1. Laron

    A Nurse Shares About Quitting — "This medical system is not for health."

    This nurse shares her thoughts, and those of her friends, about being forced to take the COVID vaccine or lose her job. Since the age of 19, she’s been working as a registered nurse and it’s all she’s ever done. “This medical system is not for health. It’s not making us healthy. It’s not...
  2. Laron

    A Letter from a Broken RN to Nursing Council of New Zealand

    Via The Health Forum NZ on Facebook & MeWe A letter to the Nursing Council of New Zealand, from a distraught member of its employment pool. I write, as a Registered Nurse, with almost 20 years’ experience, through the tears in my eyes and the pain in my heart. From my early beginnings...
  3. Laron

    Nurses Speak Out (Australian Telegram Channel)

    Over on Telegram is a group called Nurses Speak Out! ❤‍ #AU It posts information directly from nurses speaking out about the damage the COVID vaccines are doing. It states in the group description, "Must have: Detailed C19 vax pt AE. Workplace silencing or evidence of suppression. AHPRA # for...