A Nurse Shares About Quitting — "This medical system is not for health." (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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This nurse shares her thoughts, and those of her friends, about being forced to take the COVID vaccine or lose her job.

Since the age of 19, she’s been working as a registered nurse and it’s all she’s ever done.

“This medical system is not for health. It’s not making us healthy. It’s not serving us. It’s keeping us sick. It’s making money — it’s making profit. It’s not about caring for people at all. I can’t be a part of it anymore."

She’s now said goodbye to nursing.

[Edit] She's made the video private but here's a copy of it on Bitchute:

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Jul 17, 2021
So sad that this is the reality. Good on you, lady, for being on the benevolent side of things. Let's recreate a caring world and squeltch the old ways, too long in play.
I applaud you for standing up, standing strong. Thank you.
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