1. Laron

    Healing HIV & Visiting A Pleiadian World (QHHT Session Summary)

    Here’s a summary of an online past life regression session I facilitated yesterday using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT technique with a client who had a number of important questions he wanted answers to, but most importantly he wanted to see if his HIV infection could be healed and why he had become...
  2. Laron

    The fear of being taken and source of headaches (QHHT PLR Session Summary)

    I just finished a session with an 11yo boy who, for six years, had a lingering fear of being taken. At night, and other times during the day, he would be afraid someone was coming to kidnap him. This had been the cause of regular anxiety. He also had headaches long term and had seen his doctor...
  3. Laron

    Article COVID & Vaccines, Lives in Lemuria & a Native American Tribe | QHHT Session by Laron

    Via laron.nz: Last month I conducted a long QHHT (past life regression) session with a friend which I’ve transcribed below. It’s a very important one because it answers questions around coronavirus and the dangers of the vaccines created for them and fits into the global situation occurring...
  4. Laron

    How life, and Earth, came to be in our Universe | A QHHT Session Summary

    Yesterday a friend had her third QHHT ( #pastliferegression ) session with me. She first found herself on an unusual planet wearing a protective suit. She had just landed with a group of others in a craft. Their mission was to collect a unique type of rock which needed to be kept in an enclosed...
  5. Laron

    Article Loss of a Child, Spirit Guides, Eczema & Healing | QHHT Session Summary

    Via laron.nz (subscribe to Laron's journal/blog here to stay updated on these): On the weekend my QHHT (past life regression) client, a female in her 20s, came to me wanting to: know her life’s purpose; if she should continue a psychology degree and where to head in life; heal her eczema and...
  6. Laron

    Higher Self Message For Light Workers from QHHT Yesterday

    Yesterday I conducted a QHHT (past life regression) session with a friend. There was quite a bit of information relating directly to what’s going on in the world just now. The plandemic; vaccines; reptilian influence/control over our lives; a Life in Lemuria during the last cycle that is very...
  7. Laron

    Article Humanity's Reptilian Influence & Energetic Attachments (QHHT Session)

    Via laron.nz: In August 2020 I conducted this past life regression session using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method, which I learnt from her, including her advanced course, back in 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. The client did not recall anything that took place in this session, which is an indicator...
  8. Laron

    The Hermit Planet, Reptilian CME Observers & Star Seeds: A QHHT Session Summary by Laron

    Summary of a QHHT (past life regression) session I just did: Young client with typical volunteer traits, previously diagnosed with schizophrenia, living with depression and anxiety, found himself on a spaceship in a synthetic suit, which was what the ETs used as a vehicle for their consciousness...
  9. Laron

    A QHHT PLR Session on the Reptilians (Conducted by Laron)

    Yesterday I conducted a past life regression (#QHHT) which had a strong focus on the Reptilian influence and control over Earth. These are challenging times for many people globally, and there is reasons for that. We visited the leader of the group of Reptilians directly involved with the...
  10. Henda

    Portals to Inner Worlds : My New Wave Tree

    I have been working on this artwork, my new Wave Tree for many days now. It is related to the planet I have been in during my latest QHHT with Tracy Moore In Blue Springs State Park in Florida, back on May 2019. This was a big step to understand from where I first came into life before...
  11. S

    1st QHHT session and soem questions

    This is my fist post here. So excuse me if I sound dumb. I found RT forum on late February this year when I booked a QHHT session. I didn’t have any experience on QHHT or Dolores’ stuffs before but I think few days before that session I watched one of her videos and I liked it. Anyway, I...
  12. Laron

    New Earth Update from Recent QHHT Sessions

    I facilitated a couple of QHHT (past life regression) sessions over the past two days here in Christchurch, New Zealand. The client's higher self came through very strongly yesterday, so this message, while short, is an important one: “The shift in happening… more people need to tune into the...
  13. YourHighness

    Hybrid QHHT session one of the best ever

    I wanted to share this session I done over FB messenger. It lasted one hour and 47 min. We explored and eventually ended up on Draconia with the Reptilians who were havesting humans and taking them to a hell like environment on Draconia. If you like a great story this is one to listen to. Enjoy
  14. Lorna Wilson

    Consciousness and Creation Are Mapped Out Into Stories

    In this recent interview, I share some to the things that apply to all of us that I've learned or realized as a QHHT practitioner. LOL because the camera was too low I do look 'busty and blind.'
  15. Laron

    The Pleiadian Homeworld & Sparking Of Souls — QHHT Session by Laron

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  16. Laron

    The Activation Of Physical Form For Soul Entry — QHHT Session Excerpt

    I’m in the process of transcribing a QHHT (past life regression) session I conducted in Mississippi, USA (75% done). Below are a few excerpts from it. This may raise a lot of questions, but I asked a lot of questions surrounding what I include below; when read in full, many answers are there...
  17. Lorna Wilson

    Teacher Guides — An Excerpt From Healing Journeys Through Quantum Realities

    Lorna Wilson submitted a new article. Teacher Guides — An Excerpt From Healing Journeys Through Quantum Realities Teacher Guides, or Spirit Guides are intermediate to advanced souls that have finished their own cycles of incarnation and are now assigned to help guide the soul development of...
  18. Laron

    The Creation of Life, the Medicine Woman & Original Water — A QHHT Session by Laron

    laron submitted a new article. The Creation of Life, the Medicine Woman & Original Water — A QHHT Session by Laron Via laron.nz : While in Houston, Texas, in October last year, Wendie came to me for a QHHT session because she was curious about who she is beyond this life, and wished to know her...
  19. Laron

    Cosmic Healing Workshops in the USA & Australia

    laron submitted a new article. Cosmic Healing Workshops in the USA & Australia On October the 18th, 2014, a Collective of souls, including Nikola Tesla, Carl Jung, Masaru Emoto, Edgar Cayce, Sigmund Freud and many more, came through Ronald DeWald, who was acting as a channel, with a new way of...
  20. Laron

    A Past Life at War & Health Issues Resolved

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