Magenta Pixie: "Angels on Earth, Your Time Has Come! (Illuminati's Last Stand)" (1 Viewer)

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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
I just listened to Magenta's latest recording, called "Angels On Earth, Your Time Has Come! (Illumintati's Last Stand" and felt I should share it here in case anyone else was interested. The recording focuses on the March Equinox, 2017 (Monday, March 20) and was quite encouraging and informative.

In the recording, Magenta (channeling "The White-winged Collective of Nine") addresses:
  • The ending of our current climate (and tactics) of deception and control.
  • Navigation between dimensions.
  • Decoding false narratives and creating new realities.
  • Humanity's readiness to "graduate".
  • The creation of a new environment where far less polarity is required for growth.
  • Our new ability to choose how to experience this Light/Dark presentation, rather than having it chosen for us.
  • Our role as masters of our own matrix (a construct not of control in a negative way, but of our own conscious creation).
  • The current time as being the time for us to benefit from our previous work, even though this may appear as "Divine Intervention". WE ARE THE ONES CREATING THIS.
  • This time as a pivotal point. The fullness of "graduation" is triggered at this equinox.
  • This moment as a "point of no return". Once passed, movement back into the "artificial matrix" and entrapment will no longer be possible.
  • Service-to-Others polarized beings, as sovereign, "Rainbow Warriors" who have created a new Matrix of Light. While Service-to-Self energies may still be expressed, their agendas have been greatly hindered.
  • As fully polarized Service-to-Others individuals (i.e., individuals who have chosen the Path of Light), "we can no longer be squashed, deceived, controlled, or replaced."
  • Now is the time for Service-to-Self beings to "bow out". There will be those who hold on to the very last moment, but this is their free will choice (My Personal Note: and they will be held fully responsible for that choice). Their current frustration levels are quite high and based upon eons of control that is no longer working (My Personal Note: this sounds like a great opportunity for us to exercise some understanding, compassion, and forgiveness).
  • Another Personal Note: Magenta/The Collective has recently mentioned that forgiveness doesn't necessarily let someone else "off the hook", as they're still responsible for their choices and actions. It simply lets you (as the "forgiver") off the hook so you don't have to hang there with them! :)
  • Magenta refers to this equinox/time as the time that some may refer to as "Ascension, Mass Enlightenment, The Event, The End of Days, Purge, Harvest, Graduation, 4th Density Shift, 5th Dimension, New Earth, New World, New Timeline, Utopia, Nirvana, Golden Age, Free World, or 'Going Galactic'" (My Personal Note: I thought it was quite interesting that this long list of terms was specifically recited--as if to make the point that no matter what we may call it, this is the "Main Event" that we've all been waiting for!). No matter what we may call it, she mentions that all these labels fit. This equinox is the crux of the Shift, here now and available for all to see.
  • Our time has come!


As usual, please use your own discernment. Take what resonates and leave the rest!


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Dec 31, 2016
Northern California
Victory to the light!
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