openly. This includes telepathy/clairvoyance and manifestation. This felt like a great relief for those who have had to hide themselves, suppress their light or found the dense 3D reality was seriously cramping their true self.”

In relation to this article I want to mention and discuss what I highlighted in bold. This dream occurred in August, 2013. They were explaining that they had moved the event. Why did they move it? The wording of this is very unusual, and if it is accurate and if this is a real experience without too much mind interference, then this may answer a few questions for us.

I believe that ‘the event’ or whatever name you wish to give to it, was planned for around the period of May 2013, and yet it didn’t occur by the time August came along that year. They say they moved it to occur at the soonest possible opportunity. The first meaning of the word ‘move’ usually relates to a change in position.

So something changed and they had to move it to another point in time perhaps?

From all this research I have done for this article, I have come to a realisation that certain events may be tied down to seasons, and therefore specific months, not particularly years. In my opinion, there seems to be a requirement for a series of conditions to be met before this shifting in consciousness and vibrational change can occur.

They mentioned that our life paths could be damaged. I believe that we all came into this lifetime knowing that this situation surrounding the shift was going to occur during our time, this time around. We consciously knew this and we took part in the planning of the stage of our life which we would be at when this occurred.

Our life path and our soul contract are connected into most events that occur in the timeline of the Earth. We have around 30% free will, in relation to not just our day to day lives with decisions pertaining to work, family, our health, friends, strangers, our hobbies and so on, but also with the major events that can occur in the world; from financial issues, disease epidemics, asteroid impacts, protests and uprisings, war and military conflict, sudden famines, lakes in the sky, coastal flooding, volcanic eruptions, energies from space, earthquakes, radiation clouds, to any natural based disaster, which are not so ‘natural’ when you understand that everything is planned out on another level.

What I am getting at here is that a number of long term predictions, made many years ago based on a series of events, in a specific order, exist, and are duplicated from multiple sources which tap into the future through their various methods and techniques.

One example of a very long term source of predictions would be the prophecies of Nostradamus. Even Nostradamus has a strong prophecy correlation with what I consider to be one of the most accurate forecasting systems out there, the webbot.

I won’t go into too much detail but for example, based on Dolores Cannon’s three books in her ‘Conversations with Nostradamus‘ series, Nostradamus predicted that first there would come an increase in earthquakes, then volcanic eruptions, then major global economic issues, war and then the shift.

Those of us who closely follow the events in the world would probably all agree that we can tick off the increase in earthquakes, the increase in the number of volcanic eruptions and it seems we are about to go through a major global economic situation with the US dollar being dropped by various countries, and war is looking likely on a few fronts (Especially now 2016).

What I am saying here is that such events as these, which are examples, but most likely very valid examples, tie into our life path and soul contract and they need to occur before the shift occurs, otherwise the careful planning of billions of life paths will be jeopardised and in turn, not only our sanity would be impacted, but the repercussions on many levels would be vast and unimaginable.

Based on the information I have presented, time was likely stretched a bit over the past year, certain events were delayed, but we are soon to be back on track while the upcoming shift is looking very imminent.


This article, ‘The Stretching of Time and the Imminent Shift‘ took me around 25 hours to research and write. If you happen to feel compelled to support my efforts with not only this one article, but what I do here on and the Roundtable Forum, then you could do so with a donation via Bitcoin, Flattr or Paypal using this link

-I looked into the Montauk Project as I remembered some information I learned many years ago how they could not time travel to the year 2013. I was trying to find information online about this but I was unable to come up with enough information to provide a worthwhile section in this article. You can read about it here though. (Run a text search on 2013) The person concludes that the shift will take place between 2011 and 2013 based upon the Montauk time travel aspect of their project and how they could not time travel to those specific years.
-I looked into the CHANI Project, while it was fascinating, even after following up on many posts on the CHANI Forum I could not link up any information that would make sense in relation to this time issue. But, the May date and year of the CHANI event, is likely 2014 and it would coincide with the GCE month of May, quite fascinating the correlation here.
-On the 28th of February, 2014, Elizabeth Trutwin channelled a message from ‘Ashtar‘. Here is a small part of it – “When we speak of the Event we know there is a sequence of events taking place in a very particular order. Very recently, this month, the Extraterrestrials who came back from in the future to repair this Timeline placed Earth within the new Timeline. That means it is possible now to dissolve the old timeline which will uncreate those negative ET’s who were the few wanting to control the many. Nothing else more need be done.”
I find it fascinating that this source also mentions something similar to what I explained in this article, in relation to the timeline being repaired. However, I did not include this as a valid source as I don’t believe all the information coming from Ashtar and the channel, is accurate. In other words, there are far too many details coming through the full message which don’t resonate or make much sense.


Special Thanks
Maryann Rada, for making me feel at home
Clif High, a wise and intelligent soul
Maya, your dream continues to be of great importance
Angel Psi, for connecting me into something very familiar
John, a wise and much appreciated advisor
Paul LaViolette, for his extensive research into stellar energies and support towards this theory of mine

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Your allowed to share this article, but you must not edit or modify the contents and you must give appropriate credit, with a link leading back here, and include this licence information if shared in full. 

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Laron is an energetic healer, past life therapist, consciousness guide, poet,writer and editor from New Zealand. A strong passion of his is to expand the consciousness of others. Editor of the metaphysical site, Laron is also a bit of a bookworm. Trained by Dolores Cannon in QHHT (Past Life Regression) and Energetic Healing by well-known Australian intuitive and healer Stephen Bishop, Laron is also a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Tarot reader.

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LaronI don't remember that one! Hmm… Found it – The Three Waves of Volunteers – Chapter 36 – The New Bodies. "It has happened before, by the way.—We will simply shut down. It's like going into suspended animation. We suspend it. It may take two or three days to transfer the populace. D: The entire world, or just the…. B: Yes. All the people that are spiritually ready to make this transition. They'll all be shifted off. And when they wake up on this other planet, they won't even realize it's happened. There was a shift like this a few… Read more »


Interesting article Laron! It expanded an idea I had for some investigation that I will pursue soon in relation to 'the shift.'


Wow! Cool… Nice to see this again!. I’ve been thinking recently about that message you got for me a while back, @Laron, when you asked if the Pleiadians had a question for the GC… which I understand was asked only because it would put to rest many questions people have regarding the involvement of ETs with our world, so that it would be all put on the table for all to see, more than for their own benefit (more for ours): Me: Laron invited me to ask a question of his contacts… Pleiadian Renegades: Okay, you are representing the League… Read more »

Hailstones Melt

In regard to the clarification above, it will be as it ever was, when one soul at a time when mature or ready would evolve and "disappear" from this plane. However, in the reading above, there will be a few, or a small group. I suppose it is like a tree still maturing. It doesn't fruit all at once, but in clusters. The seeds (carrying potential, but blind now) sit shoulder to shoulder with the fruit, but don't recognise it.


MaryannGC: {With an amused voice} "To the GC. This is so funny, getting funny, because … {They should be communicating directly.} Yes. Yes, this is like… yes… the British and the Irish communicating through the Indians and changing messages from India….

OMG…this is HILARIOUS!!!