1. IAMRAvortex Fortitude

    Repetitive cloudy days, H.A.R.P or energetic shift?

    Greetings family. I've got to share this discussion with you this morning or whatever timezone you go by. It has been cloudy for almost two weeks now, here where I live (Middle-East). Why do you think this is happening now, could it be the cabalistic syndicates or is it "The New Earth"?
  2. Stargazer

    Magenta Pixie: "Angels on Earth, Your Time Has Come! (Illuminati's Last Stand)"

    I just listened to Magenta's latest recording, called "Angels On Earth, Your Time Has Come! (Illumintati's Last Stand" and felt I should share it here in case anyone else was interested. The recording focuses on the March Equinox, 2017 (Monday, March 20) and was quite encouraging and...
  3. Stargazer

    Magenta Pixie: Donald Trump, The Media, The Illuminati, and The Starseeds

    I've noticed a major "ramping up" of energies, circumstances, and opportunities on the global stage lately...and in this unusually "urgent" sounding video, Magenta sheds some very balanced Light on our current ascension situation. I only use the term "urgent" because it's rare that Magenta puts...