Doctor Samuel White Resigns in the UK Because of the Lies (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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Below you can find a short video by UK Doctor Samuel White. I've summarised what he said in my notes below and posted the video on my Telegram Channel.
Doctor Samuel White was a partner in a UK GP practice. He's been practicing medicine for 17 years.​
He had to resign because of the lies taking place. He said he went to medical school to make a difference, but this year that is not what is happening.​
He says many doctors and nurses have had their hands tied behind their backs.​
There's many safe treatments that can be used, he says, to treat C.​
He says that we should do our own research.​
In regards to the {maxine}, he says it's genetic manipulation and says the sp1ke pr0te1n wis what is making people sick.​
With C, he says that well over 99% of people are fine and recover. In a vast majority of people who have died, they all had existing serious medical problems. He mentions that if they were allowed to use the safe natural treatments, they may have been saved.​
He mentions that VAERS and yellow card websites to see the number of deaths and serious adv3rse side affects. He says that these systems only account for about 1% of what is going on. (I have personally heard another doctor say they account for 1-10%, so that fits in.) These are voluntary reporting systems, so there's not really an inventive for doctors to report using these.​

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