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A Vision-Quest and the Gift of the Nettle Plant


Aware Presence
Anna submitted a new article
As recently participating in a medicine woman training we went on a vision-quest in the beautiful landscape of Glastonbury, said to relate to the heart-chakra of the world. We were walking in a spiral leading up to an old building called Tor, said to be a spiritual place where ceremonies and spiritual meetings have taken place since long back in history. The symbolism of the spiral is also beautiful as seeing life as a spiral movement rather than us moving in one set direction onwards.

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I really enjoyed this one as it had not just a personal touch from direct experience, but a lot of wisdom from the storyteller. :)s


Aware Presence
Thank you for sharing.

Hailstones Melt

Realized Sentience
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This is a beautiful piece of writing. The special reminder for me is that receiving is another way to give.

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