1. Laron

    Vaccine Health Danger Evidence Presented To Police By Retired Constable Mark Sexton

    A retired constable in the UK has done his research and recorded an interview with an on the job constable where he presents evidence showing how dangerous the COVID vaccines have been thus far, and that they need to be stopped from being rolled out. He also provides some evidence showing there...
  2. Laron

    Spike Protein: Everything You Need to Know

    Here's a thread focused on information in relation to the spike protein, which is one of the ingredients/things in the COVID vaccines. Let's share all the information that directly relates to this spike protein on this thread. Here is something I posted on another thread to begin this one...
  3. Laron

    Does mRNA COVID Vaccines alter DNA?

    Let's collect and share some information on the possibility that the mRNA based coronavirus vaccines alters DNA. Feel free to share it here — anything you can find. "Research on SARS-CoV-2 RNA by scientists at Harvard and MIT has implications for how mRNA vaccines could permanently alter...
  4. Laron

    Russian Hacker Uncovers 5G COVID Vaccinated Tracking Data on Darkweb

    In this video below a Russian hacker reports that via the dark web he located a database containing live data coming from all those who have had the Sputnik vaccination. He looked up his friends who have had the vaccination in the database and found them. He mentions that inside the the blood...
  5. Laron

    Shedding from the Vaccinated & How to Protect Yourself

    This thread is dedicated to everything you can find about the shedding taking place by those vaccinated with mRNA vaccines for COVID. It is also a place to share information on protecting yourself from the shedding, including on an energetic level. For example, shungite is said to help. I've...
  6. Laron

    Article How the Energetic Frequency of mRNA Affects People

    By Darko Velcek via Many people are panicking as they hear the reports of the symptoms that women are getting when they are spending time in the vicinity of mRNA vaccinated people. Let me calm you down a bit. The situation is not as bad as it looks, not for...
  7. Laron

    The Zombie COVID Vaccine ('Woofoobix' Clif High Video Update)

    Here's a new YouTube video by Clif which touches on a few things but he eventually gets into an update on what's to come with the COVID vaccine and how bad it's going to get for those who have been vaccinated. (He doesn't really get into it until around at least half way through or more but...
  8. Laron

    "Sun Woo" Clif High Video Update on COVID and the Vaccines

    Clif High talks about the sun disease, which is webbot language from many years ago, in relation to COVID, climate change, the mini ice age starting up, and a few other things. But half way through this video he gets into teaching us all about coronavirus. He's studied up on virology and he...
  9. Laron

    Clif High (webbot) tweets about the COVID vaccine and masks

    They may ban his twitter, so I'm doing screen captures: A
  10. Laron

    Award Winning Virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi says COVID-19 Vaccine is Criminal

    Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi says, "The world is being turned into an animal experiment... and you and our children are being the animals that are being tested in the hugest experiment ever been done in the history of medicine, is being performed on me men, on people, this is the thing that is so...
  11. Laron

    Coronavirus Vaccines & My Understandings (share your viewpoint here)

    Here's something I posted earlier on social media which relates to the situation surrounding the rollout of the vaccines for COVID-19. It was posted using Candace Owen's twitter statement in the included screen capture. Feel free to use this this thread to express your own understandings...
  12. Laron

    How through medical science, human DNA is genetically modified

    By Lisa Renee: Well, You see children of Light, There is a long backstory of nonhuman influences shaping humanity and planetary resources behind the scenes for a very long time. Many of the historical trigger events of our Galactic human history bear out these same influences, who are once again...
  13. David Topi

    Article Vaccines (David Topi - Part 3)

    It remains for us, therefore, to conclude this series of articles on vaccines, to explain the main objective that the RIC and SC seek with this particular covid-19. You all already know, as you will have seen in the media, that some of them are already being tested with human volunteers in...
  14. David Topi

    Article Vaccines (David Topi - Part 2)

    Now that we have laid dawn the theoretical foundations for the reason for vaccines in the previous article, their origin and what they imbue in us, we are going to try to answer the points that remain loose from the introduction we have made, before we get to the work of deactivating the nanoids...
  15. David Topi

    Article Vaccines (David Topi - Part 1)

    Today we are going to touch on a controversial issue, which arouses concern, worry, which pits millions of people against each other, as it has as many followers as detractors, and which is the basis for another of the manipulations that human beings have suffered for quite some time. As we...
  16. therium

    Poul Thorsen does studies on damaging effects of thimerosol, and warrant is issued for his arrest

    From Massive fraud and corruption thought to be at CDC.
  17. therium

    Anti-vaccination, a view from 1915.

    When I read up on a subject I try to get both sides of the story. Here's a person's view of vaccines, and mandatory vaccination, from 1915, before vaccines became commonplace. It might be a good view to see 1) their attitudes back then, 2) the problems and questions about vaccines back then...
  18. Laron

    Robert Kennedy Jr. in Vaccine Litigation with Big Pharma

    I came across this earlier on Facebook, did some research and found it's likely legit, so shared it: For those that may have issues with my embed above, here's a repeat: "I'm currently litigating against the four companies that make all 72 vaccines currently mandated for American children...
  19. Laron

    Vaccines: Post Links to Articles Here

    This thread is dedicated to posting links to new informational, news and research based articles regarding vaccinations. Feel free to post a short summary along with a link(s) below. As of the 14th of June, 2019, I've put together most of the links people have posted on this thread, and...
  20. Linda

    RFK Jr. to chair committee on vaccine safety - maybe not

    Like so many others, I've been waiting for this day. Oops, the story updated while I was writing this post. The author reports on a CBS news report where Kennedy says he was asked by Trump to chair a committee looking into vaccine safety. A little later, a release comes from the Trump people...