Hybrid QHHT session one of the best ever (1 Viewer)

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Mar 19, 2019
I wanted to share this session I done over FB messenger. It lasted one hour and 47 min. We explored and eventually ended up on Draconia with the Reptilians who were havesting humans and taking them to a hell like environment on Draconia. If you like a great story this is one to listen to. Enjoy
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Aug 28, 2016
Thanks for posting this, Matthew. How interesting.

I just subscribed to your youtube channel too.


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Jul 19, 2016
Christchurch, New Zealand
YourHighness, as QHHT practitioners, we're not allowed to do distant sessions (for good reason). This is taught when you learn QHHT, and is mentioned on the official website.

I was just wondering how you approached your session to cater for that. One method is to have a second person in the room where the client is, in case the link goes down, and/or to assist for other reasons.

Another reason I bring this up is because of the subject matter — I've only ever come across this being said through channeled based sources, which I personally consider very unreliable when it comes to the truth.
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