past lives

  1. Laron

    The Pleiadian Homeworld & Sparking Of Souls — QHHT Session by Laron

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  2. Laron

    A Past Life at War & Health Issues Resolved

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  3. Lila

    Unicorns coming home

    For a while now I've had an ongoing theme playing out. I would love to see if it resonates with anyone here. The theme is related to many past lives healing folks and repeatedly being betrayed by people close to me and killed by those threatened by powers they did not understand and could not...
  4. Laron

    How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child — 'Children's Past Lives' by Carol Bowman

    As a parent, I think it's important to understand that past life memories can appear naturally in various forms for children and should not be ignored, but explored. In Carol Bowman's book, Children's Past Lives, she reveals overwhelming evidence of past life memories in children and that...
  5. Pucksterguy

    Future lives??

    My philosophical thought for today, bear with me folks....Assuming time is one. Everything that has happened occurred in an instant. Past. Present. Future. I can get past life readings....why not future life readings?....
  6. Anna

    Some thoughts and QHHT

    I did one QHHT session and i wanted to share some thoughts from the sessions. A lot of interesting information came up including past lifes, soul purpose, relationships, spiritual guides and their role and more. I just want to share some parts of it. When i was about 13 i went on a dancing camp...
  7. Laron

    The Earth Experience, Ascension and Source | Questions Answered by Laron

    laron submitted a new article. The Earth Experience, Ascension and Source | Questions Answered by Laron Back in January 2015, I had a person asking me a number of questions within a comment to one of the articles on transients. I responded, but also decided to share my reply as...
  8. K

    Working consciously and safely in the lower realms of trauma...Part 1

    Some time ago I began working with the aspects of a very close female soulmate in spirit form. In the beginning, while I was interacting with her I would see positive images of beautiful moments that we spent together in physical in past lives. However, while I was stuck in the higher energies...
  9. Lorna Wilson

    Can People Who ‘Remember’ Past-Lives in Ancient Egypt Help Archaeologists?

    What do you think? A wealth of information comes out of regression work that doesn't even hit the mainstream, and often it fills in the blanks, or explains the unexplainable..... 'Joan Grant was made famous by her 1937 book “Winged Pharaoh,” in which she wrote about a pharaoh’s daughter named...
  10. Lorna Wilson

    This Girl Remembers 10 Previous Incarnations (With Proof)

    Do you remember any of your past lives? From the time Joey Verwey was just three years old, she was telling her family amazing stories that she was able to remember from her previous ten incarnations. Stories that were so unusual and detailed, there was no way that she could have learned them...