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Jul 30, 2016
This was written by a FB friend of mine. I do not share his concern, but am interested for different reasons. Not sure what is in the vaccines they are giving the Chinese... If they are using an attenuated virus, where did they get the virus from? I thought it has still not been isolated as of yet? And why do they not have to take mRNA poison? I find myself curious about China's Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines and if the associated health risks are similar? Or do they get safer vaccines? Would this make it more obvious to the "normies" that this is an attack/land grab by the CCP on large food producing areas of the world (U.S., Australia)? I knew different vaccines were being used in different parts of the world, and very curious as to why if the whole world takes other drugs in similar usage (such as say, lisinopril, or acetaminophen), why isn't the whole world using the same COVID "vaccine"? Why is there such a huge variety of COVID vaccine? These were all developed long before COVID was released on the world, so there is certainly a definitive reason. I suspect it is because of different desired outcomes and lethality levels for different areas. What is your take? Has anyone seen adverse reaction data for the Chinese vaxes?

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